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To Obscurity...And Beyond!

13 Day 1,501, 13:46 Published in Singapore Singapore Battle orders Battle orders

To my dear friends in eSingapore:

It is with heavy heart that I announce to you my departure from eSingapore. I had a wonderful time here, and loved every minute of it. However, the current country is not the same eSingapore I moved to.


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April Fool's!

1 Day 1,228, 03:05 Published in Singapore Singapore

I know I usually release some ridiculous podcast about now and troll you into listening to it, but my week has been so busy. I just haven't had the time to do it.

Sorry for the disappointment.

Also, this is your top news of the day. Enjoy!

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[EX-PREZ] Why We Should Listen to Each Other

7 Day 1,178, 19:12 Published in Singapore Singapore

Greetings, Singapore!

I have tried my hardest to pull myself away from this all, but I can't seem to succeed.

Anyway, I have been reading in the media about why or why not to wipe out Malaysia. Although I enjoy a healthy debate, now is just

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[PREZ] Remember the Past, Live the Present, Dream the Future

13 Day 1,172, 03:11 Published in Singapore Singapore

Greetings, fellow citizens of eSingapore, friends, and allies.

My presidential term was full of many challenges, and I am happy to say that we have survived them all. We all did our best to prevent our proud little country from disappearing from

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[PREZ] Rebuilding Statement

13 Day 1,164, 15:07 Published in Singapore Singapore

UPDATE: Fight in Sarawak for the Resistance Force!

Greetings Singapore, Malaysians, Friends and Allies.

We stand at a crossroads for Southeast Asia. eSingapore has occupied … read more »