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Da best nuuz

Time for the Empire

10 Дан 5,979, 15:07 Објављено у Japan Japan Друштвена интеракција и забава Друштвена интеракција и забава

I cannot explain or express the true chaotic nature of the actions I take. On discord the Empress explained to me the situation of why the Empire has gone a stray.

I hope to make Alaska Japanese. I want to hunt dolphins. Please accept my

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Good morning beautiful lady

7 Дан 5,976, 19:17 Објављено у Pakistan Pakistan Ратне анализе Ратне анализе

So it seems my fellows.

Ireland voted my citizenship request in the negative

USA government games

Attack both entities

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Please check the mail

21 Дан 5,972, 02:08 Објављено у USA USA Ратне анализе Ратне анализе

I was born in this game prior to this account in December 2008. The eUSA has had it times of doubt, ridicule, and scorn. Most generally coming in the form of reality as opposed to the game meta.

The game meta generally describes the eUSA as pig-

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MMORPG can you?

33 Дан 5,928, 10:50 Објављено у Pakistan Pakistan Први кораци у еРепублику Први кораци у еРепублику

Finding meaningful narrative is important for any game that is a MMORPG. Japan no longer has such a meaning, none of the rulers there recognize the Empress nor do they recruit from Japanese internet platforms. They're all leachess.

Now I retire

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My Candidature

14 Дан 5,919, 22:36 Објављено у Japan Japan Политичке дебате и анализе Политичке дебате и анализе

I decided early on last month to run for President in our beloved Nation of Nihon-koku.

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