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[AMP] Business Up Front, Party in the Back

Day 1,870, 11:42 Published in USA USA by emdoublegee

Happy New Year everyone!

I know by now you are all probably starting to sober up (except folks like Israel Stevens, he’s never sober) and realize all of the crazy new years resolutions you made might just take a little more work than you had intended. I know here around AMP we’ve got our work cut out for us! I’ve already told you in my last article some of the things that we have been doing and will continue to do, but I wanted to mention one more thing that we are starting to work on.

A resolution that I have as Party President here in the AMP was to make sure that we’re a party for the people. Me and my team don’t want this Party to turn into a place where it is the same old people deciding the same old things and no-one has a chance to voice their opinion or take charge of their own career. Unfortunately with the changes to game mechanics, especially surrounding congress, it has turned into more of a Party President picks congress than anything else. I won’t go into details right now, but an idea has been presented to me and we are working on ways to give the power back to the candidates. Expect more details soon, but I hope to get this program in place before the next congressionals, and hopefully before my term is up!

It has been a busy time for me in real life, as well as here in eRep the last couple months. So I need to relax a bit and I’m sure you all do as well. So I’m not going to bore you with more eRep work stuff. Instead I want to hear from you guys! Leave a youtube video URL of your favorite song/video from 2012. Something that made your year a little bit better! Here’s a couple from me, I love these guys:

Music Video
Just Plain Awesome

Put Yours in the Comments!



emdoublegee Day 1,870, 11:42

First reserved for a new year, and new ideas!

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,870, 11:59

Second reserved because I love this party!

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,870, 12:02


kyvasyat Day 1,870, 12:08


TTi09 Day 1,870, 12:11

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,870, 12:14

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

emdoublegee Day 1,870, 12:31

/me is still waiting for cool videos....

andersonespinoza Day 1,870, 12:46


BadMax Day 1,870, 14:31

: 0

FdmScorp Day 1,870, 15:28

Comment deleted

AlmightySo Day 1,870, 15:57

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George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Day 1,870, 17:57

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Candor Day 1,870, 18:04


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,870, 18:56

I don't know of any cool songs released in 2012....I'm kinda stuck in the 80's, 90's at the latest. 🙁

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,870, 20:10

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

emdoublegee Day 1,870, 21:19

Haha, I'm generally older than that J-lo....a lot of funk, and big band jazz. I just really wanted any kind of song/video to jam to/enjoy and let loose a little bit...

Here's another good group if you all haven't heard them:

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,870, 21:21

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New Year, new AMP evolving as always!!! 😃

Winter Night
Winter Night Day 1,871, 23:47

The only thing you've been feeling lately is the \\\\\\\\ A F A /////////

Free Area
Free Area Day 1,871, 04:46

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don hrleone
don hrleone Day 1,871, 05:53


Anwnimos Day 1,871, 06:58

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senka senke
senka senke Day 1,871, 07:20

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Elnoor Asteros Day 1,871, 07:50

Comment deleted

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,871, 16:51

An AMP party neveh stops!

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,872, 10:04

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