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Preliminary Recap from the Summit

Day 1,845, 11:09 Published in USA USA by Oblige

I'm headed out to dinner and then the after-summit party, but before I went I thought I would jot down two quick notes about the summit.

For those that didn't read the agenda, today's conference was divided into two parts. The first was to introduce the new map and PvP modules to the player base, and the second was to take feedback on a variety of issues ranging from the military, to the economic to the political modules.

To start, this is what the new map will look like:

Basically it's a non-flash based version of the current map that will display active battles, as well as letting you drill down to regions to see the current campaign, how long an occupied region has been under hostile rule for, population, borders etc. It should also hopefully crash far less than the current module.

Additionally the map will be the launching point for as yet unannounced further changes to the game that will be geographically based in nature.

I don't have any screen caps of the new PvP module but how it works is fairly simple. During your normal fighting, after a few kills, you'll be given the option to join a PvP queue to fight head to head with over players, live.

You'll enter a unique environment depending on the battle where you'll use weapons and equipment that you'll be able to purchase from Plato (inexpensively) using CC to fight another player. The player that wins the PvP fight will generate influence to push the wall in their side's favor.

If there aren't other players online to participate in PvP, or if the battle is in its final minutes you won't have the option to join the PvP battle.

So, this change will be an expansion or in addition to the current battle module. Rewards are still being discussed, but first and foremost it will allow players to do head to head with some of their most hated rivals from across the battle field. If you have the appropriate hit, for instance, you'd be able to go toe to toe with Romper or ScymeX or any of the other famous (or infamous) tanks.

The second half of the summit had considerably more discussion, for now I'll drill it down to a few bullet points which I can expand upon later.

- Alliances will be added in-game
- The military unit reforms
-- Community storage space
-- Removal captain elections
- Economy module balance
-- Suggestions still needed xD

Ok, that's it for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'd like to thank the admins for hosting us, and the other players for their thoughtful and provoking contributions to the round table!

- Oblige

P.S. You can watch a video recap of the summit here: my apologies for the sound, but it was the best I could do.

Oblige's Summit Review


Oblige Day 1,845, 11:10

First reserved for Thanks to the Hosts and Ambassadors!

Oblige Day 1,845, 11:14

Also Thanks to the Headless Chickens! (Yellow Shirts 🙂

Kooguy Day 1,845, 11:15

This gets the koo stamp of approval. I'm looking forward to pvp

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,845, 11:17

The PvP and in-game alliances appear great improvements. And a complete overhaul of the econ module would be awesome. Lets hope it all lives up to expectations.

simust2 Day 1,845, 11:17


Roberrto Day 1,845, 11:19


Werde1 Day 1,845, 11:19

Thank you for these updates Oblige!

Zhangsiyan Day 1,845, 11:20


9axel5 Day 1,845, 11:20


Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Day 1,845, 11:20

Finally, thanks

Plugson Day 1,845, 11:21


Fitisin Day 1,845, 11:21

I watched some of the live coverage, you're very well spoken Oblige. Kudos.

Magic Day 1,845, 11:21


Iaswn Day 1,845, 11:22

o/ oblige

Stole Lazarov
Stole Lazarov Day 1,845, 11:22

Hopefully it will get better

fagyan Day 1,845, 11:22

thanks for the info 😛

potato134 Day 1,845, 11:23


Davorsk8 Day 1,845, 11:24

Looks like the admins finally woke up?

Last Life
Last Life Day 1,845, 11:24


T Cherub
T Cherub Day 1,845, 11:24

Good post, Oblige!

Captain Black Sheep
Captain Black Sheep Day 1,845, 11:24

Thank you oblige! 🙂

O.M.I.D.TM Day 1,845, 11:25


A E N E A S Day 1,845, 11:25

About the PvP will it be a fps one?

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,845, 11:28

Cheers... nice to know what's going on for those of us who can't attend o7

The-Comedian Day 1,845, 11:28

Great work, Oblige.

Warmnuel Palitos El Adjetivo
Warmnuel Palitos El Adjetivo Day 1,845, 11:30


4tires Day 1,845, 11:32

You are our hero Oblige!! The voice of the people!! xD

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 1,845, 11:34

nice o7

Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 1,845, 11:35

Looks like the admins finally woke up? +1

GregoryG Day 1,845, 11:35

I approve this message.

Thank you for your report. Enjoy the summit.


ElvenCRO Day 1,845, 11:35

Thank you Oblige!

LitoII Day 1,845, 11:38

Thank you, Oblige! It was great that at least one of the guest was able to bring the summit public : ))

Rona1d Day 1,845, 11:39

back to the beta xD

RoaiTG Day 1,845, 11:39

Voted o7

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,845, 11:40

Sounds like they have learnt from their mistakes a little - some people like PvP and some don't, so make it optional. Good work : )

santirub Day 1,845, 11:41

Cool :>

Sunmannus Day 1,845, 11:41

We'll see...

k.v.i.z Day 1,845, 11:41


Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 1,845, 11:42


SexyCicko Day 1,845, 11:46

ok, which one of you put a knife to the admin throat ????

RoboCopele Day 1,845, 11:46

Good news, still plenty of room for these changes to go bad, time is young.

DW.Frost Day 1,845, 11:47

We tend to easily forget a few things..

Tell the admins Oblige that the ideas are paid.
Its their job to think of new ways to further expand the new world with new modules and implementations.

The summit was a good chance to remind them the fundamentals, like caring and respecting their customers instead of acting like they only care about money without even following the common sense.

Anyway vote for the update.
Have fun tonight : )

MaZzA Day 1,845, 11:48

PvP ?

It seems, to me, not good...

Btw I will have an opinion when it will be live : )

ugura Day 1,845, 11:48

thank you.

Erik-Ero Day 1,845, 11:50

just my sugestion.. add the whole world ...

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,845, 11:54

thanks for the info o/

Krontzo Day 1,845, 11:54


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,845, 11:55

so cool, Oblio..!
many Americans there? that's quite a thing, to make such a trip and then do the live webcam and now this summit summation thing.. I appreciate your doin' all this, man.

GreekStallion7 Day 1,845, 11:57

thank you bro o/

A V C Khalifa
A V C Khalifa Day 1,845, 11:58


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