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Thailand Regains Independence - Challenges to Immediately be Faced

Day 704, 12:24 Published in Thailand Thailand by Travis Byrd

Thailand has finally regained its independence! Discussions between eThai and eMalaysian leaders went amicably and it was decided that after three months, eThailand should be independent once again.

Yesterday, eThai leaders took advantage of a RW started by Alfagram in Central Thailand. With help of the eMalaysian government, the RW went smoothly and was in no danger of failing at any time.

The Official Thai Party, started by Vincent Garibaldi, was the first political party setup in eThailand. Mr. Garibaldi, along with other eThai leaders, has been instrumental in working with the eMalaysian government over the past three months. The OTP encountered its first problems last night when it was discovered that its Congressional Candidates could not submit their official candidacy due to a bug in the system. Leaders of the OTP are currently trying to work with the Admins in having their candidates submitted before voting begins tomorrow.

Last night, a group of eItalians has decided to make somewhat of a future in eThailand by moving here enmass. It is yet to be seen what their intentions are, but talks of a PTO are in the wind. Sources are claiming that these eItalians are upset with how their native country is operating and have decided to set up shop right here in eThailand. How they were able to mobilize this quickly is yet to be known. As it stands now, their party (The National Thai Party) has successfully submitted their 10 candidates for congress. If their motives are less than altruistic and they are successful in PTOing our newly created nation, it will be another sad day in eThailand's history.

One thing is for sure. The Siamese Sentinel will be here reporting on all these exciting developments.

Travis Byrd
The Siamese Sentinel



TimmyTango Day 704, 15:07

Y'all forgot the Australian Armed Forces helped out 😮 xD

Thingol Day 704, 15:44

Well written, Travis. Keep reporting!

seanlam Day 704, 20:17

Take care eThailand!


William Sack
William Sack Day 705, 00:22

"Last night, a group of eItalians has decided to make.."

eItaly and the italian government isn't involved in this TO attempt in any way.

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