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Periódico con más de año y medio de antigüedad. Mormeg Gazette mantiene una marcada línea editorial de críticas a todo aquello que merezca la pena mencionar.
Los artículos son publicados principalmente en eEspaña y eUruguay.

An adventurer runs for congress

7 Dita 567, 12:12 E Publikuar në Slovakia Slovakia

Greetings to all citizens of Slovakia, I am a former japanese citizen who has moved to your friendly country seeking for new adventures.

At first my intention when coming here was mainly to get out of Japan and travel a bit through the e-world.

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End and beginning of an era

1 Dita 566, 03:39 E Publikuar në Japan Japan

Hello everyone, I have finally decided to take the risk and start publishing my own articles instead of reading those of other citizens. The name of this newpaper is an acronym for: JApan SKOrea Confederation, and if by now you haven´t noticed what

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