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World Ranking Madness! (eColumbia on the rise)

Day 1,920, 22:46 Published in Canada Finland by BattleAxeWarrior

A side from my most recent more off topic humor articles, I did an article on our ranking compared to eUruguay and how we may be able to catch up.

Well quite the opposite happened and we went from only around 20 away to 101 people away from moving only one rank. Dew to the fact that I was checking rankings and my recent awareness of eColumbia's recent rise in ranks I figured I would keep an eye out.

Shocking as it was to see how much and fast eColumbia had come up, it was even more of a suprise when I noticed today actually how close eColumbia actually is to at the least tying with eBrasil's #1 rank. If my predictions prove correct I see eColumbia being #1 within the next week give or take.

As of right now ranks are:

No. Name Population
1: Brazil 19,667
2: Colombia 19,579
Now I am still new-ish to this game and I don't leave out room for me to be wrong, but this is what I believe to be eColumbia if and or when they make a come up to #1.

With eCanada back to no country and sad to say some what of a bottom feeder in the ranks, its some what safe to assume most of us hope eColumbia shows an open mind to being neutral or an ally. I don't quite know our political or social situation with eColumbia, but in these times it would be great to build on any relations we have with former allies or even neutral parties who may have interest in alliance.

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BattleAxeWarrior Day 1,920, 22:54

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ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,921, 10:49

ya in the last 2 days its gained 4000 population and we have helped columbia in the past, actually NEing and attacking spain for them. so if this is a legit baby boom I'm sure they'd be more then happy to help us and keep good relations, forgoing that right now they have mexico and brazil to deal with and there citizens for the most part will be div 1 lol.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,921, 12:31


I'm curious to see what triggered their baby boom. I'm also eager to see how their new babies will grow up in D2 and D3.

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