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Late Night Updates and Previews

Day 1,922, 23:37 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

Wassup y'all 😛

I figured I'd keep all of y'all updated on some stuff.

I had the week off of school, so I took the week off to unwind. Apparently, I forgot to work on my articles, so sorry about that XD

I'm working on some new ways to improve the weekend articles.

For Saturday, what I might do is to post a world map during each Saturday's article. Like, not the fully zoomed out crappy map you can just find, but a well-zoomed, precise piece of work. I'll see if there's some way I can make it so that you can see it zoomed, since the image storing website I use doesn't seem to like extremely large photos. Maybe I'll just give a download link if you're really so interested. It takes a lot of effort to make a full world map, y'know!

As for Sunday articles, I might try adding a color key for the different countries. That might help make things more organized and easier to understand. As always, suggestions are very much appreciated!

Future articles are to be determined, though I will say that I will work on a new eRepublik improvement wishlist, since the last one actually seemed to get a few cool things into the game. Why not, right?

Uhhh is there anything else? I don't think so...

Well, obligatory awesomeness sharing!

It really DOES go with everything!

Oh yeah, and I only do Random Requests when I like the suggestions 😉

You guys suck ;3

Until next time, take care!

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Music somewhat suits fighting for Albania

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