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[MoDF] USA-CAN SWAP: Jacobi safe version

Day 1,238, 21:26 Published in Canada Canada by Trenton Rendell

Hello Congress and eCanada,

Thank you for your patience and understanding. With the MPP from Poland assured, we are finally finished the Emerick planned stages of our plan to hamper a North American invasion. Through the Canadian Natural Enemy proposal we have taken Florida, the American capital.

With the Capital now in California, this has prevented any attempt by Spain to encircle Florida and thereby cut off all American resource bonuses. The American economy has been rendered safe by our quick action.Two, our MPP with Poland, again suggested by Emerick, has several uses.

Not only will we gain damage support for subsequent region swaps that need to take place from a confused Polish citizenry, but we will also be assuring that any attack by Spain on Canada will result in a painful lapse of their Polish MPP and thus hamper their battle coordination elsewhere. Third, it is entirely possible that the Polish President is unaware that you can natural enemy an ally, which means that we have prevented a Polish attack on Canada. If it were not for the genuine confusion of our allies and this Congress, the ruse may not have been successful. So good work. Now to the immediate future:

We will be taking Pennsylvania and New York. Poland’s natural enemy will soon give way to a battle for either Delaware or New Jersey. By taking both PA and NY we will have cut off Poland’s boundary with the United States and cause their NE with the US to lapse. This will certainly annoy them so it is imperative that we accomplish this task as soon as possible. Some people have asked me why we need an immediate increase in the military budget. Well, it was a part of my campaign platform but also its for a reason that’s been brought up before:

We are now an active part of this war. Poland, if their President is not impeached for advocating the Canadian MPP, may certainly be enraged enough with our duplicity to attack us. If that occurs, I do not want a lack of funding to be an excuse for a lack of defence. We have 6 more days left of the American NE, which may leave us with 2 days of limited MPP coverage against Poland. Although we currently have both Seal Team 6 and the Ultramarines in Canada, I want our own military to be up to the task of defence.

Please propose these donations immediately. Anyways, on behalf of Emerick and the United States, as well as my own appreciation, thank you for helping me to f*** up the Polish invasion of North America.


Prime Minister
Minister of Information
Minister of "Da Funk"
Trenton Rendell


Jacobi Day 1,238, 21:27

Plus belle.

Dominik Day 1,238, 21:27


Dominik Day 1,238, 21:27

dammit! Screw you, Jacobi!

ArisenSSj Day 1,238, 21:29

Always second to Jacobi 😛

Plugson Day 1,238, 21:33

Why is this article upside down?
(I only read for pictures, so the extra paragraphs matter little)

delete this
delete this Day 1,238, 22:51

ultra votado

James Wiens
James Wiens Day 1,239, 01:13

o7o7 Voted.

Tamas Dzsudzsak
Tamas Dzsudzsak Day 1,239, 02:41

I like it, but I wouldn't have advertised it.

Dr.Pain Day 1,239, 03:45

fun fun fun fun

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,239, 04:57


Dereck Ryan
Dereck Ryan Day 1,239, 06:01

Blasphemous maple leaf is blasphemous.

Wyatt442 Day 1,239, 13:57

Bon je sais que je vais chier mais OSEF. Ça serait plutôt amusant d'avoir une traduction francaise lorsque ce sont des communiqués officiels du gouvernement. Vous savez, les petits eQuébécois existent toujours ...Ce n'est pas parce qu'ils sont bilingues qu'ils ont nécéssairement envient de lire en anglais, hein !

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