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MoSA This Week Event

Day 1,877, 09:22 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by JUJAI23

Hye my name is JUJAI23, I'm your new Ministry of Social Affairs working with Afendade just like what Nezhru1 promises in his president election manifesto. I'm here would like to confirm the portfolio that are given to me in these January term. We will have plenty of work to do. So with the bureaucracy spirit flying high, i would like to introduce my assistant in the office.

Distribution Department


Fresh and new figure in eMalaysia. Nobody know him better than me. He point out brilliant idea on making FMP Welfare Program runs well and as the result, [FMP] Changes Awaits came into reality. I hope we can benefit from this young and energetic citizen that willing to learn and improving eMalaysia. As assistant in distribution department, he is the one who will distribute the food or weapon that are given by the government to all the citizen that fulfill the condition to receive the freebies by people government of eMalaysia. Please be nice to my boy. Don't hesitate to invite him into government conversation.

FMP Welfare Program

Around 100 Q7 weapon were distributed to eMalaysian leveled 28 and below during these program. We, Ministry of Social Affair would like to share our appreciation to all generous funder that make this welfare into reality. Since long time ago we did not see a happy face from the eMalaysian but now, everyone is smiling and showing off their Q7 weapon in the battle field. I hope with the second wave of these program coming, our people can gain True Patriot medal in our Training War with eSingapore latter.

Lets see how the people react as they receive the freebies from FMP :

Muhammad Hifzan

Wow, FMP give away free Q7 weapon, I thought it will be Q5 or Q6, it was Q7!!! FMP already showing off their claw, i will activate eMDU soon. By the way, soo richhh eh you

kickerarse2 & metro5

I thought you main - main only, that why we did not change into your party, so this is only weapon that we got only 5 and if we join FMP earlier, we could double the amount. What a miss there.. I can't stop my tear due to my foolish action. Sorry Noris, I let you down


The only purpose of these welfare things by jujei is to obtain political power into FMP. Plus, He is contesting PP for FMP, so he want to become poular so there it is, a welfare program. I had told you, but you never listen to me. I'm your former president, and i will back for that post again. This kind of political candy was not allowed in eMalaysia. I urge MoI to investigate JUJAI23 account, he is doing shadow bribery to PReM member!!! Only me could stop him! CHICKEN

Other receiver

manly tear of joy describe more than word. May FMP gets what they want in the future.

If you want to be cared, here my number so call me maybe. Be number one to receive second wave of distribution by clicking my signature



Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,877, 09:52

lol..xley blah xD

Nerzhu1 Day 1,877, 15:25


HardFever Day 1,877, 15:44

I walked in the shadow of death, waiting.....and grab all the opportunity ~

RyuYuki Day 1,877, 15:46

ahahaha quote tuk arianfar tu tak boleh blah..

1NebuLA Day 1,877, 15:54

Oi arianfar, this is the party welfare..jujai is not alone out there 🙂

Voted..peace out

mhifzan Day 1,877, 16:40

haha xD

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,877, 18:21

ROTFLMAO. (O).).).)..)..)...)...)....)...)

Blitz Aegis
Blitz Aegis Day 1,878, 00:04

kalau aku nangis boleh dapat datuk tak mcm cikgu aku sorang tu ???
mendalam maksud dia tu

JUJAI23 Day 1,878, 02:41

haha nagis dapat datuk dekat RL boleh lah.. tapi pastikan bila nangis tuh.. buat muka yang huduh yang amat.. barulah dapat datuk..

Salute @dato' Seman

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