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The global comparative wage

Day 1,900, 06:49 Published in Australia United Kingdom by Edward Vaughn

The List of maximum salary:
1. Portugal(110,00)
2. Bosnia-Herzegovina (70,00)
3. Albania (30,00)
4. Saudi Arabia (15,50)
5. Ukraine (15,15)
6. USA (15,02)
7. Poland (15,00)
8. Spain (14,53)
9. China (14,00)
10.United Kingdom (13,51)
11.Bulgaria (13,22)
12.Croatia (13,09)
13.Serbia (13,01)
14.Bolivia (13,00)
15.Brazil (12,20)
16.Slovenia (12,08)
17.Italia, Mexico, Norway, Moldava (12,00)
18.Romania (11,59)
19.Chile, Japan (11,50)
20.Ireland, Russia (11,00)
21.Venezuela (10,72)
22.Finland (10,70)
23.Sweden (10,40)
25.Hungaria (10,03)
26.Argentinia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Greece, India, Peru, Singapur (10,00)
27.Germany (9,81)
29.New Zealand, Slovakia (9,10)
30.Estonia, South Korea, Turkey (9,00)
31.Lithuania (8,13)
32.Czech Republic, Egypt, Latvia, Taiwan (8,00)
33.Iran (7,1)
34.Australia, Austria, Cypres (7,00)
35.France (6,11)
36.North Korea, South Africa (6,00)
37.Thailand (5,50)
38.Pakistan (5,10)
39.Netherlands (5,00)
40.Switzerland (4,50)
41.Montenegro (4,00)
42.Malaysia, United Arabian Emirates (3,00)
43.Belarus (2,01)

No datas of Indonesia, Philippines and Uruguay.

collecting data: 4:01 Feb 01 day 1900
Some of the listed countries are conquered.



Arcaian Day 1,900, 06:54

Wouldn't it be better to put it in gold values, to allow comparison?

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,900, 07:19

I thought "CC" was all the same in this game now?

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,900, 15:40


venja Day 1,900, 20:15

The best way to normalise wages is to reflect the WRM bonus available in each country. Country A with 100% WRM bonus will tend to pay 100% more wages than country B with bonus. If you divide each country's prevailing wage by the factor (1+WRM bonus 😵 you get a much more even picture.

By the way, the prevailing base wage has tended to approximate the breakeven point of producing WRM's using a rubber plantation So a country with no WRM bonus, an employee will produce 250 units @ market price of 0.03 = 7.50 CC. If the wages are lower than this, there is incentive to produce WRM. If they are higher, its no longer profitable and its better to produce weapons. This has tended to be the tipping point that has set wages in each country the past few months.

The market price of WRM of course has been falling but the ratios of wages and finished goods prices have all tracked in parallel.

Icetek Day 1,900, 22:54

Did you just seriously say that?

You seem to know the just of it, why dont you go teach Tim_Holtz how eAUS is financially french fried because:
1)dont have territory
2)our goods are not worth buying because of price
3)tax revenue is virtually about to be non existent

His CP run in based on ....communication articles....

venja Day 1,902, 01:28

Nice work icetel - you seem to be in fairy land as these issues have nothing who is CP

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