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Zum Kommunismus (wie es sich Marx erwünschte)/ To communism (like Marx desired)

Day 1,825, 09:11 Published in Austria Austria by michi8651

[German Version]

Ich grüße Euch liebes eVolk, ich weiß es ist ein wenig verspätet, Ich habe mir allerdings überlegt über eine politische Ideologie, die bei vielen missverstanden ist, dem Kommunismus nach Karl Marx

Was ist Kommunismus ?
In unserem kapitalistischen System gibt es eine Person/Gruppe die eine Firma besitzt und Produkte oder Dienstleistungen zur Verfügung stellt, diese werden mittels Geld erworben.
In einem kommunistischen System gehört die Firma alle, und da sie allen gehört muss niemand für das Produkt oder die Dienstleistung bezahlen. Jeder hat Arbeit und verrichtet diese unbezahlt, er braucht ja kein Geld, wenn alles kostenlos ist.

Und Stalin?
Joseph Stalin hat die kommunistische Idee, wie sie einst Lenin verwirklichte in der UdSSR, umgewandelt in eine Diktatur. Nicht alles-gehört-allen sondern alles-gehörten-den Staat lautete die Devise. DAS IST KEIN KOMMUNISMUS!
Ist der Kommunismus nun besser als der Kapitalismus?
Ja und nein! Der Kommunismus würde die Lücke zwischen arm und reich schließen und jeden auf eine Stufe stellen. Klingt utopisch, oder? Ist es auch! Der Mensch ist einfach nicht sozial genug um ein solches System zu leben. Wir wollen Entschädigung für unsere Arbeit, und glauben mehr zu Arbeiten als andere und meinen dass uns daher mehr zusteht als anderen. Kommunismus: theoretisch: top; praktisch: flop.

[English Version]

I greet you Dear ePeople, I know it's a little late, I have however considering about a political ideology that is misunderstood by many, the communism by Karl Marx

What is communism?
In our capitalist system, there is a person/group that owns a company and makes available products or services; they are acquired by means of money. In a Communist system, the company is owned by all, and because she is owned by all nobody pay for that product or service. Everyone has work and doing it unpaid, he needs no money if everything is free.
And Stalin?
Joseph Stalin has transformed the Communist idea, how it once was realized by Lenin in the USSR into a dictatorship. Not everyone-owns-all but the motto was everything-is owned-by the State. THIS IS NOT COMMUNISM!
Now is communism better than capitalism?
Yes and no! Communism would close the gap between rich and poor and set everyone on an equal footing. Sounds utopian, or? It is! The human is simply not socially enough to live in such a system. We want compensation for our work, and believe to work more than others and believe that we deserve more than others. Communism: theory: top; practicalyl: flop.




KrennyX Day 1,825, 09:13

Nice One! VOTE!

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,825, 11:04


wschwabe Day 1,825, 22:02

Guter Artikel.
Viele gut gemeinte Ideologien werden oft missbraucht, da sich meist dadurch Macht erlangen lässt.

Joe Reaper
Joe Reaper Day 1,826, 11:59

voted, nice work

Turanian Crusader
Turanian Crusader Day 1,827, 07:03

Both sux, nationalism is the answer!

Marx didnt work 1 day in his life, spare us from his idea.

KrennyX Day 1,827, 08:48

Nationalism is the answer?! Well I think we both know someone, who thought nationalism is THE answer and what happen to him and his nation? Oh yeah! He committed suicide, and the economy of this nation was down, i mean really down. So if this is The answer i don't want to know the question ^^

Turanian Crusader
Turanian Crusader Day 1,827, 09:03

From the deapest depression and the economic crash after World war one, national socialism brought life back in the country, and made it so powerfull it could challenge the whole world.

It didnt end because of it was bad aconomicaly or anyhow it ended because communists and the capitalists(judeobolsheviks) united against it,

But obviously i didnt mean national socialism (nazism) when i wrote nationalism is the answer. I mean nationalism.

KrennyX Day 1,827, 09:38

It challenged the whole world? It never defeated U.K. and Operation Barbarossa wasn't it really, or? Please don't be proud that they conquered France, that's not a really military strong country. And common if the country would kill your landsmen I think a war is justified or isn't it? And of course socialism is the bad word in national socialism. Like the other Bad Parties like the Social democrats. Common are you f****** kidding me ?

Tarsolytestver Day 1,827, 09:49

KrennyX are you a retard?

Nationalism doesnt equal with nationalsocialism. !

The answer is nationalism, not nationalsocialism.
Communism is the poison/cancer of the mankind.

Turanian Crusader
Turanian Crusader Day 1,827, 09:54

Where would be UK without the supplies from the US? Where would be the Soviet Union without supplies from the US?
Germany alone fought against them successfully for a time.

I dont know why you always come back to the Drittes Reich subject, in that time i think the ArrowCross Party and Hungarist Movement had alot better and alot more socialism oriented idea how the country should look like.

KrennyX Day 1,827, 09:57

First of all common stay by the topic. It started with nationalism in germany, in spain, in italy, in austria and ended in fascism. So This is the retarded truth. And now please come with an valid argument that says, why communism is the poison of mankind?

KrennyX Day 1,827, 10:34

The ArrowCross Party really. Let us forget that they had torture chambers in the party headquarters. And how many Jews died indirectly with the help of the ArrowCross Party? And the Hungarist Movement is in the other countrys, declared as a neonationalism party. Bring an other Argument please

Turanian Crusader
Turanian Crusader Day 1,827, 12:35

Arrow Cross Party And Hungarist Movement is one thing : D

By other countries you must mean the neighboring lands of Hungary. Well, we have one saying Hungary is neighbored by herself.

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