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The Girl with the Black Balloon

Day 1,914, 15:24 Published in Australia Canada by Molly Jo

In Response to the Comment Cluster
I don't like it to be honest, so much fighting so pointless, but whatever it is pointless for me to try to explain what being a Rev meant to anyone who was not apart of what we had. Simply put no outsider will ever truly understand something they were never apart of. No member of the APP/ACP/whatever is going to understand the inner workings of the ARP, as no ARP member whose never been apart of another party will understand the inner workings of another party. So to simply, can't we all just agree to get along and stop arguing over party politics the greater good of Australia is at stake here.

ARP News
ARP Members, friends, crazy people who like to party, on the suggestion of some old IRC Revs, we will be hosting an IRC party, in the IRC room #Revolutionary. The night has yet to be decided but the idea of the event is to come in, socialize, chill out, vent about how eRep can be so annoying. It is in idea a get together for people spread out over the globe.

::Warning:: If Cody is on, he will mess with the IRC room topic for pure fun. Also the use of politically incorrect words may be used with high frequency.

So stay tuned if your interested for news on this event.

Australian Summit

Someone so needs to go on my behalf and tell TJ...err Mick he needs to let this "Fun" Side Lany refers to out more in Game, just saying 😃.

Make Love not War
Ignore the Mission, Love is Better

PS. Congrats to irule the highly likely next PP of the ARP
~Peace Out~
The Girl with the Black Balloon


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,914, 15:39


Kooguy Day 1,914, 16:06

And you'll see me get kicked like 7 times

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,914, 17:37

voted for Mollyicious

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,914, 18:30

I do have a fun side in-game. It's called messing with people's heads. I'm not a warlord and I've done the political thing so now it's all meta game 😛

infin Day 1,914, 21:28

Once you go black balloons, you never go back.

infin Day 1,914, 21:29

"::Warning:: If Cody is on, he will mess with the IRC room topic for pure fun. Also the use of politically incorrect words may be used with high frequency."


RD1234 Day 1,915, 02:09

Why can't there be a girl with the pink balloon 😨

Icetek Day 1,915, 06:30

Molly try stating some political stances on the party instead of publicly kissing ass and trying to make it seem as your party is heaven.

I'm confused what this article recruit people or to invite them to a orgy? I am still waiting for a article that has some political purpose and what ARP goals are. All i see you doing is "being nice" and sucking every Joe to come join.

This is looking like Snow White and 7 Dwarfs, but behind the scenes we all know Snow White was using the dwarfs to do her work. True Story.

Icetek Day 1,915, 06:35

Sorry if i blew you spot now Molly, just tell these nice people this party is a sham just to control eAUS the way "you/them" want to swing it. Lets be honest, ARP does everything based on a few peoples opinions, the only time you let people have a say is when its not a important topic, and then you can cash in on the "glory".

Kooguy Day 1,915, 10:37

Is there a down vote? ^

BOUD1CCA Day 1,915, 14:43

He is just unhappy that he is not invited To the party Kooguy.
and speaking of fairy stories,
Icetek stars in one - the evil twisted fairy who was not invited to the wedding & so sets out to try to cause mischief & damage.
One is tempted to feel pity for him as he is obviously suffering from some mental problem. The trouble is, he is such a nasty unlikable piece of shxt that one could not be bothered.

Kooguy Day 1,915, 16:01

Don't be scared of the FP, he is such a nasty unlikeable piece of shit.

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,915, 16:34

Icetek clueless hater, and down right despicable, and if he doesn't shove the way he talks about Molly up where the sun don't shine, he's going to regret it sooner or later.

LanyisLost, spineless supporter of Haters. The evidence is in how she votes the pig disgusting comments of people like Icetek, because he/she is too spineless to speak.

Icetek Day 1,915, 22:10

Cody, you speak as if i woke up 1 day and said hey....let me hate on people on a make-believe game. Get real.

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,915, 22:12

Your scum, and you talk shit about a friend of mine. You can tell yourself all you want, that some how Molly wronged you, please you clearly did wake up and decide to be a hater, because you do it, you get real, this is a game, get a life, get over what ever shit makes you act like an emo ass clown and move on.

Icetek Day 1,915, 22:37

LoL take your own advice kid. This is a game. Take a deep breath.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,916, 00:40

Cody he is a troll, nobody has any time for him, nobody takes him seriously. Any emotion felt for icetek is a mixture of pity & contempt.
He just likes to wind people up.
The best thing to do is ignore him

Icetek Day 1,916, 05:38

Yes listen to the ARP puppets who do nothing for eAUS but put it in political chaos, run by estrogen filled woman who do nothing threw out the day and vent out on a game because there "male" counterparts do not pay attention to them.

At least this troll can keep his cool, but good job defending racist and homophobic pigs in your party Boud1cca.

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