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To my employees

19 Дан 4,343, 08:21 Објављено у Philippines Philippines Финансијско пословање Финансијско пословање

Hello my dear employees

Im writing this article because there are 4000+ of you and it's impossible for me to get you one by one. I have news.. Sadly, Spain is under heavy attack and most of my companies are located in there. I won't be able to

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Democracy in Philippines

11 Дан 3,455, 22:13 Објављено у Philippines Philippines Политичке дебате и анализе Политичке дебате и анализе

Hello dear Pinoys 🙂

I have been ruling as the dictatoress in Philippines for almost a year. Today i step down and restore democracy. Make no hesitation. If Philippines gets under attack by external forces, we are ready to fight back. Also we may

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Training War between Philippines & Poland

16 Дан 3,397, 07:56 Објављено у Philippines Philippines Војна наређења Војна наређења

Hello Dear Pinoys and the rest of eWorld 🙂 We have decided to have a training war with our old friend, Poland. We had MPP with Poland before and always have good friendship. I hope this TW will strenghten the bind between two nation.

Here are

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TW between China-Philippines

5 Дан 3,164, 07:35 Објављено у Philippines Philippines Војна наређења Војна наређења

Hi, dear friends!!!

1) This TW will happen in Philippines core regions
2) China will attack Philippines and occupy Luzon
3) TW will happen in the rest of Philippines region (3 region)
4) If there will be any attack to Philippines

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14 Дан 3,021, 07:32 Објављено у Philippines Philippines Војна наређења Војна наређења

Hello fellow erepublikans. Philippines tries hard to provide you more battles to farm BH, CH and RH medals. Venezuela and United Arab Emirates showed kindness and accepted our Training War request. I thank those 2 countries once more.


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