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Ministry of Community Competition#6 :Quiz

Day 1,826, 03:28 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Muz1

Yet another Quiz and Competition for you people. Late article again so i'm sorry. I'm Pretty restricted due to RL although 75% reason is my laziness. 😃
The winners of previous quiz were:
Winners of Previous Quiz:
1.Hammad Javed=8 Q7 weapons
2.Kismat= 10 Q6 weapons
3.ali gtm=5 Q6 weapons
4.Shan Ansari=15 Q3 weapons
Participants of Previous Quiz:
1.untrusty=1 Q6
3.Innocent Killer=1 Q6
4.Hammad Javed
5.Shan Ansari
6.Mohib=1 Q6
7.Ali Gtm
8.Sparkfyre=1 Q6

New Quiz:
1.Which war was the shortest war in human history?
2.Some months have 30 days, some months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?
3.A cowboy rides into town on Friday. He stays for 3 days, then rides out on Friday. How did he do it?
Time Limit is 00:00 eDay 1826. Prizes are same as before
Sadly i don't think anyone was interested in taking part in the competition that i told you guys about before so here's another competition. I would like to see the person who would write an article with the funniest joke. Winner will get 2 Q1 Rocket Packs and Participants will get 5 Q6 weapons each. Thank You!

Muz1/Muz97/Muhammad Usaama Zia
Minister of Community ePakistan
Member of DPP


Waruda Day 1,826, 04:07

This is a good initiative, I've been reading these through out the last few days, keep it up.

Muz1 Day 1,826, 08:31

Still don't think it's good enough. Exams are going on otherwise they would be held daily with other competitions. You're encouragements keep me going. Thanks.

untrusty Day 1,826, 09:18


untrusty Day 1,826, 09:18

Voted 🙂

vrsoldiers Day 1,826, 09:45

good job!!!!

Fultnidiot Day 1,827, 23:11

shortest war of the world was between United Kingdom and Zanzibar i think.ended in 38 minutes

Fultnidiot Day 1,827, 23:11


Fultnidiot Day 1,827, 23:12

his horse name was friday

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