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Day 1,845, 09:10 Published in Norway Georgia by Endymionis


Hello I'm Endy, the founder and current party president of The Party.
If you are looking for a active party involved with all aspects of eNorwegian politics and committed to the well being of our nation, then look no further. Join The Party today!


"why me?

We are not the biggest party, but out of the 5 top parties we are the newest.
Our formation was a fresh start, we look to the future and we are growing.
The community and our politics are still being built and you can be a part of it.


oh, this is Scrubs? my bad

Every party in eRepublik should be more than just a shared political platform. We realize this and try to create a community for everyone.

Not everyone is a politician, that holds true for our members as well. If you are a dedicated soldier, journalist or just one of those people that makes this an awesome game to play, I can guarantee you will feel right at home and find a lot of like-minded people.

We have a party-wall, forum, irc-channel and message threads that we use to communicate.
Every member of The Party has an equal vote in deciding our politics.


experience prevents you from making bad choices

Although our party is new, we have some very experienced players that are an integral part of the society.
Between us we have more than a years experience as president and countless terms in other key positions.

Some have even been though every crisis Norway has ever faced and never lost faith.


We believe in fairness and we believe that the players that join today may very well be the leaders of tomorrow. The only reason I became involved with politics - congress to begin with - was because someone gave me a chance. I remember when many others joined the game, and the same is true for them.

That is why we encourage as many as possible to get involved. Our candidate list for the congress elections will always include both "young and old" players, and that includes the top positions.

Join The Party today!



Snaskefar Day 1,845, 09:26

Hm get a flashback to Partiet...

Chepe Nolon
Chepe Nolon Day 1,845, 14:08

Party er the beste partiet.

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