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The Man with the Plan

Day 1,688, 18:26 Published in USA USA by Cromstar

As a Party leader and former candidate for President, there’s always one thing that I’ve advocated on a personal level. That’s the fact that in order for someone to be a good President, you have to have a plan, something to motivate yourself and your people, your cabinet, to be constantly working towards a better future for the people you’re accountable to. While both candidates have put out a lot of articles talking about themselves and their campaigns, there’s really only one candidate that has truly put forth plans to help America in the future, and that’s the same candidate who won the Federalist Primary a few days ago.


If elections were won by sheer articles dedicated to them, Evry would’ve won quite a while ago. When I go back and count them....I’m noticing 6 of them in total.

That’s definitely a feat in and of itself, but it’s not the most important one. What’s really more important is the content of these articles, and the promises made within them. Evry’s new cabinet structure, and plans for America, deal with our Domesic and Foreign affairs in a way that previous administrations have not. These ambitious changes in administration, and creative goals in the domestic area have the potential to greatly help our country, and show Evry’s personal creativity in dealing with a lot of the issues that we currently have.

First off, the introduction of a Vice President of Communications completely changes the dynamic of diplomacy for our country. Anyone who has experience in Foreign Affairs will tell you that it’s one of the most demanding jobs the eWorld has to offer. Arguably, the most frustrating question anyone in State has to ask themselves is, “Alright, who the hell is in charge here!?” The vast majority of diplomatic debacles and failures can be traced right back to a lack of communication between one side and the other side, resulting in a slight, or possibly even worse.

A diplomatic faux pas

With the introduction of Alexander Auctoritas into the fray of State, a former President and excellent statesmen, we increase our administrative team in State to the point where we can handle all the requests of our allies, and deal with the tribulations of our enemies. In addition to this, having the Vice President of Communications prevents a problematic transition in the case of a Secretary of State resignation, ensuring everything doesn’t hit a halt just because one person decides not to work. Considering the fact that our Foreign Affairs are going to be significantly more complex than they were last month, we need as many experienced, statesmen-like, individuals in our State department as we can possible get, and who better than a former SoS Evry, experienced SoS Tenshibo, and former President plus SoS Alexander_Auctoritas?

Secondly, while the Department of Interior has been doing a fantastic job of retaining and supplying new citizens with the support they need to get involved with the community, it’s ability to motivate our active player-base and promote the spirit of our people from a mid-tier level hasn’t really been explored all that thoroughly as of yet. Evry’s campaign changes that, with the introduction of the Smile Squad. Now, while we might not all agree that was the greatest name for that program, we can all agree on that fact that it’s got a lot of potential to entertain, and restore a sense of community that we’ve all been lacking for a bit of time. Basically, the Smile Squad is an organization, run by AMP fun-guy Eric Vanderberg, created to organize events meant to bring eAmericans together, let everyone have a good time, and cut through this dividing sentiment that seems to have dominated our country.

The red one will just...disappear

With a solid cabinet, a solid set of experience, and a plan to deal with our issues and have a bit of community fun for a change, I’m convinced Evry is the best woman for the office of President of the United States.


For Evry, my old chum,



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,688, 18:29


Maybe he will get 10% like you too! 😉

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,688, 18:45

Evry4PoTUS - Leadership we can Rely on!
\o/ ☺ \o/ ☺ \o/

BugsBunnyz Day 1,688, 18:46

\o/ ☺ \o/ ☺ \o/

ErrOrka Day 1,688, 18:48

Evry4PoTUS - Leadership we can Rely on!
\o/ ☺ \o/ ☺ \o/

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,688, 19:05

\o/ ☺ \o/ ☺ \o/

Emperor Rick Day 1,688, 19:16

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bigcdizzle Day 1,688, 19:28

^^^ advertising in someone else's article is rude. doing it in multiple articles is attention whoring

Evry4PoTUS - Leadership we can Rely on!
\o/ ☺ \o/ ☺ \o/

Elizabeth Jones Day 1,688, 19:39

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xXDEPREDADORXx Day 1,688, 20:56


GOSHTRIDER Day 1,688, 21:04


Fitisin Day 1,689, 06:29

Where does Evry stand on this alliance with Spoland?

CII venom
CII venom Day 1,689, 08:32

pizza supports glove.... EWWWWW

xenophob Day 1,689, 08:42


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