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[eUM] C O U N T R Y

Day 1,872, 12:33 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Amli Nujhan

O F F I C I A L--- e M A L A Y S I A N --- G O V E R N M E N T

Arianfar asked what is “COUNTRY”?
Oh man, this guy surely like questioning…

It is okay since assisting people to find answers is my position.
Although sometimes intimidating questions are not meant to search for answers.

There are TWO subjects to define a country: Region and People.
Then came the third entity get into play to rule the region and the people in it; it’s called the government.

But can we call a region with people in it, but without a government as a country?
Sure, it is still a country without proper government. Somalia and many African countries are in that dilemma, the similar situation also includes several autonomous regions.

What about government… Do we have government without a country?
Why not… ? There are numerous governments in exile. Tibet, Monarchy of Iran, Chechnya… just to name a few.

In eRepublik these situations can happen too.
eMalaysia was a country without a government when we were PTOed. Remember when the Turks ruled us? The citizens know nothing about any government structure. There was no cabinet formed, no action from the government to serve to the region or the people. I was a fake governing.
eMalaysia was a government in exile when we were colonized by Cromania. We did not have congress, but we still had a president (HellxRiseR), just to mark the existence of the country. Strangely we were trolling by having the most number of people involved in numerous ministries ever,… but there’s nothing to control.



It is the ruling body.
It has somebody to be the head of the government.
In this eRepublik system we called him the Country President.
To complete the governing system, there should be a BUREAUCRACY.


I have pointed out the bureaucracy as our prime concern in my interview by GodfatherII.
What is bureaucracy then?
We often heard people complain in RL about troublesome bureaucracy (kerenah birokrasi) in various departments, thus the word bureaucracy is often interpreted negatively.

Actually bureaucracy is the non elected positions in government.
All government officers belong to the bureaucracy… teachers, nurses, clerks, district officers, etc… I don’t have to a make long list; you know these people around you.

If you have interest to be a teacher, then you direct your career towards it.
If you are keen to be a fireman, then you take courses in the fire department.
After that, if you are proven to have the quality that meets the requirements, then perhaps you get appointed to the post. The more skillful you are in the field, the higher position you'll be entrusted with.
The subordinates are appointed by the superior. That’s how the saturation process goes on and on till the top of the hierarchy.
Every positions contribute according to each capability and capacity.

The bureaucracy in eRepublik does not have too many levels in its hierarchy.
And the upper most hierarchy of the bureaucracy are the MINISTRIES.
Ministers are not elected, they are appointed by the head of the government a.k.a the Country President.
The ministers then select some people who can work in the related departments.

That is enough to run a strong practical government.
It is no use if we have 1000 citizens, but nobody is willing to work out the bureaucracy.

So what does a person gain?
Nothing... even ministers don't get paid in this game.
Work hard and we enjoy the self satisfaction of role-play.
It's the role play that people have respect for.


Some people have misconception about building a government. Since the legislative system gives rights for power utilization through elections, then they tend to think: to get involved in a government you have to win the election. By hook or by crook.

I can always do that anytime.
Just create 200 accounts and force my students to play. Yeah, I’m a dictator too.
I can assure it is very easy to be a CP.

But once I’m a CP, what would I do?
It’s a late move if only then I want to create a bureaucracy to work with me.
It would be a disaster when suddenly I can’t find anybody to serve in my government.


I told GodfatherII in the interview that in the old days we have strong bureaucracy running eMalaysia (of course he knows better). All crumbled after the long PTO by eSerbian.
It was a painful cooperative task to erect the structure again, only to be destroyed again by another PTO by the Turks. Then people dispersed. Worsening the situation was the Cromanian invasion.
It was a long dark year in the history.

Now, it's a new dawn breaking.
You can’t expect an instant high noon.
Over the past few months we are gathering people to be trained in government positions and various role plays. I don’t have adequate time to make proper guides for the newbies as I’m more focusing in assisting the new government structure.

Don't yell in the street.

Cut the craps,

Minister of Edutainment

Dean of eRepublic Art and Technology,
eUniversity of Malaya [eUM]

To be an eMalaysian and gain life time scholarship in eUM, please born/reborn as an eMalaysian



Allea230112 Day 1,872, 16:38


Nerzhu1 Day 1,872, 17:34

Yay for bureaucracy : D

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,872, 18:15

eRepublik is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).
Therefore, let's play some role...

Honorable men get respected from their role play in life!

Atsalenios Day 1,872, 18:48

Perfect article

mhifzan Day 1,872, 19:00

wow best article, lg best lau ada dlm BM ; )

irvan permana
irvan permana Day 1,872, 19:34

artikel bagus
and nice quote
"Work hard and we enjoy the self satisfaction of role-play. It's the role play that people have respect for"

percuma dapat medal tapi hanya sebatas medal satisfaction

Aarin Wong
Aarin Wong Day 1,872, 19:41

Love amli's article,worth reading

RyuYuki Day 1,872, 22:13

i hope this article will be translate to several language.. erepublik citizen should read about this. 😛

Hendrig Day 1,872, 22:25

surely, its long..
i'll try read it..

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,873, 23:07

well writing sifu.. 😉


to the strong bureaucracy..cheers! ;p

TemujinBC Day 1,873, 23:11

Voted for "cut the craps"


Saghaeian Day 1,873, 23:21

If the population is too high, I think Malaysia will progress
Everyone in here comes from the self-centered and self-interested
For example
Currently the president to run the country with some of your friends talking and talking and working with others does not do any good and it does not
If these stories are to be resolved everything

When it gets as a result of not listening to what someone like President

If someone starts up the good work
Condemn him.
I 've worked hard for it
But thanks to those who did not state
And even that was a hard vote to
It does not matter to me
I have my own business
But if someone is playing activity to cool it

Nerzhu1 Day 1,873, 00:03

@Saghaean: Population high is good IF you can control them. having too many foreigners around can have a negative impact on local Malaysian morale especially if they do not respect the local Malaysian. The tendency of being PTO-ed is also too high when you can't control the population.

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Day 1,873, 07:19

interesting article , i wish I could vote for 2 times : D

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