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Trip around the world - REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA

Day 1,913, 11:16 Published in Republic of Moldova Switzerland by Sisk
Cause i feel like this game has little to offer at this moment i`ve started a new jurney around the eWorld.
I will remain in a country until:
I gain 1 Battle Hero medal on their side. OR I organize 1 contest for all citiziens .
Fourth stop Republic of Moldova, Chisinau region of Republic of Moldova.
My request was accepted by Mentalist de Bucovina member of Planeta Moldova
Va multumesc foarte mult pentru că mi-ati dat cetățenia țării dumneavoastră. Vă doresc toate cele bune în lume.
i won a battle hero medal

Third stop Austria, Carinthia region of Austria.
My request was accepted by LarsUlrich87 member of Osterreich Independence Party
Vielen Dank, dass sie mir die Staatsbürgerschaft ihres Landes verliehen haben. Ich wünsche ihnen alles Gute in der Welt.
Contest Made : Easy comment CONSTEST - AUSTRIA
Second stop Slovenia, Abruzzo region of Italy under Slovenian occupation since day 1529.
My request was accepted by Sa1nts member of Slovenska Komunisticna Partija
Najlepša hvala, ker ste mi dali državljanstvo svoje države. Želim vam vse najboljše na svetu.
i won a battle hero medal

My first stop will be in Turkey , Plovdin region of Bulgaria under Turkey occupation since day 1899.
My request was accepted by ArslanbekSultanbekov member of Turkiye Yukselis Partisi
Teşekkürler bana ülkenin vatandaşı olmama izin verdiğin için sürü ve ben dünyadaki tüm iyi dilek
i won a battle hero medal

Linkz :
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MDreams Day 1,913, 11:22

Very nice! Good luck!

eDanutz13 Day 1,913, 11:30

...go go go

citizen MD
citizen MD Day 1,913, 11:42


Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,913, 13:39


MisteriousMan Day 1,913, 15:39


Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,913, 16:44

Bine ai venit 🙂

Andreica1989 Day 1,913, 22:42

Bine te-am gasit si pe meleagurile noastre 😉

Bullterier Day 1,914, 03:12


Tinkutza Day 1,914, 03:48

Bun venit! : )

Alegretto Day 1,914, 05:54


Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Day 1,914, 11:07

succes in campania personala... o7

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