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JUJAI SHOW (episode 1)

Day 1,501, 21:45 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by JUJAI23

hello and welcome folks,

this show are made in order to teach you everything in about erepublik.

today topic are

first, who is your enemy?

all article this week, regarding toward someone and some group. you can read those article regarding them here

- a Plot Revealed

- Official Civil War Has Just Started

- Why The Turks Should Not Call Them self as The Ottoman

- Celaka PTO Turkey

But There has no answer or replied article from those group. Why? afraid of losing support from your own people?

even your own people now working with me to kick you out from my country. Maybe you should keep your people together from now. because the return of eMalaysia Otai might give you headache. from now on people of eMalaysia will stay together and claim their nation with their own blood.



YILDIRIMOFLU Day 1,502, 23:06

you are talking only bla bla ... : D

infinityReborn Day 1,502, 01:46

DoOmHaMmEr NOOB  PTO turkey! the worst PTO i ever seen!

infinityReborn Day 1,502, 01:47

even lie also FAIL. hahaahaha

Marcotje Day 1,502, 04:32


TeMing Day 1,502, 05:19

Ban bought account ; )

Bolliver Sockwash
Bolliver Sockwash Day 1,502, 19:21


Vientos del Sur
Vientos del Sur Day 1,503, 14:14


I really didn't understand what you're talking about : )

What do you mean by your people? We did not want any support from anyone, any society. We did came to Malaysia to be eMalaysians. What did we do to eMalaysians? Don't hate us.

The person in the image is Jujai?

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