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Dearest Canada

22 Day 3,009, 12:49 Published in Canada Canada Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

The Prodigal Son has returned. I have been busy with real life, but I decided to pop on and see what's been going on. What have I missed?

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[Colin] Our Love!

10 Day 2,871, 19:38 Published in Albania Albania Battle orders Battle orders

Baby why must we fight? I know you're just doing this to get my attention, but I see how you feel, my love. Colin, I won't deny it, you've always been my Great Ape. Stop this nonsense, I already love you.


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[Democracy] Operation Albanian Freedom

29 Day 2,871, 07:14 Published in Albania Albania Battle orders Battle orders

Dear Albanian Friends,

I would like to assure you that Canada is here for you in your hour of need. We have … read more »

[Tanks Galore] New International MU launching soon!

15 Day 2,867, 08:06 Published in Canada Canada Battle orders Battle orders

Are you active everyday?

Do you like killing our enemies all day long?

Would you like over 500 Q7s tanks a week?

Would you like a chance to win packs and stashes every month?

Do you want to win cc and gold every week for kills and

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[Canada] An Argument for Letting the Forums Die.

28 Day 2,861, 13:34 Published in Canada Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

In his article TBRaider posed a dilemna I think most players who don't play the meta-game face, they lack the knowledge and … read more »