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MoSA - Seconds Wave's Report

Day 1,885, 17:53 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by JUJAI23

This week, we (MoSA) give away more weapon to eMalaysian by selling Q7 weapon in subsidy prices and give away to every eMalaysian who commented
HERE. About 19 people voted and only 16 of them comented in the article. Since the MoSA fixed the amount on the article was 5 weapon, the amount that we give away was 80 Q7 weapon. The program was a success and we are looking to finish our stock and in the next distribution. This means,

15 weapon will be distributed to every eMalaysian who are comment in our next announcement

We also will be working with Free Malaysian Party to become our ministry best partner to serve eMalaysian with the best food and the best weapon they ever had. Discussion will start as soon as possible. So, eMalaysian, your future will be brighter. We ask not much from you, just being active and fight for eMalaysia that all. Due to pressure from oldies, we are hiring back our old reporter that is Ravi. So, for more coverage regarding the second wave of MoSA distribution, we will join Ravi at the distribution hall. I don't know how they bring a tank into the hall FTW.

Rising in the shadow, running as fast as a bullet train, Let me present my self, I'm

Suparidey Kalibantan RAVI

Hello and hye again.. Did Miss me? (tossing coins into his pocket)Deyy I'm the most famous person in back days.. Don't you ever forget what am I doing huh. We know MoSA doing a Supell job by distributing weapon to eMalaysian. All eMalaysia can benefit something from this honour work. Even the most shakaramakebenben cannot do what he had done so far. Why am I saying these? because i want my contract extended as the weapon supplier.. hahaha

Ouh, back to business, I'm now interviewing the person who has the best nose in the country that can smell free give away within second, Mr Izzat F. Kennedy

"I know that i have this super power when my wife realize that i'm damn good after drinking a cup of jantan coffee. After that i'm become more powerful and i put my strength into test when i try out to cook meggi myself. And guess what? It cooked for TWO minutes!. starting from that test, i can feel peer power inside my head, body, and everything connected to my brain, including my nose. That why i can smell free give by the government. Actually i know its coming before JUJAI getting the MoSA post. But i keep it as secret because i want everybody enjoy these momment. you know, the excitement of being surprised. Together we show this good sign"

Hehehe sheer

Wow, that absolutely right! i can now rush into the next person without moving my leg. shakaklalala heyyy young lady, can i interview you for a minutes? fistly what is your name by the way, i know you face. but i can't remember you name. Is it Marry, Joel Lisa?

Danny Herlino Sutra

Hye, today i got 5 weapon just like my MC. I soo sad.. hurmm but i want to thank to MoSA due to this distribution. I will come again for the next supply. I hope youallzz stock something for me. I might be late, but i promise i will take MC in order to attend future distribution. i think that all i want to say.. Its that a camera? Take my picture! take my picture!!

The camera was crack and as a payment Ravi now ended his time at Chak de Malaysia again. We won't even thinking to take him back into this media centre again. That it! we can't accept another loss in this business.

As conclusion, seem that everyone is happy receiving the free weapon from MoSA. This also mean they are supporting our Minister of Social Affairs. Oh wait, is that arinfar?

Just wait what am I planning for you JUJEI. I'm not finish with you.



mhifzan Day 1,885, 18:01

v2 o7

KaMaRuL Day 1,885, 18:08

WooHaaaaa, v3
keep up the work guys 🙂

Nerzhu1 Day 1,885, 18:25

lol jujai, if this is only for entertainment purpose I would understand but try not to offend anyone if possible

JUJAI23 Day 1,885, 18:38

and there goes our entertainment..

no o7 please..

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,885, 18:59

Haha..jilake beteyy..btw,jgnla perli 'budak' tu lg..sian dia..isu tu kn dah kira slesai n dah settle..

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Day 1,885, 22:05

: ) ) ) ) )

FarhanIzzuddinIV Day 1,886, 17:35


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