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What is the Revolution, anyway?

Day 1,840, 15:37 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Israel by Newellington

Even though I should probably assume that you've already read my previous article, I feel it necessary to elaborate on exactly what the Revolution is. In the previous article, I referred to how readers of the Herald are stirring up a Revolution. I capitalize this to stress its importance. Macedonia has conquered the better part of Greece, as well as the Abruzzo district which once belonged to Italy. It is the opinion of the Herald that this is not enough.

I, the editor-in-chief, have written a message to the President of Macedonia asking him to take action on a major opportunity. It is the opinion of the Herald that the Sofia and Thrace districts of Bulgaria should be the subject of Macedonia's next conquest. If we took over Sofia and Thrace, then we'd have numerous new residents and more world domination. If we took over the district containing the capital of Bulgaria, other nations, like the United States, may start to look at us as not "just a Former Yugoslav Republic".

Not only are Sofia and Thrace two relatively unguarded districts, but they border Macedonia's current territory. It is the opinion of the Herald that Macedonia should expand upward if possible. However, this would be impossible, as the northern border of Macedonia is heavily guarded by the Europe-dominating world superpower of Poland. Bulgaria is a smaller nation that would contain less well-trained troops, so it's the perfect target for such an attack as this is.

Of course, the Herald understands that it may not be the easiest thing in the world to conquer the capital of Bulgaria. However, Macedonia has a well-trained military unit known as the Sharks that will be able to take the defense out in no time.




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