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thewizard2013 VS Ali Gual

Day 1,913, 18:20 Published in Egypt Bulgaria by thewizard2013
hi all
I will respond to some of your comments
Sorry will not waste my time in responding to this nonsense

I think you are lying and noob
you know why ?
because you Just talking without any proof
I have broken the laws of the game just once and I did not know that this violation of the laws of the game
Here proof

You see another lie from your many lieing
But do not worry there are a lot of your is lying

like that
he just taking (he is just like you and he is noob too) without any proof

Good question here
So why do not answer it

Once a wise man told me
"if you want to Defeat your enemies
Defeat their leader and take everything that the leader have "

vote for me in Party presidency in Karnitxandrism Party
why citizens should vote for you in the Party presidency?
vote for me vote for Egypt vote for the good for Egypt
if you are Real Egyptian and you love Egypt u will vote for me

by thewizard2013



Rudywi Day 1,913, 20:20

vote for thewizard2013 in Party presidency in Karnitxandrism Party

Jan08 Day 1,914, 16:44

Comment deleted

Saif1942 Day 1,914, 12:21

Another hit for Daily News Egypt now that's a hell of a newspaper good article "TheWizard2013"

PandaWan Day 1,914, 12:42

jajajajaja mother of god.... please, do peace....

Popay III Day 1,914, 15:12

Comment deleted

Urner Day 1,914, 15:32

Comment deleted

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,914, 15:46

All is wrong... Mother of God! You are a noob! Did you really think that's correct??? Do you know what's a Division? Do you read the terms & Conditions when they are in front of you? Do you have any idea what is real and not? Seriously, your articles are in a very low level, ... use your energies in another things... and don't use voters club, is not needed.

Jan08 Day 1,914, 16:43

Lol I'm fucking famous 🙂

Learn to play please and stop saying stupid things. It's funny but come on, don't do it to yourself. 😉

SunyerXcat Day 1,915, 02:52

xD you going to lose

montserrati Day 1,915, 03:09

It's very amazing this newspaper, this is a game wizard,Do you live inside your computer?

Lady ita
Lady ita Day 1,915, 04:44

Fail one: your multis has been reported, yo won't be unbanned again....

Fail two: orgs can't be changed from location.... It's in USA because... maybe someone sold all egyptian orgs when he was CP an ruined country? ejem... Varlosh ejemm...

Arab guys, I have nothing against you, you're good guys and you fight for liberate your country, as I do. But my advice is don't trust Verlosh and Ahmed AM, they're corrupt dictators who ruined the country once and then they left it...

Lady ita
Lady ita Day 1,915, 04:45

I think you seriosly need to be teached about some games mechanisms.... this article makes no sense

Gambitjam Day 1,915, 15:56

What is going on? We suppose to practice better politics here than in real life, so as to see the fruit. But here we are, others are improving while the Egyptians are just making fun of themselves.
Take for example: Law proposals: Natural Enemy
Proposed by Ali Gual, yesterday
Greece has been proposed as Natural Enemy.
14 Yes
3 No After we wasted our time protecting them, now we are NATURAL ENEMY.
lol! lol! lol!

Lady ita
Lady ita Day 1,915, 16:10

You don't underestand anything about game mechanism... I told you... You're not ready to rule country, I hope you learn...

Gambitjam Day 1,915, 17:06

I never say, am ready to rule. Am a soldier, but you don't expect me to continue spending my resources protecting another nation today & after spending all my power, then you tell me tomorrow HIS IS OUR NATURAL ENEMY, you expect me not to ask WHY?
All you tell me is: I DON'T KNOW HOW THE GAME MECHANISM WORK? P l e a s e e e e!

Varlosh Day 1,915, 18:07

Please leave me alone, and don't drag my name down with you.

Insulting others is a child's game, it's immature.

I am all but retired from this game, I am only back in eEgypt because EGYPTIANS requested my return, i do not intend on running for presidency nor for congress, because this game, for me, has been ruined by the PTO, their childish attiude and their dirty tricks.

I never Sold an orgranisation, nor ever stole 0.1 EGP from my country, the country I love and would die for in real life, unlike the PTO scum who have stolen in the millions, and continue to do so.

Again, I would appreciate not being dragged into your silly arguments, i am not a dictator, nor did I ever do any decsion to harm my country, except allowing certain Croats into my first cabinet, a very very long time ago now.

All the very best,

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