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Vote for Ahmed A.M

Day 1,903, 03:34 Published in Egypt Egypt by Saif1942

Why should you vote for Ahmed A.M
first he is an Egyptian which means that he cares about Egypt unlike the Catalans
Second he is one of the people who are trying to save Egypt from the Catalans the Croats and the Bulgarians(Military Occupation)
Third he is a Congress member in the Egyptian Block(Bulk) in the Congress
Vote for Ahmed A.M the only Egyptian in the Presidential Elections of eEgypt



ahha31 Day 1,903, 05:09

Ahmed's nomination for that party demanded freedom of Croats and others not Barcelona second traitor to Egypt

Naboal Day 1,903, 05:53

Ignorance everywhere.

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,903, 07:16

Ahmed AE is corrupt, don't trust him.

hamada khattab
hamada khattab Day 1,903, 07:30

@Ali Gual
بص يا حبيبى شايف البحر اللى هناك ده
اشرب منه

Ahmed A.M
Ahmed A.M Day 1,903, 13:19


Xesq Day 1,903, 16:19

Veig que ens odieu eh....

Ahmed A.M
Ahmed A.M Day 1,903, 16:36

شكرا يا سيف ع المقال وياريت محدش يرد ع البهايم الاجانب

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