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[Awakening] Hello dear eEgypt. It's me again!

11 Dita 2,184, 04:01 E Publikuar në Egypt Egypt Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese

Hello, my dear eEgypt. It's me again!

For those that don't know me, you can check my last article to find out some information about me.

Now lets start with the important stuff... OK?
Although I don't plan on being serious writes, I don't

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Congress and Introduction

16 Dita 2,163, 01:13 E Publikuar në Egypt Egypt Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

Hello dear eEgyptians.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dobromir Ivanov (Bulgarian) and I am here to inform you about myself and why I decided to run for congressman.

Lets start with myself. I am 19 years old university student and I

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