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Richard Feist for CP [Manifesto part 2] Foreign affairs

Day 1,900, 13:53 Published in United Kingdom Germany by Rfeist

Hello again guys and girls,

Before I say anything I would like to again thank the following parties for their continued support of me in my bid to be CP to represent you.

One Vision
Workers Rights Party

This is the second part of my manifesto that was promised to you. This part of my manifesto will contain information on my ideas about Foreign policy. Foreign affairs is an area of the eUK that I believe needs to be guided back on track. So lets dive right in!


As I stated in my first part of my manifesto when talking about finances MPPs are a huge part of our country’s commitment internationally. Now for those that don’t know and MPP (mutual protection pact) is something that allows countries to fight for each other while their citizens to not have to move from their own country. Our main stack of MPPs are with countries in our alliance TWO and the brother alliance ACT. I would not get rid of these MPPs should I become president.

These MPPs with other members of our alliance and close alliances are not just there for the military side of the game but also from a personal friendship side. We have many friendships with these countries that go beyond an MPP. It shows our good intent to stand with them and be part of a large alliance together working towards a common aim or goal.

MPPs with other countries outside of TWO and ACT will be assessed on their merits. We have to cut back on our MPPs to save money as we cannot afford them. This is just a fact of the game due to the financial module. Now there are those countries that are in other alliances that possess the right blend of military power and friendship that has made an MPP with them vital. I will encourage congress to keep our important MPPs while ending those that we do not need. I will handle this ending of MPPs as politely and diplomatically as possible. We may very well still wish to remain friends with this country but can only no longer to keep the MPP with said country. I will not be stripping away all MPPs and damaging the eUK in the long run as this is not what is needed. But I will not be afraid to take away MPPs that are no longer needed.


I believe that we should continue to be a part of the alliance TWO for the foreseeable future. We have many friends within the alliance and seek to continue to be a part of this great alliance. We need to look to strengthen our ties and repair the damage with the countries within this alliance and I believe as the current vCP I have made the necessary contacts to allow this to happen asap.

This brings me nicely onto another issue for the eUK. Within TWO we have lost some of our respect and have damaged our international image. This is from a variety of reasons mainly being too rashness, disorganization and overestimation. Firstly we often were too rash a and reckless in the way we went around our business. I will maintain a calm and cool head. This will allow us to make sure we have all the facts before we do anything that could impact us at an international level. Next I think that we have been too unorganized in our activities. If we have to fight a battle, provide support etc I will maintain that it is done as early as possible and with enough time to allow us to be prepared for what will happen. I also think that we have often overestimated our capabilities. We do not have the most damage no, but we can still fight effectively and make ourselves a more effective member of TWO. I would like to see us admit that we might not be able to hold a battle on our own at some points and instead not be scared to ask for help if need be. This though cannot be at the 11th hour and unorganised. I would contact TWO HQ and give them enough warming of what we would need and when.


Tied to the end of the last paragraph I will not be actively be seeking a new war. The eUK government loses too much money supplying for a large scale war and I do not want to have resources spent on this. I would like to see people use our new territory in Norway to gain TPs from the RWs. We would support our allies in their active wars and look to play that supporting role this month.

Other international policies

I will be looking to build a better relationship with the countries that immediately surround us in an effort to protect our borders and strengthen our international ties. I would like to see an expansion of our ambassador project and a relaying of information back from this to the eUK public to show them information on what is happening around the eWorld.

Cabinet applications

I have already been in contact with a few people with the idea of having them in my cabinet but there are still many positions open. I would like you to send me your applications via PM if you would like to be part of this exciting opportunity. I will be announcing my cabinet in my military and cabinet article on the evening of Sunday the 3rd February. I will need all applications in before 7pm that day please. On that day I will explain more about what is expected of the cabinet and how we will achieve this.
The application should state what role you would like, why you think that you are best for the role and any past xp that you have. NOTE: xp is not required to run for a position within cabinet.

Here are the links to my two previous articles about my campaign.
Introduction to me running
First manifesto article

If you have any other questions then feel free to contact me anytime.

Regards Richard Feist


BigAnt Day 1,900, 13:57


Betafoxtrot Day 1,900, 14:01

Good luck once again!

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,900, 14:05


FightAndProduce Day 1,900, 14:05

Do you mean the 3rd of February instead of the 3rd of January?

Rfeist Day 1,900, 14:09

I do indeed 😉 changed

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,900, 14:38

Voted, great approach to foreign affairs.

I'm proud the Workers' Rights Party decided to support your campaign. 07

Bohemond4 Day 1,900, 14:41

good luck!

alexg737 Day 1,900, 14:50

I agree with the MPPs, stick closely with ACT TWO. However things are going to turn sour with CoT soon so let's not waste any more money. Look what happened with Brazil, for example. Plus we will need money aside for more possible nations joining TWO.

WayneKerr Day 1,900, 18:27

sounding great, could be a winner!

Alphabethis Day 1,901, 23:36

vote for butjam.

Niko Jones
Niko Jones Day 1,901, 01:59

Voted and supported. Gr8 article. o7

Felix Mironow
Felix Mironow Day 1,901, 03:13


On Guard

Anahi Harrison
Anahi Harrison Day 1,901, 13:54

V+S, you have my vote:)

myheadstone Day 1,902, 23:08

Voted, great approach to foreign affairs.

I'm proud the Workers' Rights Party decided to support your campaign. 07

mick cain
mick cain Day 1,902, 02:36

nice rich

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