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Who we elect is important

Day 1,911, 21:27 Published in USA USA by ligtreb

You probably missed this unless you're in the executive branch, in a military command or in congress, but a major consequence of who we elect in this country happened today.

Most of you know that we're involved in Operation Gangnam Style, an attempt to help our allies South Korea and Japan reclaim their native regions. The effort has been stalled recently because the USA and Taiwan don't always share a border due to maneuvering by Taiwan.

Well, as this battle was getting near its finish, both the USA and Taiwan knew they could soon be bordering each other again. Because of game rules, whichever country proposed a Natural Enemy law first would gain initiative and be able to attack the other.

One problem: Before the battle ended, a rogue congressman from the American Freedom Alliance (AFA) made a proposal to Natural Enemy the United Kingdom. This proposal ruined any chance our country had at gaining initiative in the war because proposals last 24 hours and only one Natural Enemy proposal can be made at a time.

It could get worse: Since Taiwan got to make a Natural Enemy proposal nearly 24 hours before we could, if they attacked us they would have a Natural Enemy fighting bonus and we wouldn't until the next day.

You can thank the American Freedom Alliance for this.

The AFA is the party that has been trying to Politically Take Over (PTO) this party for several months, led by Ronald Gipper Reagan and many foreigners from enemy nations. Articles that have been written about this in the past include:,6714.0.html

AFA congressmen have a long track record of making proposals that hurt this country's ability to fight. This was not an isolated incident. Some examples of proposals that could potentially have hurt us or slowed us down:

This is why it's important on election day to vote for one of the other four major parties. I'm in the United States Workers Party (USWP), but voting for the Federalists, American Military Party (AMP) or We The People (WTP) is also good.

It is very likely the AFA will try to PTO our major parties this Friday (Feb. 15) on Party President election day. Please follow directions on who to vote for from trusted pro-American sources.

Elections have consequences. If we're not careful about who we vote for, it hurts our ability to fight.

Thank you for reading,
-- ligtreb



ligtreb Day 1,911, 21:27

Thank you again for reading and subscribing.

Serendipitous Day 1,911, 21:36

Ligtreb, your article is particularly helpful for new players and is the first all-encompassing and certainly direct attack I have seen on the AFA in some time. Thank you.

Dogpyle Day 1,911, 21:37


Tiamati Day 1,911, 21:38

Unfortunate turn of events to be certain; hopefully as time progresses additional efforts can be made to ensure our eAmerican "Parliament" can be more united in its endeavors.

stewy Day 1,911, 21:50

ssdd.. yet again an afa congressman puts out a crackpot proposal to screw the country in some capacity... and ppl want them considered as legit. The road to legitimacy isn't ever going to happen with actions like that

Arrden Day 1,911, 22:03


Magnanimous Day 1,911, 22:06


jmurrib21 Day 1,911, 22:20

V+S thanks, important analysis about how things have to be done. I like it.

Tiberius Eastmarch
Tiberius Eastmarch Day 1,911, 22:23


MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,912, 23:40

Great article ligtreb. Clear outlook at the handicaps that the AFA are putting on the USA.

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,912, 01:06

Comment deleted

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,912, 01:07

We decided we want a war with the UK.

You are Pro-TWO now?

Thedillpickl Day 1,912, 02:16

So I thought you said that AFA fights the "Campaign of the Day" and follows orders. Now you've decided unilaterally to fight the UK.

Which is it? Do you follow orders or defy them? Make up your f'ing mind.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,912, 03:44

It's called hypocrisy and lying when convenient dill, nothing new here from Ajay

Viarizi Day 1,912, 01:14

Our congressmen have no access to the USA Forum Private congressional procedings because of your socalled ATO efforts, how can we know what strategy is being followed?

Allor us to joint the USA private congress discussions and this will never happen again, if we knew that the Asian war was not over we would never let one of our congressmen propose other NE...

Thedillpickl Day 1,912, 02:12

What a foolish statement this is. It is common knowledge that we are fighting Taiwan, it has been talked about in articles for over a week now. If you want access to Congress quit acting like spoiled brats.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,912, 03:51

I agree, anyone with the ability to read know who we were fighting....

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,912, 03:49

IMO having a Private Congressional Forum is like breast on a Boar Hog, my promise to you is that nothing of importance goes on openly -private forum or not; everything the 'Pfeiffer Loyalist' do they do behind the curtain of secrecy....

Viarizi Day 1,912, 03:59

NE was proposed to UK only because we in the AFA congressional team didnt know that the Taiwan war was still on.

If we had access to Private Congressional Forum we would discuss this with other congressmen and quickly drop it.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,912, 06:22

So what you are saying is that you and RGR, both of whom want to be CP, can't read articles well enough to know what the current status of the war is.
This was either treachery at it's worst, or ignorance at it's finest. Either way, I would rather not have one of you as a president.

Viarizi Day 1,912, 07:14

1st - I do NOT want to be CP, check your facts...
2nd - {again} Have we had access to private congressional proceedings this would never had happened.
3rd - No wars against Taiwan were active.
4th - Only articles online were about the "war against AFA" or just kissing up to the elites.
3rd - J-LO you should really stick to moving your hips to the sound of music because writing and argumentation is not your strongest suit!

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,912, 06:48

I love how you lie Viarizi. I love how the AFA lies. Seriously... Even the most distracted person would have noticed the USA has been fighting Taiwan for weeks! If the AFA was really with the good faith you guys claim to have you wouldn't have propose that. Plus, if you guys want those accesses quit acting like you are the owners of the truth and doing unreasonable demands before showing any proves of good faith. Oh and also... get rid of RGR.

Viarizi Day 1,912, 07:21

1st - There were (still aren't) no battles active against Tawain.
2nd - How can you say we are lying if you don't nothing about AFA organization?
3rd - How can you say we are lying if you don't nothing about AFA Congressional decision process?
4th - How can you say I am lying if you ultimately don't know nothing about my intentions?
5th - Dr Luis you know it's really of plain bad taste to call yourself doctor?

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,912, 08:23

This is going to be fun:
1. Per the game mechanics yes, but that doesn't excuse the fact you guys sent a rogue proposal when you were all ABSOLUTLY AWARE there is a war going on.
2. I don't need to know anything about the AFA congressional organization, the actions speak for themselves. It's not the first time you guys send a rogue proposal and it won't be the last as far as I can see. You can always prove me wrong tho.
3.Same question? Really? Sorry, not wasting my time repeating my answer.
4. I don't care about your personal intentions, after all, it wasn't even you who sent that proposal.
5. Ad hominem falacy, learn some phylosophy and how to debate. Personal attacks get you nowhere. Although it is clear you are lying when you claim to not know about the war with Taiwan and sorry sir, but that is not an insult, it is a fact. Deal with it!

FirstLaw Day 1,912, 14:16

Actually, V has a point. Nothing has been written about the war in Taiwan. No updates. Dod orders don't even mention it.

Saltheart Foamfollower
Saltheart Foamfollower Day 1,912, 13:40

Not having access to the forums doesn't stop you from using PM to ask first before taking a unilateral action.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,912, 17:36 don't want to be CP, but yet you ran for CP a few months ago. And I'm the one that can't compose an argument. hue.

With that said, proposing the NE against Taiwan was a step in the right direction. With any hope this will be the first of many good faith things that the AFA does.

Honestly, getting rid of RGR would be an incredible step in the right direction, as I'm sure you have all been made aware 😉

Viarizi Day 1,912, 01:15


Thedillpickl Day 1,912, 02:19

So liggy has a bus?

Let me guess, you're going on tour with ZZ Top.

Candor Day 1,912, 03:53

For god's sake vote for someone new, anyone at all.

Drew Blood Day 1,912, 04:02

Comment deleted

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,912, 04:07

This is one of the many things that the AFA does at the behest of their sociopathic leader Ronald Gipper Reagan, he is also the biggest reason blocking the AFA from legitimacy; they can run mainstream citizens such as Candor all they want for PotUS; until the AFA openly advocates his removal as their leader they will never be accepted.

Tiamati Day 1,912, 08:59

As I've stated in private circles AFA's best hope for normalization of relations with the rest of the eUSA community would be for a member of AFA other than RGR to lead an exodus from their current party.

By doing so they would leave behind the countless faceless horde which exist in the latter half of their party roster and give them a chance at renewed legitimacy if they were to decry RGR when he followed them after their fresh start.

Belisarus Day 1,912, 04:42

The author said that 'AFA consists of players from enemy nations'. Well, thats not true, in fact AFA consists of players from 'friendly' nations if you consider your allies (CoT members) and their MPP's as your 'friends'. AFA congressman who proposed that rogue NE is in fact Bulgarian, and, as you probably know, recently Bulgarians have became our 'best friends'.

Stolch Day 1,912, 06:25

I bet that is why he as piked for the job, still this is a rouge citizen, unfortunately everyone has them, at least it's not an ajay. Trust me he has done himself more damage then you can imagine with this move.

Ruminantus Day 1,912, 05:32

Thank you for the info!
This is very important Intel for the general public.

Veritas Triumphus
Veritas Triumphus Day 1,912, 06:17

Which nations are enemy's?

Belisarus Day 1,912, 16:30

Looks like our MPPs are our enemies, together with their best friends! Our foreign affairs are a total disaster, people are making jokes about us, and this continues for months, for ages! Very sad.

JyM23 Day 1,912, 20:49

You're being way overly dramatic. We're on a break from fighting TWO, atm, right now EDEN is our enemy.

Belisarus Day 1,913, 01:50

Johnny, if Eden is our enemy, lets MPP Serbia and Hungary, and let AFA run the country, with Hanibal as CP. They are all our friends, fighting Eden, aren't they? Imagine RL USA fighting Japan in WW2 while at the same time being allied with Germany and Italy. BTW, if Eden is our enemy, why we have MPP with Albania, an Eden country? What about France? We forgot them?

Simulare Day 1,912, 06:47

So what?

Fitisin Day 1,912, 06:53

Important article. Voted. Fitty approved.

Viarizi Day 1,912, 07:22


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,912, 08:32

Ligtreb, thank you for the info, this is going to be helpful to the new players!

Voted + Subbed!

costin1989 Day 1,912, 13:03

good article libtreb! AFA is going down! o7

FirstLaw Day 1,912, 13:52

We hardly need American freedom alliance to screw things up. This whole war has been mismanaged from the beginning. What do you say about leadership that gets skillfully outmaneuvered by a small east Asian nation for over a month? Yes who we elect is important. Unfortunately it's the lesser of two evils.

Dgyx1983 Day 1,912, 13:53


Viarizi Day 1,912, 13:57


- when is the new article coming out????

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