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The Affairs of Congress, October-November 2012 : Special Edition

Day 1,830, 08:51 Published in Japan Japan by Zodiarque

Hi, eJapan, it's Zodiarque!

We will soon elect a new Congress that will be our first representatives since we have been freed from the Taiwanese yoke. During those dark days of occupation, eCitizens of eJapan chose not to own a fake congress to deal with not-In-Game related matters but rather to be consulted directly by Referenda.

So I, who was the Speaker of Congress at that time, became Interim Speaker of Congress with the responsability to put to Referenda any decisions that concerned you and our whole community and among those decisions, those that were judged not to be the case of the sole decision of the President.

As part of my job as the Interim Speaker that will last till a new Speaker of Congress is elected right after the Congress election, I have to require your attention one last time, as stipulated by the law (see here) that has been voted for the transitional Congress-free period. Without further ado, let's begin.

1. New Military Graphics (Discussion and Vote)

The New Graphics proposal was voted. As Interim Speaker, I signed the bill and order its enforcement. Therefore, it is currently being implemented In-game.

Hereby, as Head of Graphics, I am proposing to patch anyone's avatar upon Private Message requests. All you need is to send me the Direct Link to your avatar picture or any picture you'd want to see used as your new avatar. If you have personnal desires, just feel free to write them down and I'll take them into account. This is of course a service free of any charge.

2. Forums enhancements

2.1. Party Sections revisited (See there)
Recently, the Official Forums of eJapan have seen some changes, it has been proposed to every Party Presidents to dispose of a personallized section with or without private room to establish their Party and advirtize it to the whole eWorld.

Indeed, like the Embassies, those section are open to any registered member. Along with this new feature, new masks were created and now, Party members are allowed to show of their pride wearing the mask of their party.

Speak up! : Those new party sections are completely customizable so you may want to discuss it with your fellows and see your Party President send a request to Moderation Team. So please, make use of it as much as possible and enjoy.

2.2. Graphics Services (See there)

As Head of Graphics, I have worked for months now as a freelance for the Ministry of Culture and History who ordered and paid me back for my work. As we are going through a financial and social crisis, I chose to suspend my wages and worked the last two months for free.

Now I offer my services to the eJapan community to provide them with help in their will to advirtize our eCountry to the whole eWorld.

I humbly propose to study each requests I'll be ordered. Should that be for a person, a Party, a Military Unit or Government purpose. So, feel free to fill in a request post there and I'll be sure to answer you in the shortest delay.

/!\IMPORTANT/!\ : Please, acknowledge this is a free service I am trying to offer so don't question the order of my "to do list" nor ask for earlier results. I'll try to give you graphic propositions as fast as I can.

3. Military Charter Amendments (Early discussion and Advanced discussion)

A Referendum is soon to be held by the upcoming Congress, to revise the Military Charter you can read there if you didn't register on the Forum or there if you bothered to register.

Indeed, some concerns have been brought to everyone's attention about the National Supplying Plan legitimately dedicated to only the National Military Units (IMA&IJA). Those concerns have been heard by our representatives who are working on a Charter Amendment to soften the Supplying System Rules and allow for any Military Unit Member to ask for supply, provided that s/he fights under the Minister of Defense orders.

Speak up! : As said, the Charter revision is still being worked on so you may want to partake and give your opinion too. You can do so in the discussion thread there.

4. Candidate to congress position (See there)

I'll make use of that official article to express as a mere citizen and not as Interim Speaker. I'd like to be entrusted to a position in Congress and will be running for it under the Imperial Sun Party banner in Kanto. Again, all I can assure you of is that I will be active in votes and act for the sake of eJapanese, so will do all of my fellows from ISP.

My previous application speech is still valid. I, so far, demonstrated that I can be unbiased, impartial, fair and neutral so that I won't take decisions based on which team I am in but only for what I believe will enhance every citizen's quality of eLife.

About my background, I am an eBorn Japanese and have worked as Head of Graphics since quite long now, allowing me to design new placards for events or avatar frames for MUs or parties. There again, I showed activity and involvment. Furthermore, for several months now, I took upon myself, along with some occasionnally active Moderation team member, to perform all daily tasks on the forum. There, I evinced responsiveness and responsibility.

I hope you'll vote for who eJapan lack the most in those renewal times : Congress people that, in fact, will use their vote and not run after the Achievments. People who will make intelligent and wise use of their Citizenship passes to prevent us from any foreign PTO. People who will feel concerned enough to make use of the Forums and IRC.

ISP is ful of those people, they really are trustworthy.

So I invite you to read our ISP party platform to see if you share the same goals as we own.

Thanks in advance for all the attention you may eventually grant to my wishful request.

/!\IMPORTANT/!\ : Remember that, whoever you finally set your choice on, the important is that you VOTE if you don't want to be blaming yourself ultimately when eJapan may head for collapsing.

Soon coming... Great opening of the Imperial Sun Tea House !
Feel free to come and share a get-together drink !

That's all for today. If you would like to inquire more about every little discussions that are currently being held and participate, then I cannot encourage you more to join the forums and get you Citizen mask now. Registration is made in a minute and all you need is to write a post in the appropriate section there and an In-Game Private Message to me Zodiarque as I am also Moderator of the Forums.
The full registering procedure is now entirely described step by step for it to be within the reach of everyone. (see there)
Additionally, if you liked this article feel free to vote it up and subscribe to my personal newspaper, Zodiarque's echoes. Also feel free to leave a comment, thanks!


Lonqu Day 1,830, 09:12


Shiro Yasha WD
Shiro Yasha WD Day 1,830, 10:18


Akki Day 1,830, 10:48

Is there need to vote for new referendum now with fake congress when we are just about to elect real one soon?

just saying.

Zodiarque Day 1,830, 11:21

@Akki, when I said a referendum is soon to be held, I meant "by the upcoming Congress" not "by me". Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity, I'll correct the article.

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,830, 14:52

voted, looking epic zodi!

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,830, 16:57


DankChronic Day 1,831, 23:35


Auraborus Day 1,831, 09:54


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