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The situation we find ourselves in.. How do we get out?

Day 1,921, 06:32 Published in Canada Canada by Oinyo

It is no secret that we find ourselves in a terrible spot right now. We attacked eUk and brought upon us the punishment from Spain.

Spain wiped us and told us to behave or they would not give us back our land... Well our CP at that time unfortunately was the type to tell them to go F themselves and make it personal.

So sadly Spain vowed we would never see another free province in this games future. Some people laugh and some people took that threat seriously but as we can all see now.. we are pretty screwed.

This is what we are dealing with.

eCan = 1369 active citizens and we grew roughly 26 new citizens today.. not bad.

eSpain = 12479 active citizens and grew 175 new citizens today..

Not only do they have nearly 10 times our active members but they are growing about 8 times faster than we are. We are not closing the gap and in fact each day we are weaker against them.

They have been fighting daily to wipe other countries and keep their country massive while we saved up for our big defense of Quebec.. What happened there? We got decimated and didnt win a single point.

Our allies cannot help. Spain is in an alliance that is so massive there is no way in hell our allies would risk helping.

So what do we do when we are stuck in such a terrible position?
We have options..
We can sit without a country forever...
We can hope eSpain gets bored of all the extra perks they get from keeping us wiped...
We can try to talk to them to get our provinces back
We can try to make a deal if that is even possible.
We can all move over there and mass vote Rolo in as CP to utterly destroy the country from within any way he can

Not to be a Debby downer but we are in an extremely bad spot right now and we need to communicate. people are leaving and others are giving up. Activity is dropping.. it is not a good time

I think we need someone in office next term that is less schoolyard bully and more someone that realizes that talking extreme shit to a population roughly 10 times as big as you results in a stifled country that drives noobs away from the game. We need a talker that can get us out of this mess.

If you have such a person in your party I strongly urge you to run them.

Thank you and sorry for coming off so negative. It is just there is so little talk going on and I felt an urge to start the ball rolling.



Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,921, 06:38

Good summary, and a nice article mate, its a bit of a sticky situation, HOWEVER...
I sill like my idea of mass PTO assassination 🙂

Doggstar Day 1,921, 07:20

Less Bush and more Clinton? Bad analogy.

How about less schoolyard bully and more someone that realizes that talking extreme shit to a population roughly 10 times as big as you results in a stifled country that drives noobs away from the game.

Oinyo Day 1,921, 07:35

Thank you Doggster. I replaced my analogy with yours. Much much better and true to the point 🙂

Lucan Day 1,921, 09:53

Maybe less Hitler more Bismark? I can't think of any Canadians that apply here

Foxfire Day 1,921, 07:52

Haven't even heard a single trolling word from the regular credit card blowhards these days. Maybe this is too much "excitement" for them and they needed a breathier.

Our current situation is the easily predictable result of weak diplomacy. We may have had good ties with our allies, but our diplomacy with our enemies was too weak. Curious how a credit card can fix that.

Doggstar Day 1,921, 22:06

Get a decent job and you won't be so obviously disturbed and hurt by people who can afford to spend money. Let go of the hatred, take a night course or get a night job at the competing fast food joint.

Foxfire Day 1,922, 08:21

Nice. 🙂 Been awhile since I've seen a completely ignorant troll comment. I've been worried they had disappeared.

My statement stands. Credit cards can not substitute for good diplomacy and foreign affairs.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,921, 08:20

Not threatening a Party President of another party to cooperate with you would be a good place to start Oinyo.

Oinyo Day 1,921, 09:21

Very true Funky. That was bad form

Edmond.D Day 1,921, 09:03

I suppose this is relevant, technically ;p

Active citizens can be misleading, election turnouts are typically more reliable. (Though do keep in mind wide spread apathy in eCanada's last elections~)
Canada: 436
Spain: 2232

But those numbers are essentially the same. True, we attacked the UK, who we're usually more capable of fighting, but we should have had the foresight to realize that, they had a number of reliable, and powerful allies, who were more than willing to help em' out, as evidence here
While at the same time, we had no allies of our own to assist us. Asgard, was probably the only alliance in erep history to be completely wiped off the map, and EDEN's on life support. (Besides, Asgard was made as a way to distance themselves from EDEN)

That being said, being wiped has more of a negative impact on the mechanical aspect of the game (something most people would agree as being... less than adequate) than it does on our community. If anything it should be inspiring us to cooperate more, and I can see that here and there. But more importantly, what we need to take from this is the importance of foreign affairs. We can just sit around waiting for fortune to stop favouring CoTWO, or we can be proactive about it and try to win new allies, and strengthen ties with current ones~ Even Poland relies heavily on their ability to negotiate, within their alliance, and with their enemies. (How else could they constantly occupy 3-4 nations at a time? 😉😉 ) Sure, eCanada can afford to be proud, but under no circumstance can we afford to be arrogant, in erep we're not even a middle power.

I'd argue that the game itself drives noobs away from the game. If you want them to stay, then make it interesting. Get talking , discuss things, we need articles like this imo.

Edmond.D Day 1,921, 09:04

Speaking of our options, I find it interesting that nobody out there has really advocated The Case for PEACE. Whenever it's been brought up in congress, or mentioned by the executive, the answer is a simple nay, and while, for a few reasons I agree, there's certainly a few reasons to go for it. Being wiped does mean we can't accept new citizens, we don't get a congress (which for better or for worse, is a pretty major activity of eCanada's more active population), we get 0 recourse bonuses, but more importantly, we can't hire any new people to the slave pits. (Heck, no Canadian citizen can hire anybody without a country.) Terms were presented at the beginning of Sander's term but rumour has it they've been altered, and all in all TWO doesn't favour peace with eCan. Columbia may change the dynamics, but it could very well be a multi boom instead of a babyboom, and regardless of what kind of a boom it is, booms, more often than not, fizzle before they have a serious impact.



ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,921, 10:35

nice rant but if columbia had a multi boom it would mean that each citizen of comubia made like 4 multi's, every single one. i think something happened in columbia that got the game on the map. after all the ere population isn't that big and in the scheme of games 15,000 people is more then possible. that having been said i think our level of cooperation and coordination is horrible right now. i know for a fact that if even 5 "credit card blowhards" started pumping damage into a battle/ buying mercs/ supplying eCanada we could win a RW. i know this because i advocated the battle for alberta on my own; buying votes, offering rewards for damage and pushing the line and we went 56 and 29 before i logged off. obviously it went down from there.

Lucan Day 1,921, 10:06

"they (UK) had a number of reliable, and powerful allies, who were more than willing to help em' out"

realistically some ambassadors should have been able to make that clear and potentially avoid this disaster... I wasn't here so im not one to judge

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,921, 10:29

437*; I didn't vote in that election. (;

crisfire Day 1,921, 09:46

"We can all move over there and mass vote Rolo in as CP to utterly destroy the country from within any way he can"

you realize you need citizenship to vote for a CP right?

also the numbers eRep gives you as active citizens and growth rate is terribly flawed, if you look at the amount of people actually fighting which is a better snapshot of "active people" we have around 450ish and Spain has 2300ish and most people that eRep states as new citizens quit soon after signing up

either way

Im for fighting on

Oinyo Day 1,921, 09:57

The "We can all move over there and mass vote Rolo in as CP to utterly destroy the country from within any way he can" Was added later as a request for a PTO option to be added lol.

i am all for fighting on and I am as well but look at all of our battles. Minus the one time we got back Quebec for a few days they are ending up like This one in Nunavut.. We are getting dominated.

it does not help that Spain is always putting our RW's as the countries BOTD...

crisfire Day 1,921, 10:29

whoever requested the PTO option is retarded

there last CP won with over 1000 votes

I wont even go into what itll take to get even a fraction of that Spanish citizenship

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,921, 14:39

Was meant as a joke (well from my eyes) I hope noone saw it as a serious plan ahahahaha

Lucan Day 1,921, 10:18

Even if we attempted a PTO Spain still is a large target to overvote,

Lucan Day 1,921, 10:14

I'm always willing to fight and fight to the end, but in our current foreign policy situation the result will remain the same. We poked the bear, and no amount of resistance wars, even if we win a few, will stop the Spanish beast.

Michael 23 Day 1,921, 10:28

Comment deleted

BattleAxeWarrior Day 1,921, 10:58

Patients is key

Flashgun Day 1,921, 11:11

Venerable 4 CP!!!

Buck Roger
Buck Roger Day 1,921, 12:02

What's so terrible? I'm having fun. Safe and peaceful is boring.

Plugson Day 1,921, 14:51

The battle with Spain was fun. Being wiped in the long-term, I'll forecast, will get boring quickly. Plus, it'd be good to be able to go back to the days of self-sufficiency when we a few of the production bonuses back.

Tokerr Day 1,921, 12:08

I dont blame it on any CP.

There problem is 1 mega super alliance that is full of cheese and is ruining this fuckin game.


Simple as that. CoT is cheese. They played the game of thrones better than we did.

We saved-face by not turning our backs on our allies... at least. We can be proud of that.

Tokerr Day 1,922, 23:11

I'm sorry for the profanity by the way, I'm just angry. Occupation does that kind of thing...

GrapeJuice Day 1,921, 13:17

Blaming this on diplomacy or any CP is just politicking, nothing more.

How long has France been occupied (I hear almost a whole year), and to say that it is simply because of diplomatic failures is foolish.

Plugson Day 1,921, 14:06

"We saved up for our big defense of Quebec.. What happened there?"

Did we? I saw no battle orders making this the big fight we were waiting for. We didn't even rush the MPP renewals of China and Greece in the days before, while we had Quebec. These MPPs were eventually renewed in the last 5-7 hours of the battle for Quebec.

To me it looked it we knew we were going to get attacked again and decided to wait for another day to put up a big defense.

With that said...I am still patiently waiting to put on the bold fight to RW a part of eCanada that we can keep. Too bad it won't be Nunavut. But I can keep waiting and one day do the fighting once we are coordinated enough to do so.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,921, 14:31

Spot on Plugson. I'm also waiting.

Many are ready to act, but we're best led by words and wisdom, yet our acts so far has been led by silence.

klop123 Day 1,921, 19:33

Waiting as well.

Unum Day 1,921, 16:07

Okay leaders, it's time to step up and lead.

Technician Day 1,921, 16:30

The game sucks I hate eCountries that want to be the bitch eCountries like Spain.

That is no way to play and will have no part of it.

Damien Wolf
Damien Wolf Day 1,921, 16:46

"Well our CP at that time unfortunately was the type to tell them to go F themselves and make it personal."

That was the best thing to happen after spain conquered us, we dont negotiate with smelly spaniards : P

MercBaker Day 1,921, 17:06

As long as developers are making money, things will not change in the above mentioned points. Canada does no matter. The lesser alliances do not matter.

CoT makes the developers money. CoT being big and bullying others make developers even more money because then everyone else buys Gold to try and compete.

One little change would balance this whole thing. Put a limit on how many countries can be in an alliance. MMO's do this, it is called Guild's. All Guilds (for the good games at least) have member limitations to force Guilds to be a certain size to allow all players a viable chance. This is not the case here.

This is a browser-based game. The devs do not make enough money from this to balance and create a full bodied experience. It may happen over a long period of time, but it isn't something they will "patch" like any other game. So don't expect it. They will come out with features to bring in more people.

Yuri Kaczynski
Yuri Kaczynski Day 1,921, 17:42

¡Rolo para presidente!

Senor Spielbergo
Senor Spielbergo Day 1,921, 18:42

"I think we need someone in office next term that is less schoolyard bully and more someone that realizes that talking extreme shit to a population roughly 10 times as big as you results in a stifled country that drives noobs away from the game. We need a talker that can get us out of this mess."

- Feel free to move to the eUK, oinyo. I've heard they have a lot of "talkers" there, along with quite a few bendovers; I think you'd fit in rather well.

Technician Day 1,921, 18:44

CoTWO will not last.
What do you fight if everybody is in one giant alliance?

Derphoof Day 1,921, 20:03

That's why America joined CoT and why other nations will continue to do the same.

When EDEN falls, CoT and TWO will clash on the battlefield.

When that time comes, Asgard will also be an ally of CoT.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,922, 15:08

One of the purposes of Asgard was to get out of the Balkan wars that consistently had priority over their own wars. Though, in terms of alignment of alliances, Asgard IS sided more with EDEN due to common enemies (ABC sides with TWO). I might be misinterpreting what you're saying, EPD, what I'm inferring is that you think Asgard will join/be absorbed by CoT, but I think they'll remain distinct.

Derphoof Day 1,922, 15:17

Oh I know Asgard will remain distinct and sovereign. I was referring to alignment, like you said. Instead of being aligned with EDEN, they'll be aligned with CoT.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,922, 15:22

Yup. What it comes down to is damage drain, though there will be the awkward time before CoT vs. TWO. They'll have to suppress the remaining "Hail EDEN !" RWs before they can go balls out against each other. Which ex-EDEN country that aligns with which alliance be one to watch. I expect some shuffling.

Xvidian Day 1,922, 00:21

I've been saying that a political solution is the only chance we have when we were wiped a while ago. That's how I'll play when i'm eventually and inevitably the president ^ ^

I though how pathetic this ASGARD was getting it's ass kicked all over the ugly map, and we're trying to be full fledged members! My plan for eCanada is drastically different, though, people may need some more convincing that a change in tactics is needed, so I'll wait till people are fed up making bare minimum at production.

Alicization Day 1,922, 20:13

If you compare the population and relative strength of Spoland vs Asgard, both of them are already much, much stronger than us...

Prime Minister*, what you're suggesting is just doing what the US did - abandon their allies in exchange for safety. Don't worry though, they have 10/10 resources 🙂

Exalted Druid Day 1,922, 00:35

Comment deleted

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,922, 00:42

At least we are playing the game. Are we suppose to sit in a corner and not step on anyone's shoe's? Screw that, it is a game, and we are knee deep in it. We will be a pain in Spain's gut until they spit us out.

Rylde Day 1,922, 01:05

Don't worry one will rise among us in our darkest hour with the will and zeal to fight.

Lord Julian Moretti
Lord Julian Moretti Day 1,922, 01:59

Lets start our own country!

SpeedSoul1122 Day 1,922, 05:38

I am new to this game but I will help however i can!

Gh0strr Day 1,922, 09:45

Good article bro 😃

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