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The Irish Shield

Dita 1,902, 06:47 E Publikuar në Ireland Brazili nga MUFC992

Hello Ireland,
Good Sunday afternoon to you all, I hope you enjoy and take your deserved rest after long and hard week of doing nothing as I am. In last few weeks I’ve been very busy with my RL, I had a lots of examns and I still have a lot of them but the main ones are solved so now I can play this game a bit more.

Why Shield 72?
Well for me game was boring in D4, I’ve done everything I could in this game so why not start over again. It’s boring anyway. First few days are good craic, I’m having a lot more fun then I had in D4. Everyone plays this game to kill boredom and this is my way to kill my boredom. I’m the same player with a different level and name.

I’d like to present my new newspapers - The Irish Shield. Why this name? I like to consider myself as Irish watchdog, in my whole eLife I’ve been trying to make Ireland stronger, to keep Ireland safe from anyone and to do my part in developing our little, but proud eCountry. I’ll keep doing this and I’ll keep doing things I think it’s right to do, everyone makes mistake, I’ve made mistakes too, I’ve trusted the wrong people, I had fights with fair people who didn’t deserved this, but most of all I’ve done what I thought it’s best to do, best for Ireland, best for community.

I had to comment several topics in eIreland these days..
1) CP Elections
2) PTO of “The Kunts”
3) Alliance membership
4) How to make Ireland stronger?

Presidental elections - February 2013.
So we have four major candidates - Marinko Margarin, Brian Boru, Irish Gawain and Mike Bane. I have to say it’s nice to see we have so many options and I’m p sure votes will be split over all of them equally. Now, I’ll be so free to comment each one of them.

Let’s start with most expirienced - Marinko. He’s been our Bootcamp Commander, MoD several times, Saoirse PP two times and he’s present on eIrish scene for at least full year, without and pauses or breakes. Nothing “dirty” hasn’t been connected with him so far, at least nothing proved. I’m p sure he’d be good President and he’d pull eIreland up.

Current President - Brian Boru just had pretty average term, nothing happened generally, we’ve been working to save some money. His biggest fault is letting “The Kunts” have their part in making decision, like for example new eIrish official irc channel. I’ve been banned from there just because I had argue with Padraig (when he was talking bout Vukovar), of course he wasn’t banned. Anyway, I’m sure BB would provide us another average month.

Mike Bane - Forever competitor. His new way of leading country is surely interesting, I’m not sure how good that would work, but we could give it a chance, only if it’s not Mike Bane. Nothing against that lad, but he tried for President so many times, he didn’t provided any ideas what he’ll do or what can we expect. I’m still waiting for that.

Irish Gawain - fairly new player, I consider him fairly inactive aswell. I’m sure he’s honest guy, but he should wait and play little more before trying to become most important role in one eCountry - President. There’s a lot of better potentional candidates who knows more about game mechanics and those who earned more trust then him. Good luck in future tho.

PTO of The Kunts
That was probably best day of my whole eLife. Why? The Kunts got what they’ve been doing for years, we beat them with their own weapon, we showed them they can’t walk away unpunished with things like theft or scamms. Who’s responsible for PTO? All patriotic eIrishmens who joined them and voted for Mr. Jack X. They’re talking about multis and I know each one of them has or had multis ( I can prove for most of them if needed, just ask in comment ).
They had such a nice attempt to try to make us look like Croatian PTOers of eIreland. No! Any eIrish citizen who’s been here more then knows that RL Croats in eIreland never done any harm to eIreland, we’ve been loyal eIrish citizens for over a two years, we always gave our best for eIreland, we never asked anything in return cept your welcome here. That’s the only truth. We helped kept Ireland active for past two years, we fought, we brought our friends to fight for Ireland, we never tried to form some kind of a group made only by RL Croats. Most of all iRL we’re Croats who love Ireland, and in this game we consider ourselves same eIrish as you are, because we harmed eIreland less then “The Kunts” who are so proud Irishmens.
Yes, “The Kunts” were PTOed, and yes I believe they’ve deserved it.

Alliance membership
There’s been a lot of talk about our future membership. After we left EDEN officially we had two options - Asgard and CoT. When I’ve started negotiating with Asgard I could never say they would reject us. I had some plans to join together with eCanada (Of course if Irish people decide that on referendum), but after my term those plans falled apart somehow. I knew about opposition of that in Sweden, it’s one Swedish party who doesn’t want us in. Finland and Canada would be more then happy to see us with them in same alliance. I’m sure we could have solve things with that Swedish party if we really try and if we decide it’s best for us.

Why we shouldn’t join CoT?
Don’t you remember who’s been on our side all this years? Which countries always gave their best to keep Ireland secure. Our friends aren’t in CoT. There’s only one our friend there and it’s Bulgaria, we have a lot more friends in proEDEN side and by changing side we’d lose all of them. I still think leaving EDEN was a right thing to do. After that EDEN HQ was impeached, they’ve changed HQ because after we left they realised something is wrong there, nothing will stop EDEN from falling apart in my opinion, all countries are joining CoT now, I think they have more then 20 countries now, you think they need another more? They would give their best for one more? Look it long-termly, CoT doesn’t have much chances to stay alive for longer then a year maybe, that’s what my expirience in this game teached me. EDEN may be destroyed and weak, but EDEN members are friends to eachother and whatever happens they will stay friend, no matter in which alliance. We shouldn’t forget that.

Asgard may be perfect for us at this moment in my own opinion, but we’re not losing anything if we stay neutral and observe situation in eWorld, I don’t think we have any real threat to get invaded by anyone, Brits don’t need another war, our relations are pretty good lately, we can chill until we see what’s best for us, until some perfect opportunity comes to us. This game changes, don’t be blind and see those changes.

How to make Ireland better?
We have only 200 active people, it’s a lot easier to organise 200 of perfectly then it would be to organise more people in some bigger country. Why we don’t do that? I’m sure our richer citizens have enough rooms in their companies to employ 200 of us, it’s only 20 q7 companies, if we direct all taxes for raw I’m pretty sure we’d be grand, now think what we could do with donations, with some projects, only together we’d be able to rise this country from ashes.
There’s a lot of calculation to be made before I present anything seriously, but I’ll publish another article with exact numbers and ideas how something like All Ireland’s hub would work, we have good chance to build something from our country, we just have to try, we just have to remove every dead wood from our country. I’ll talk more about this topic soon, this is all for today, I’d just like to hear your opinion about something like this? So feel free to comment!



MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Dita 1,902, 06:55

So u admit to multing . Cool story bro

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Dita 1,902, 06:56

We had a list of atleast 10 multis. Everyone admits they were used

MUFC992 Dita 1,902, 06:57

Where did I admit it?
Try to report them and find out are they multis or not.

Also, could you buy me 50 votes, I never robbed country so can't buy it myself.

BiednyMis Dita 1,902, 06:58


MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Dita 1,902, 07:00

Maybe if u didn't start a new acc like a retard u might have the money to buy them urself

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Dita 1,902, 07:02

Good article

V and S

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Dita 1,902, 07:13

awesome article, from awesome person \o
welcome back brah

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dita 1,902, 07:13

Padraig Pearse is a well known expert in creating multies.....he have them soo many sometimes he get confused and forget he talks about his multies....

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Dita 1,902, 07:17

and yes bro, you don't need any votes to be bought, you'll get it easily from friends 😉

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Dita 1,902, 07:44

Ireland is lucky to have u back again < 3

The other nick
The other nick Dita 1,902, 07:44


/we crying !


Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dita 1,902, 07:46

"Let’s start with most expirienced - Marinko."

Excuse me, I am FAR more experienced than Marinko.
I'm the god damn President, how many times has Marinko been President?

moomoohead Dita 1,902, 07:50

welcome back

MUFC992 Dita 1,902, 07:50

Sorry, I meant in last 1,5-2 years ;😉)

You've been CP once he's been few time Minister and a councilor of CP

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dita 1,902, 08:01

Boru you are a kunts puppet....the only experience you have is in obeying orders.....

We need a CP with a mind of its own...who ever he is.

It's clear you are not that one....

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dita 1,902, 08:09

In the last 1.5-2 years, I've been MoFA, President, and spokesperson for the ICA.

Still more experienced.

MUFC992 Dita 1,902, 08:12

Brah, Marinko was involved in more Governments since I came here, you came back only few months ago. That's what I'm talking about.

Game changed a lot since 2 years ago so that isn't really important much at this moment.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dita 1,902, 08:48

A troll.

MUFC992 Dita 1,902, 09:02

Oh look who's calling be a troll.

Unlike you I've actually done a lot of things, not just talk talk cry ;😉)

asecondchance Dita 1,902, 09:39

Welcome back!

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dita 1,902, 09:44

mufc is wrong..Hank only introduced himself here....

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dita 1,902, 09:53

Meh I did a shift or two in Finance & took my Congress man roles pretty seriously back in V1. Its a different work ethic now though.

Still nothing beats the classic IFP/IUP vs Labour, those were the days 🙂

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dita 1,902, 10:12

MUFC, there is literally no possible way in which Marinko is more experienced than me.

I am President right now, believe it or not. Not two years ago, right now.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dita 1,902, 10:22

And the game hasn't changed much, I would know, I've played it for five years >.>

ElGorro Dita 1,902, 10:23

Brian Boru, 47 - 26 = ;- )

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Dita 1,902, 10:39

Marinko is an idiot, Can barely speak English let alone be CP

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dita 1,902, 11:02

lol Padraig

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dita 1,902, 11:05


ElGorro Dita 1,902, 11:20

A joke on experience (levels). Wasnt a good one if I needed to explain it though.

irishbhoy1967 Dita 1,902, 11:21

Marinko is a nice guy, always liked him, but there simply is no way he has more experience than Boru.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dita 1,902, 11:24

ElGorro, government has feck all to do with levels lol

ElGorro Dita 1,902, 11:24

Nevermind Brian, man! 😛

Tenebris Lupus
Tenebris Lupus Dita 1,902, 11:45

@Mr. Padraig Pearse: ''Marinko is an idiot, Can barely speak English let alone be CP''

Oh the irony:

Sword Stalker
Sword Stalker Dita 1,902, 14:19

You took my picture and used it yourself!


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Dita 1,902, 14:20


Mort Sto Helit
Mort Sto Helit Dita 1,902, 14:40

I'm new here. I probably don't deserve an opinion. But if the comments I've read below every semi-political news article over the last few days are indicative of the level of political debate in eIreland, I'm worried.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dita 1,903, 23:50

im gonna side with PTO worries here a bit. So you pto'd a bad party but for what? i havent seen what your end goal is with the pto? Therefore i think margarin's candidacy is tainted and a real PTO threat. Do not vote margarin. Vote butters aka irishgawain 😃

Bhane Dita 1,903, 00:41

Marinko's candidacy has nothing to do with the PTO.

The PTO was MUFC and Jack trolling the cheeky party for the lulz to give them a taste of their own medicine. There was no endgame, except maybe to block them from running for congress. While I can appreciate the irony of the cheeky party getting PTOd, the blocking endgame was moot in the end. They cheeky party was still able to run for congress under the IUP banner.

There is certainly no love lost between the IUP and the cheeky party, but the IUP did this as a stand against PTOrs across the board. We would make the same offer to any party that was the victim of such tactics.

RIght now I'm unsure as to whether I will vote for Brian or Marinko. I will be carefully reading the debate when it is published.

MUFC992 Dita 1,903, 00:51

Fair play Bhane, you've done the right thing. We done the lulz thing aswell.

Krakken, PTO? Who's gonna PTO, lads who's been here for almost 2 years and done so much things for eIreland? Why would we PTO Ireland? If I wanted anything from Ireland I'd do it in my term in December ;😉)

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dita 1,903, 01:31

your term in december psycho was cp in december...ahhh we catch a multi of psycho out he he he and you have mocked us that you will pto other parties. but your supporting a croatian candidate exclusively?

so how am i to know that you didnt pto patriots to eliminate a president candidate and to vote in a croatian president.

Bhane Dita 1,903, 04:24

Krakken, if the Patriots had a candidate they really wanted to propose this month, they would have asked the IUP again. I believe they are content to support Boru this month.

MUFC992 Dita 1,903, 05:30

@Krakken, I thought it's p obvious brah
It's not multi, it's my only account now ;😉)

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dita 1,903, 05:58

so you dont support man U anymore mufc? anyway you forget one thing if you make a multi I now have 2 friends where I used to have 1 😛 I CALL THAT A WIN.

MUFC992 Dita 1,903, 06:09

haha win much brah

I support MUFC 🙂

IamGawain Dita 1,903, 17:27

I am very active. 🙂 Good article, and exp wise I am good. Not the oldest but am a good leader.

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