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Da best nuuz

What this Game Needs

7 пре 2 сати/а Објављено у Pakistan Pakistan Први кораци у еРепублику Први кораци у еРепублику


Bring back work skill(s). Get rid of Work as Manager.


There should be 10 Weapon Resources, 10 Food Resources, 5 House Resources, and 5 Aircraft Resources. There shouldn't be a reiteration of the 'Resource … Види све »


12 Дан 4,389, 12:41 Објављено у Pakistan Pakistan Друштвена интеракција и забава Друштвена интеракција и забава


Long story short? Why divide my damage further. … Види све »

Well this is awkward...

7 Дан 4,389, 01:56 Објављено у USA USA Ратне анализе Ратне анализе

At the beginning of this month I was President of Pakistan. I remembered the previous airstrike of the US on Sweden in October. When I took charge of the country I reached out to the President of the US, … Види све »

Did you miss me?

6 Дан 4,377, 01:41 Објављено у USA USA Ратне анализе Ратне анализе

Hell you might not even know me by now. I have gone through a lot of names... I have taken on a role as Parish Priest of Dioism in the [Види све »

Impeach Me

5 Дан 4,373, 04:13 Објављено у Pakistan Pakistan Политичке дебате и анализе Политичке дебате и анализе

I am dying of boredom. I have been here quite a long time and yearn to travel again. Pakistan should be in good hands with Greece and Turkey controlling the region in regards to Training War Farming. But that … Види све »