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Unite the eUK -Part II-

Day 1,879, 20:23 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by General Slim

A National MU


This military unit will be commanded by the serving Minister of Defense. The second commanders will be his/her deputies. Those seeking the captain position will apply to the commanders prior to election day and for each regiment, the commanders will chose the best man for the job. The commanders will then instruct the MU to vote for the designated Captains.


There will be initially 4 regiments. There will be a regiment for each Division. Breaking down the regiments for each division makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Here is a scenario:

The eUK is involved in a war with eFrance and eGermany. In the battle with eFrance, divisions 1 and 2 are easily winning, but divisions 3 and 4 are losing. In the battle with eGermany, divisons 3 and 4 are winning, but divisions 1 and 2 are losing.

Under the way most MUs are currently organized, with regiments mixed with each division, there will be very little productivity. If the captain sets DO to the eGermany battle, then divisions 3 and 4 would be wasting energy and weapons. If the captain sets DO to eFrance, then divisions 1 and 2 are wasting resources.

Under the new system, the division 1 and 2 captains will set order to eGermany and the division 3 and 4 captains will set DO to eFrance to maximize productivity.

Eventually, the MU may need to split into more regiments. If this is the case, then the division with the most players will get a new regiment. If division 1 has a large overflow, then a second regiment for division 1 will be formed.


The MU will be funded by both the government and by private donations. The MU should be able to get communes running and donations from the eUK. The MU should be run as a form of meritocracy, those who do the most work should get the most supplies.

There will be five tiers of soldiers.

Tier 1 soldiers are players who get less than 25 kills. They will get the least amount of food and weapons.

Tier 2 soldiers are players who get between 25 and 49 kills. They will get more than tier 1 but less than tier 3.

Tier 3 soldiers are players who get between 50 and 74 kills. They will get more supplies than tier 2 but less than tier 4.

Tier 4 soldiers are players who get between 75 and 99 kills. They will get more supplies than tier 3 but less than tier 5.

Tier 5 soldiers are players who get more than 100 kills. They will get the most supplies.

The kill totals are from the previous day, in case you didn't know. The player will then fill out short form. A quartermaster (a trusted player who will receive daily supplies from the Commander) will then distribute the supplies accordingly. The number of supplies that each tier gets will have to be determined at a later date after considering the MUs budget.

I support this system because it is efficient and it rewards those who are the most productive.

I know a lot of people will say that this system is not fair for new players. Trust me, it is. It is not difficult at all for a new player to get 50+ kills. If worst comes to worst, he can request additional supplies.

In my eyes, this MU is golden. The only way it will work is if we all look past our differences and work together. If we all decide that we still hate each other and we refuse to help each other out, then the eUK will never change. If we all decide we are power hungry and we refuse to take a lesser position in this new MU, then the eUK will never change.

I'm in, are you?

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General Slim
General Slim Day 1,879, 20:24

This is a rough outline for a national MU. It can be changed accordingly to acomidate the needs of the eUK

jamesw Day 1,879, 21:07

The MU you describe (minus the MoD being in charge) already exists to a large extent. Its called The Legion.

Although a word of warning that the past taught us about the military: changing the people who lead it every month (and relying on a President to pick the best candidate, not his friends/allies for the role) doesn't always work.

Bohemond4 Day 1,880, 23:18

This proposal is an interesting one, the current problems are 3-fold as I see them:

1) a lot of people do not wish to move from their current MU to a new one at this stage, the current private MU have a lot of popularity, loyalty and support from their members.

2) cost. now, while there is a potential to fund a MU via private donations/funding, it is a fact that the government literally cannot afford to personally fund a MU at this point in time without raising taxes etc. It is possible to gain private funding, however, these members are often found funding private MU first and foremost, getting them out would be the hardest thing to do.

3) leadership of the said MU. As Jamesw points out, changing the commander/captains every month is not always beneficial nor is it always going to work.

If we can work around these three core problems, then I think we can be on the start to creating a proper national MU, something most would like, just that a large percentage see as unfeasible unless it is an elite, small outfit which, again, will not work well in the big scheme of things.

Sexagenarian Day 1,880, 02:14

A couple of simple questions, how is it all going to be paid for? Are you proposing tax increases?

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,880, 04:15

Actually, even if you raise the tax rates, you aren't really going to see much additional money entering the treasury... In the past, people relied on other people for resources supplies etc, but nowadays most older players are self sufficent. The only players who regularly pay tax are the younger players...

General Slim
General Slim Day 1,880, 05:11

If it all works out, the eUK will be united united under MU. This means that everybody who owns companies will be working together. This will be a large portion of the supplies. To keep costs down, I proposed the meritocracy program. Just imagine if most of the factory owners worked together instead of against each other! But, this will never happen. Greed as consumed us all

Madacaion Day 1,880, 17:08

The MU you describe (minus the MoD being in charge) already exists to a large extent. Its called The Legion x2

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