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I'm Running For Congress. What do I stand for? Click here to Find Out!

Day 705, 07:09 Published in Thailand Thailand by Travis Byrd

So, it seems that I am running for Congress. For you, what does that mean? Why should you care? And would you consider voting for me? Let me quickly introduce myself and tell you who and what I stand for.

I am a RL American who splits time living in between Thailand and America. I have lived in Thailand for over a year and a half, and can read/write/speak Thai. I love talking about Thailand and helping to show the rest of the world what a beautiful country it really is. It would be an honor to be able to serve as a Congressman for eThailand. And if given the chance, here would be a few things I would be devoted to doing in the next month.

1. A Q5 Hospital. We need one. Badly. Without one, we cannot participate in War Games nor will we be able to attract anyone who is thinking about immigrating to a new country. If elected, this will be my primary focus. I will work with our President, Albert Neurath, in talking to our eMalaysian brothers about providing us with what we need first and foremost as a country, a Q5 Hospital.

2. Wargames. Wargames. Wargames. Quicker leveling up. Building a strong home defense. More things to do than just two-clicking. Once we have a Hospital, wargames should be our primary focus. In the spirit of getting to know our brothers in South East Asia, I will support our joining of the SOL wargames. Wargames give us a focus and will really help our newer players rank up quickly so they can enjoy all this game has to offer.

3. A Social Office. The one basic service we should strive to setup our first month is a Social Office to help newer players that get caught below 40 Wellness. By providing food and gifts to those who might have not had someone mentor them through their first few weeks, we can show our younger eThai citizens that we care about them and want them to become productive members of our nation.

4. An economy driven by Manufacturing. Looking within our borders, it is sad that even when we reclaim our rightful five regions, we will still be without a High Resourced Raw Materials Region. That being said, we will not be able to compete with foreign producers of RM's. For this reason I would be in support of setting up a tax structure that would promote Manufacturing.

- No Import Taxes on Raw Materials. Get these RM's into our country as cheaply as possible. The cheaper they are, the more competetive our Finished Goods will be on a global scale.

- Protective Import Taxes on Finished Goods. Protect our FG companies until they are ready to compete.

- One, simple, flat income tax. In our first month, our economic plan should be as simple as possible as we figure out our best course of action. In this time, our government should be financing itself with one, simple, flat tax.

Four points. Clear. Simple. Basic. But Necessary. If elected I will fully devote myself to these four things in my first month in Congress. My name is Travis Byrd and I am running for Congress. Vote The Official Thai Party!



seanlam Day 705, 20:40

voted! Good luck eThailand!

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