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[GBDP] The Amazing Trivia Quiz

Day 1,871, 07:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by CheetahCurtis

Who said the Great British Democratic Party never had fun? Here comes an amazing trivia quiz run by me, CheetahCurtis. If you're looking for some fun on a Saturday night, and some prizes, you cannot miss this quiz.

1. You must be a member of GBDP to enter.
2. The use of search-engines during the quiz is not allowed.
3. No trolling the quiz.
4. No arguments during the quiz.
5. You must turn up before the start of the quiz.
6. First person to get the question right will get the point.

How To Enter
1. Join the Great British Democratic Party if you are not already in it.
2. Go onto the GBDP party feed.
3. Look for my comment and reply to say you will be entering.
4. Turn up on Saturday at 7pm on the #gbdp IRC channel.

The Quiz
The quiz will be held on an IRC channel, if you do not know what that is then you can check it out here. It shall be held on the IRC channel called #gbdp at 7pm this Saturday. That is the Saturday of the election, so vote for Bob Bloggs and then get on.
When: Saturday 7pm GMT
Where: #gbdp (Rizon IRC channel)
Who: Everyone in GBDP

The quiz will be led by CheetahCurtis, who will say all the questions. There are 7 different categories in the quiz, each containing 5 questions except for the last category:
1. Sports
2. In The News
3. T.V. & Movies
4. Geography
5. General Knowledge
6. eRepublik
7. GBDP's Member Questions
For the GBDP Member Questions category, everybody must submit a question about themselves. But there will be more on that later in the article.

During the quiz, there may be two people who get a question correct. If more then one person gets a question correct, the point will be awarded to the first person to get the question correct. If it takes too long for someone to get a question correct, hints will be given to everybody playing.

GBDP's Member Question
This will make the quiz more interesting towards the end, and will help everyone in the party to get to know each other better. For this category, everybody must submit a quiz about themselves to CheetahCurtis, aswell as an answer. The question should ideally be about something you have done in real life but if you have no life then something on eRepublik will be fine. All the questions will be asked during the quiz, and you wont be able to answer your own question. It will be interesting to learn a few things about each of you...

You must submit your question to CheetahCurtis through PM, and tell him the answer aswell so people will be able to answer it during the quiz. If you are unsure about this then you can message CheetahCurtis to ask questions.

1. What bone did Person A break when they walked off the roof of their house?
2. What is the real name of Person B?
3. What spanish football team does Person C support?

We all know that you are really here for some prizes. If you manage to get one question right you will get a prize, and winning the quiz will get you an even better prize. Here they are:

At Least One Question Correct - 25 Q5 Food

3rd Place - 100 Q5 Food, 10 Q7 Weapons

2nd Place - 150 Q5 Food, 15 Q7 Weapons

1st Place - 250 Q5 Food, 25 Q7 Weapons

The Info You Will Need
When: Saturday 7pm GMT
Where: #gbdp (Rizon IRC channel)
Where To Enter: On The GBDP Feed
Prizes: Up to 250 Q7 Food & 25 Q7 Weapons, everyone will get a prize

This article was written by CheetahCurtis on the 3rd of January 2013. Please subscribe for more great tips and info.



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