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Weapons and Food

Day 1,786, 04:39 Published in Egypt Cuba by costalsina

Precios orientativos, los voy actualizando. Precio exacto por privado
(Approximate prices, I'll update. Exact price by private)

Q1: 0.85
Q2: 1.10
Q3: 2.60
Q4: 4.90
Q5: 7.10
Q6: 8.99
Q7: 22.99

*Rocket pack (x10): 485
*Rocket pack (x25): 1212

Q1: 0.04
Q2: 0.05
Q3: 0.07
Q4: 0.11
Q5: 0.29
Q6: 0.43
Q7: 0.99



Karnitx Day 1,786, 07:35


Lady ita
Lady ita Day 1,786, 08:20


Negra Hipolita
Negra Hipolita Day 1,787, 11:48

like I didnt see that on the marketplace..
flooding unwanted data..

Beorin Day 1,787, 14:14

What is this article purpose ? We aren't so lazy we can't click on marketplace

Damn you people work with me !

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