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Product Prices Review

Day 1,932, 10:06 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by Kitsune Usureki
Greetings dear readers, let me present you the result of my small research in prices of eJapan, and its neighbouring eNations.

As these datas above clearly shows, we have the highes market prices in the eFar-East. This is because of the low number of our population, and since we are sorrounded by very great eNations both miltarily both economicaly, we have to use these opportunity, and turn our handicap to our advantage! Though the current financial crisis in the eWorld limits the chances and amounts of economical successes, there are ways to make money (not counting the barbaristic soldier solution).

Buying a trade license is 20 gold (aka around 5640 ¥), and that is ridiculously expensive, it does not worths it at all, only in a very, very long term. My tip is to travel to a neighbouring country whenever you are planning to buy greater amounts of supplies, because if you are buying in great numbers, you will be able to buy cheaper.

For example, lets say I want to buy 250q6 weapons for my MU Regiment, and I have a Daily Order in eRoC (maybe an RW of eSouth-Korea, who knows?). In eJapan, the price/unit of q6 weapons is 4,68 ¥, while in eRoC the price for the same thing is 3,99 ¥, and the travelling cost to eRoC is 40 JPY total. The difference of our prices is 0,69 ¥, thus if I buy 250q6 weapons in eRoC (and do my DO in the mainwhile :3) I will have 172,5 ¥ spared. Yay for me! ^,^

In a short way :

• Travel to eRoC and back to eJP (40 ¥)
• Buy 250q6 weapons in eRoC Market
• Because of the market-price difference, you will spare 172,5 ¥

These datas are useful for many other plans and strategies, I only revealed one way to use information like above, but feel free to use my research as reference for your economical strategies!

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Kitsune Usureki
Day 1,932 of the New World

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metehan2010 Day 1,932, 10:13


metehan2010 Day 1,932, 10:22

on the other hand we would be losing potential tax revenue if we spend our money abroad. players who can afford it, should use the eJapan market. This is a double edged sword i guess.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,932, 10:31

It is. However, this tip was written to MU Commanders and Captains and the like. Sparing their money would mean that they could distribute more weapons, and that means faster improvement in eJapanese military power. Just an example. The thing has several aspects, and it is a good methapor - it is a double edged sword.

Lord Player
Lord Player Day 1,932, 11:50


Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,932, 12:28

elmúlt nyóc év!

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,933, 06:28

He? XD

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,933, 07:26

it's a usual rl mszp-fidesz shout about you didn't do a shit

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,933, 07:27

of course not you : D it's not personal...

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,933, 07:28

btw, we must talk, send me a pm when you will online on irc

Dreadful Silence
Dreadful Silence Day 1,933, 06:55

Is true that we have to support the market eJapan but what Kitsune Usureki says could result in simple "supply and demand". If products are bought outside of the eCountry and there is no demand in our market, will make those who put products on sale in eJapan lower our prices because it is better to sell at a lower cost than speculated, that having the merchandise in stock for several days without selling anything.

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