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Natural Jerk

Day 2,056, 09:53 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by clanky4

eThailand has recently proposed eMalaysia as its natural enemy. Evidentally they plan top attack us again.

Fortunately our ePresident has taken the initiative and is counter proposing eThailand as a natural enemy so that our soldiers will get bonus damage against eThai soldiers.

However I have a counter proposal to this counter proposal. I propose that in addition to proposing eThailand as natural enemy that we ALSO propose eThailand as Natural Jerk.

Think about it. eThailand has done numerous things in the past which qualify them to be eMalaysia's natural jerk.

They invaded us numerous times, accused the eMalaysian government of breaking agreements, said the word THAI POWER on numerous eMalaysian articles, are a bunch of eSerbians, and have once again proposed eMalaysia as a natural enemy for no reason.

Not to mention.

All of the stupid stuff eThailand has done. eThailand has unsuccessfully invaded eIndia, eTexas(which they seem to think is an eCountry), the eUSA, and eMexico.

In fact the only country which they have been able to hold control over for an extended period of time has been eSingapore and that is only because their government completely rolled over and let them take over.

Now as some player's know having a country as a natural enemy automatically starts a war with that country free of charge and grants a damage increase.

But what will having eThailand as our Natural Jerk do?

Well aside from eMalaysian citizens being able to call eThailand a Natural Jerk the eMalaysian media also has a chance of getting +10% counter eThailand articles.

And that's it!

Supporter of making eThailand our Natural Jerk


J e s u P e
J e s u P e Day 2,056, 10:31


TeMing Day 2,056, 11:30

natural jerk confirmed

Tezej Day 2,056, 16:07

cry me a river !!

mhifzan Day 2,056, 17:48

go flush your pride and power drain on the toilet, will u xD

Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 2,056, 17:04

All Hail for Natural Jerk

Hazwani Hanum Hashim
Hazwani Hanum Hashim Day 2,056, 17:42

Jerk Power

mhifzan Day 2,056, 17:47


Namewee Day 2,056, 20:47


Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 2,056, 22:39


metro5 Day 2,057, 00:15

eFunny discovered!

Fxal Day 2,057, 00:43

Jerk off with ur fake eCountry! XD

soyalis Day 2,057, 01:11

Natural Jerk approved! \o/

soyalis Day 2,057, 01:12

"All of the stupid stuff eThailand has done. eThailand has unsuccessfully invaded eIndia, eTexas(which they seem to think is an eCountry), the eUSA, and eMexico."


Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 2,057, 07:48

i'm very glad that we have clanky on our side.. xD

clanky4 Day 2,057, 14:05

glad to be here 🙂

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