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Once again...

Day 1,926, 03:46 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Denmark by lassesp2142

Once Again.

Denmark is a free Nation, once Again i will suport it, once Again i hope that my Fellow Ecitizens will help.

Denmark is a small nation, mainly livestocks as economy, but if we are dedicated, we can do this.

I summon the patriots of Scandinavia, to help us regain what is rigthfully ours. We must either stand together as Allies, or unite under one flag.

I will aid with low Price food, and raw materials. so that we can slowly gain strength. once we got a few more regions, we can begin rebuilding and getting the economic system running Again.

Danish Liberty

we suport a free eDenmark



Plainswalker Day 1,926, 10:49

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devil04 Day 1,927, 08:16

ya man

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