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National Shield or shielding responsibility

Day 2,086, 08:37 Published in Chile Bulgaria by Stolch

So I'm not banned yet and as a bonus the article was not taken down. There is even a reaction from the admins, sadly it is the one we're used to by now - deflection.

I though, am of those b@ster*s that don't give up easy and once I put my mind to something I drive hard till I get it done.

First I'd like to clarify an error on my part from the previous article, it was another Romanian players account that was involved in the AS campaign and who was maybe still is a moderator. I was unable to do so in the other article as it did not allow me to edit it, another feature that keeps on visiting me from time to time through the years to which I have even become accustomed to. Never the less my firm belief that A, account selling should not happen least of all of accounts that are recognizable to the whole community and B, no one employed in any form by the administration of the game should be allowed to play an active role in it, it;'s politics and least of all the military side of it.

Now back on track. The question was brought up about the accuracy of my "estimations", so I'll address it in a little more detail here but will not overbore you with it.

While the numbers are not 100% accurate, which is impossible to get from any statistic unless it compiles 100% of the cases upon which it is being formed, in terms of estimation I probably was on the conservative side. I'll give you a simple quote of the orgs of 3 countries, for a long time 2 of them were #1 and #3 in population and the 3rd was top 5-6, now has moved up a little, but that is something I'll get to later in the article.

Government orgs:

Romania: 208
Serbia: 176
***Croatia: 127 (90 were submitted in december 2010)
**Poland: 43
**USA: 34
Bulgaria: 32
*Canada: 18
*Mexico: 17
**Macedonia: 15
*India: 12 (and 12 more dissolved?)
*Peru: 4

*EDIT - information given by players in the comments
**EDIT - information given to me with a screenshot/article on PM, will be added to the DB of gov orgs
***EDIT - There is a list of 127 published by the Croatian CP here, as well I was given information that at the time of registering government orgs a list of 90 was given to the admins. There is a discrepancy in numbers which means one of two things, either some of the orgs in the most recent list published by the president are owned by other countries or more government orgs were added for Croatia after the migration was done.

This has been the case for years now, to that you would probably have to put a long list of others as well, I'll make an effort to find the list of Croatian orgs as well as it was published publicly as well and they're over 100 for sure.

Now as I said there is two aspects of this problem, one is the inherit, admin created and enforced double standard and unfair advantage to some countries and two that after the most recent realignment, all the ones from both sides who managed to get a preferential treatment are on the same side, so unlike before with a relative balance between both sides (not among the countries of each side) now we have a one way huge differential.

However, as I'm one who does not believe in idle chit chat and likes to support his statements with facts rather then speculation, I would like to ask here all the newly elected presidents of countries to request with a ticket (if they do not know them already) a list of all the national organizations of their respective countries and to publish them or forward them to me.

If the admins will not give us the information we're entitled to, we'll force them to give it. Key note here is that they cannot refuse to give this information to the active CP of any country for his own country.

I know that some may feel this may "harm" their country especially if the admins relent at some point (which they have no choice anymore but do so) and take away this advantage, however they should keep in mind that today they're being propped up by the admins but tomorrow they might find themselves on the other side of it and be the ones discriminated. The only way to make sure we all are not discriminated at one time or another is to force the admins to cease these practices together. If not for idealism, then consider doing it to keep your opponents, because with such unbridled bias soon you'll have none and all the orgs in the world will not bring you any joy.

In the meantime I'll start making a DB of all government orgs of all countries that will be accessible to all players.

missions awayyyyyy

Now since the admins prefer to throw yet another senseless mission what not at us rather then start fixing the thousands of issues that plague the game some actively or passively supported by them, I'll continue to bring them all out in the open so everyone is aware of them and continues to deafen their ears until they change their ways.

As I said before there is a huge amount of multies in the game, this has been so from the start pretty much, the big problem nowadays is that they not only continue to exist but the admins have started "issuing" licences to cheat.

How do they do this? Well if you're a paying customer you do not get banned for multies, unless they judge that you made too many, further more they focus on certain players and more importantly certain countries in their "multy hunts". This most likely is due to the people who actually do this job rather then a general policy of outright discrimination, though the latter is not entirely inconceivable considering the witch hunt being employed towards the Macedonian community for daring to speak out against an obvious discrimination and provocation towards them from an admin backed event.

This however is only the tip of the iceberg, the bigger problem is the "rewards" that constantly are introduced which reward cheating, creating of multies and have become the main means of doing battle in D1 and D2 as well.

Yesterday after the battle between Argentina and Chile I told Colin Lantrip (hope you're not mad for me sharing this 🙂 ), that after the multies emptied their bombs today we should expect a "complex mission" very soon to restock them. Well even I didn't expect it today, but it generally shows the problem in it's essence. Allowing accounts which are registered today to make 3 million damage within minutes of their registration:

yesterdays battle, round 15

the brit in love with argentina

is killing any point to the changed mechanics on the battlefield unless that point was to make multies more prominent to begin with. Simply put a regular player has no effect in D1 whatsoever and very little in D2 unless he spends months purposefully delaying his development so that he can actually make a difference. At the same time a newly registered multy is able to take any round at any time with little effort, no longer is there a need for many multies either, 1 is simply enough.

Add to that the 5 mil bombs and you get the picture.

So we're playing in a game, where the admins have introduced the PvP module with which they have made it impossible for newer countries and whole alliances unless you have enough of the older countries with you to compete in D4 and allowed for bots to be created to even more augment the D4 damage of some.:

The PvP kills of top 50 for the last 7 day:

Romania: 2453 (79 done by non Romanian accounts)
Serbia: 1985 (577 done by Romanian accounts, 493 done by other non Serbian accounts)
USA: 1007 (189 done by Romanian accounts, too many foreigners to count 😛)
Brazil: 722 (305 done by Romanian accounts, too many foreigners to count 😛)
China: 1020 (368 done by Romanian accounts, too many to count 😛)
Argentina: 744 (7 done by Romanian accounts, 99 done by other non Argentine accounts)
Greece: 1078 (insignificantly little done by other non Greek accounts)
Croatia: 757 (25 done by romanian accounts, some but not significantly many done by non Croatian accounts)
Bulgaria: 989 (all done by Bulgarian accounts)
Macedonia: 701 (all done by Macedonian accounts)
Poland: 1437 (569 done by non Polish accounts)
Chile: 1004 (142 done by non Chilean accounts)
Hungary: 998 (all done by Hungarian accounts)
Indonesia: 837 (61 done by non Indo accounts)
Spain: 923 (too complicated to figure out but mostly Spanish accounts)

This is the top 50 for the last 7 days, while it is not entirely indicative for the whole population, considering that the 50th place in most countries ends up under 10, except romania where it is at above 20, the likelihood that things change with numbers below the top 50 is small. On the contrary Romania likely increases it's lead.

In essence only in top 50 around the world Romanian accounts made more PvP kills in the last 7 days then Serbian, Polish, Hungarian and Greek accounts put together. Most top countries gravitate around similar numbers with 10-20% advantage for TWEDEN countries (except romania which has a huge advantage).

There is obviously something wrong here, because it is impossible to explain this "statistical" anomaly with any sort of player interaction model or random event, as whoever tries to convince anyone that somehow Romanian players in this game based on the fact they're Romanian are 3-4 times better at the PvP then everyone else in the world or that any random event somehow benefits only them is insane.

The fact that they have older accounts with higher strength may explain a small advantage, such a huge one no. I'll not speculate how this happens, these however are the numbers. I'll make a note here though, Greek accounts when involved in their own battles see their PvP numbers jump as high as the Romanian accounts, and even higher at times, this can be seen on the all-time top 50 rankings.

Now some Romanian players will start dismissing everything here by accusing me that I'm piking on the Romanian community, I'm not. I do not blame the Romanian community even if it had something to do with it, which would be only speculation at this point, the facts however speak for a visible discrepancy which cannot be attributed to any in-game events, so then the reasons must be looked for elsewhere and the responsibility for this is entirely of and by the admins, who not only have created the situation by do not do anything to fix it.

Wether this is due to "tweaking" of the "chance" % for PvP battles in certain battles for certain sides or for the use of D1 bot PvP enhancement armies on the opposite side of a battle in certain battles that lead to this it is irrelevant it is up to the admins to fix this and to stop the PvP module until they do so.

the 4000 PvP wins of Romanian players in the list above translate into over 5 billion damage (mostly in D4), which considering that Romania does a little over 4 billion on average daily in all divisions is a considerable increase in damage overall.

Things don't end here however, there is more.....

Over the past few months on a regular basis I started seeing 4 and 5 year old accounts reappear in D1 and D2 and fight like seasoned veterans then go back to inactivity, some would change citizenship and so on. While players returning is not uncommon, there must be something else driving the current trend especially at a time when we're seeing as many players leave the game en mass as during V2 with the active fighters diminishing by over 20% since the introduction of the PvP module.

Just for example, this account received Romanian CS yesterday, managed to drop a bomb in a battle 2 weeks ago and has only a little over 300 strength but was registered over 3 years ago.

What is more interesting is that it logs in on the clock every 2 weeks.

This is not an isolated case either, here is another necromanced account. Notice how it logged in on the same days and even joined the same MU at that date.

The exact date is 2074, wonder what was happening then, oh wait I remember the MU tournament, but more importantly the new rules for MUs including how to finance them.

There is more however:

another * though this one was only registered 1 year ago.

Then there is a diferent group comming from Brazil:

and this one
this one is from Moldova but follows the same pattern
and this one

What is the common between all these accounts? They all recieved Romanian citizenship by the same Romanian congressman: MarianMIG

Almost all have been registered 3-4-5 years ago and most, at least it seems have been inactive for years.

This is not an isolated case however, Romanian CS pages are full with such accounts the last few months. Some newer a lot older.

So the question is are those just multies, or are old accounts of players long left the game being appropriated by multy farm managers and if yes, how are they able to gain access to the accounts.

There are hundreds of these accounts and not all are visible on the CS pages, yet there is little that is being done about it, while it is very obvious what is happening.

So at the end of the article I'll post again my demands:

1. Elimination of all but 5 government orgs per country. (As MUs can have monetary accounts now, orgs are no longer needed in theory and they have not been used for military purposes in reality for years now. Money can be donated directly to MUs by parliament and to easy this a simple change to voting for donations where the vote ends the moment the 50% prerequisite votes are collected can be implemented)

2. Scraping of the PvP module or remodelling it so, players only fight players in their own division, all loose 100 health no matter if they won or lost the fight get only 150% of their Q7 damage equivalent and not 200%. (since the PvP module has gone live, the active fighters daily have gone down from 50K to 38-40K, a comparable drop of active players in terms of % as with the V2 idiocy.)

3. Removal of the donate functions between players, with the ability for orgs to have accounts there is no longer a need for the ability to donate or reinstate the "donation" log pages on accounts so that the cheaters can be identified as it used to be and not be protected by the admins.

4. Publish all the accounts of players who work for the game in any capacity and disallow for those accounts to hold any "official" positions within the user dependent modules of the game (elections, congress, presidency, appointments on the politics page of countries, MU owners, commanders). They can either play the game or be employed by the game, not both as it creates a conflict of interest and has led to the current situation of "lobbies".

5. Publish with at least 2 weeks warning impending "promotions", changes to mechanics and or other external influences to the game. Stop the practice of "modelling" promotions to certain lobbies needs and starting and offering promotions "per request". (At this point it is no longer a secret that there will be promotion and so knowing ahead of time does not alter player behaviour they know already, it only alters in-game behaviour as planed military operations can be adversely affected by promotions).

6. Publish the accounts of any players who are currently or will be in the future involved in testing for which they receive enumeration in gold or other in-game resources including any "volunteers" who are or will be involved in the organization of sanctioned by the administration events. (While I do believe people should receive payment for their work I do not believe it should have an influence on the game environment and the minimum that can be done is inform the general community of what that influence is.)

7. Bring back the accurate and exact statistics in terms of damage dealt and activity of players both in-game and on the battlefield. It is time to lift the veil that has been put in place to safeguard cheaters and bots from detection.

8. Add a page where all previous names of an account are logged and are visible to all with the date on which they were changed. On the same page can be added the change of citizenship as well. (As far as citizenships, this information is already there but it is impossible to be accessed by the ordinary players as it means sifting through thousands of pages. As for the names is is imperative so that cheaters and scammers cannot change their names periodically and thus cheat the general player population over and over hiding behind the means given to them by the admins.)

9. Change the level at which accounts can finance MUs to a prerequisite of membership to division 3. (This will make the ability to finance them with multies much harder and not worth the time and effort.)

There is more of course, but I'll save it for the next article if I'm not banned by then still. Let's see who can go longer, me writing articles exposing the inability and bias of the admins or them turning out useless missions to divert attention tick tack tick tack stoich will be back

PS here is the article on googledoc just in case ; ):

First book in the series Adminlandia: Administrative balance: scam or feature



lqlqlqlio Day 2,086, 08:40


Z0mbayo Day 2,086, 08:58

lol lol lol you amazed me one more time 😉

Davorsk8 Day 2,086, 08:58

Great job!


Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 2,086, 09:03


Si Barda
Si Barda Day 2,086, 09:08


IGarfieldI Day 2,087, 10:19


Light Angel
Light Angel Day 2,086, 09:10

wow 😒..nice statistic man,its obvious that this game is making lot of money for them,fun and honest is not important:S...
you have big sub and vote mate!

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,086, 09:12

You are closer than you think probably..

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 2,086, 09:12


SvetlioBG Day 2,086, 09:13

Разлага се всеки един компонент от тая игра.... И го правят нарочно......

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 2,086, 09:15

mt. eJulian Assagne 😉
well well, what good might come from Rumania- the moment you think that you are enjoying the game, then something like this comes up!! tells you that we are wasting time??

Admins, you need to explain this. and if you cannot drop these accusations, you better give back all the money you took from decent people.

Stolch, respect for you. Day 2,086, 09:32

Интересно дали баш шефовете им знаят и толерират тези практики. Не бих се изненадал да не им дреме стига приходите от покупка на злато да не падат.

NWNTMIM Day 2,086, 09:36

принципа е :

Беден ли си йебалсъмтъвгъзъ 🙂

И там има една тумба пчелички дето се борят за ляба 🙂

Ама да си направят отделни акаунти да им крадем медалите, нещо ей така да можем да им сипваме.

Да ми излезе Плато в ПВП модула ще си купя и снайпер и пушка и лопата и гонка докрай 🙂

investmkd90 Day 2,086, 09:42

прав си бе лутак

NWNTMIM Day 2,086, 09:50

ми прав съм
все ми подлагат гуменяк на стола
смея ли да седна 🙂

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,086, 09:39

Great job once again.

Voted and shouted. o/

investmkd90 Day 2,086, 09:41

You amazed me one more time +1

Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 2,086, 09:42

eR sucks. Admin suck... But we still here.

Simonymous Day 2,086, 09:50

If I was a cat, I would have lost one life.

C Roland
C Roland Day 2,086, 10:01

The game is encouraging freedom of speech : P

and Im not sure if National shield will actually benefit small time players like me. Seems the more one spends, the more he earns, unfortunately in my case, I do not have the pot of gold, so I cannot make more pots out of what I do not have!

C Roland
C Roland Day 2,086, 10:15

and of course it was very enlightening to see the amazing old/new accounts come to life. Looks like the game has all the makings of a fantasy/zombie/military survival reality show (of which the only reality is that its scripted) : D

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,086, 10:24

Post-apocalyptic zombie scenario, me likes zombies, but only on the silver screen 😃

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,086, 10:05

Excellent article this, аnd the previous one too! You presented the stuff many of us (the players) suspected, but didn't have where to point our finger to. Respect.
Admins need to revamp the whole game, or shut it down, and obviously need to explain themselves. We expected them to fix economy etc, fact is that it's unsolvable, the game is falling apart bit by bit... 😒

Секоја чест Стоич!

theNegotiator Day 2,086, 10:18

Comment deleted

bakalin Day 2,086, 10:24

e ти какво?
Честна игра ли очакваше?

EBM Day 2,086, 10:27

nationals org: Peru, 4.

kojoti2 Day 2,086, 10:28

Perfect Vote and Shout

But i doubt that admins will listen only what they care is money that is why i will not spend one cent in this game....

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,086, 10:28

Dude, you are doing hard work here with your current articles.
As e Vladimir points out above me, you are indeed pointing out most unexplainable correlations that we perceive while playing, but cannot put our finger on.

OMG! I knew many big countries had so many orgs, but 208!!! OMFG! Mexico has 17, I know of other latin countries that have like 5 orgs. I can imagine other small countries having similar. And I thought Bulgaria having 30 something was an outrage, the unfairness of this really pisses people who not just play the game, but that make an effort to bring new players.

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,086, 10:33

5. Publish with at least 2 weeks warning impending "promotions", changes to mechanics and or other external influences to the game. Stop the practice of "modelling" promotions to certain lobbies needs and starting and offering promotions "per request".

These promotions really are killing any strategy (which is what many of us play the game for) planning and surely, it encourages multi-harvesting, and now with the api public again, massive bot making... again.

We like the game, we like the idea of it and the people we encounter and make projects with, but it is way to blatantly rigged to put time and effort into it anymore... or maybe it was always kind of like that, but I just did not see it

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,086, 11:13

Totally agree! According to this article, these schemes and manipulations by the admins are going on for some time, we just didn't see it until now when it's so effing obvious. Shame for the hundreds of decent folk investing real money here. Real shame...

invaluable Day 2,086, 10:31

Mamaligurs never cared. I doubt they ever will.

Ely.nea Day 2,086, 10:32

i'm afraid when i saw that. Where will be the limit 😑

Derphoof Day 2,086, 10:40

For future reference, Canada has 18 orgs.

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 2,086, 10:48

I'd bet on you being banned. The admin have screwed this game up so much, and they'll never admit it.

Hiko S
Hiko S Day 2,086, 10:51

This type of articles we need. They are rare and they are telling the truth but no one listens 🙂.

Great job bro


Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 2,086, 10:58

India currently has 12 Orgs.
We used to have 23 Orgs at one time, but last month we found out that 11 orgs have been dissolved.

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 2,086, 10:59

make it 24 orgs at one time and 12 orgs have been dissolved

Stolch Day 2,086, 11:03

government orgs cannot be dissolved...... you should demand a list from the admins and how is it possible for government orgs to have been dissolved and by who, because players cannot do it once they're government.

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 2,086, 11:18

No idea bro, we had sent them a list of 24 orgs..Since all the orgs had been defunct for a while. They replied back asking us to give them email ids for each org. So we made 24 email ids and sent them the list to get back the orgs. We were given back 12 orgs. For 11 orgs we were given the following message "We have determined that the following Organisations aren't National Organisations and were dissolved a long time ago". For remaining 1 org they gave the reason that it was permanently suspended.

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,086, 21:30


Isr Heil
Isr Heil Day 2,086, 11:07


Nicolas Cristian Alex Popa
Nicolas Cristian Alex Popa Day 2,086, 11:08


We have so many PvP's bcs we have some contests in our country (for our MU's and MD's(and maybe more)) sooooooo permission denied

"Just for example, this account received Romanian CS yesterday, managed to drop a bomb in a battle 2 weeks ago and has only a little over 300 strength but was registered over 3 years ago."-bombs expire so he needed to drop it

"Government orgs:

Romania: 208"
-many are given to other countrys (rented); we have so many because we made many tickets when they were deleted by the admins and many got banned

"TWEDEN countries"- da faq is that? Croatia is not here so change it

"Removal of the donate functions between players..." Brains? of course not because you talking in nonsense. by doing that the little/wiped out coutries will die (economical and military) because they don't have any congressmans to vote/give a donate law for MU's

"5. Publish with at least 2 weeks warning impending "promotions", changes to mechanics and or other external influences to the game. Stop the practice of "modelling" promotions to certain lobbies needs and starting and offering promotions "per request". " -aham... they are mothly

all that time use the brain wisely bro (like for p.😎

Simonymous Day 2,086, 17:51

Hey, guys, Nicolas is one of them. OOOOFF WITH HIS HEAD!

adamjensenn Day 2,086, 11:09


akcadag45 Day 2,086, 11:10

so dan sonrasını okumadım

Nenya Day 2,086, 11:15

regarding orgs - number depends on cp's from may 2011. all cp's had obligation to send list of orgs what they want to keep active as national orgs. if you wanna blame someone for this situation - blame them. all had same opportunity to do it. so for this you cann't blame admins cause cp's was noobs or bit*es who didn't wanna register orgs from military units for example. you voted them, you deal with that. eTR have only 3 national orgs but they are aware that was mistake they made and they don't blame anyone. eCro have over 100 for example. but you forgot 1 thing - there was big mess cause of this orgs cause orgs was given for use to units and citizens, hostile cp few months ago robed some of them.

for other parts - good job in collecting data's

ArmY1948 Day 2,086, 11:22

But what about countries which had very few citizens in that time and made baby boom afterwards? Imagine you have 100 active players, this org thing happens and you register, say, 5 orgs. Couple of months later you do successful baby boom and now you have 1500 active players, but you still have 5 orgs and you can register new ones. Do you think that's fair?

Nenya Day 2,086, 11:29

Every one of us had at least 1 or 2 private orgs. All could be registered as national. So if those 100 active players planned BB they could register those orgs. BUT they was greedy and they wanted those 5 golds back from private orgs which wasn't registered as national. btw just for the record - none of my private orgs wasn't registered as national. i got all golds back from those orgs. i just clarify situation back then.

ArmY1948 Day 2,086, 13:27

But it's a one thing when 100 active players register their private orgs and another when 1000 do so, isn't it?

Stolch Day 2,086, 11:31


I know your personal feelings towards the big bad stoich may be clouding your judgment, however please explain to me how is it the fault of the president of countries who have been added after the orgs were migrated and who should the players blame then?

Or how was it the fault of the thousands of Chilean players who were not yet registered in the game, same goes for other countries who were merely a few dozen back then.

Also please explain how did the admins believe that Romania was using 208 orgs for it's government and other countries were using ten times less.

It is quite simple, some presidents handed in huge lists of private orgs posing as government and the admins accepted them even though it was against what they stated as the prerequisite.

Your argument, that it is the fault of those who followed the instructions of the admins is not only mute but illogical in it's basic essence.

Having said that, it is not the Romanians or Serbians fault for that, they tried to see if it will pass or maybe had "friends" to lobby for it, the ball falls in the admins court as they were fully aware they're creating a structural and mechanics driven discriminatory and disbalance situation in the game. It is their responsibility not to allow it and they must abide by other laws to offer the same product to all customers and even though indirectly this brakes that responsibility if it is done willingly knowingly and more importantly is not rectified.

To correct you further it wasn't may 2011, but it was december 2010/January 2011.

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