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Jefferson Locke 4 PotUS

Day 1,923, 14:21 Published in USA USA by Artela

As you will have seen in this article, I have agreed to be Jefferson Locke’s Vice-President should America see fit to elect him to the position of PotUS. This article sets out why I think he should lead this country and why I am supporting him.

Simply put, Jefferson Locke is one of the best of the new generation of players in eAmerica at this time. He is dedicated, works hard, and has the enthusiasm and the drive to make sure that nothing less than 100% will be directed into the job of PotUS on behalf of the citizens of the country. He is also knowledgeable about how this game works both mechanically and politically, and has been instrumental in recent foreign affairs negotiations as well as putting a lot of time and effort into assisting the DHS with ATO efforts. He has that spark of leadership that we need to help push this great country forwards, and a fresh outlook born of being one of the latest generation of players making their way through the game.

Jefferson Locke has packed a lot into his political career so far, and has pushed himself and those around him into doing their best.

He has been serving in the national government for the past three months, first as dept. CoS under Inwegen, then as Chief of Staff under Fingerguns, and now as the-Vice President under John Killah.

At a party level he has also been the Fed Vice Party President twice under Duncan Crowe and once under BigCDizzle, and has served as retention director under Paul Proteus.

These jobs have given him a wide range of knowledge and have allowed him to see what goes on at both the national and party levels, helping him better serve all of you. He is a negotiator, a facilitator, a mediator; all skills that help him to pull people from disparate backgrounds together to work as one, but he achieves all this with a refreshing no-nonsense attitude.

All the best

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Artela Day 1,923, 14:22

First denied!
Go get 'em JLo

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,923, 14:23

I'm blushing now 😃

Best VP ever. ❤. It's an honor to have you as my running mate and friend

Tiamati Day 1,924, 02:41

Sadly it is a dubious honor given Artela inappropriately involved herself in RL American politics while lacking not only the moral right to but also the political right to do so.

Artela's presidency after her emigration from the eUK went well and is generally remembered fondly yet I in all good conscience cannot abide the success of your PotUS Candidacy this month given the abysmal failures within the Executive Cabinets with which you have been involved.

Kody5. Day 1,924, 09:56

this makes no sense, your basically not voting for J-Lo because Artela is british, and that's it.

Tiamati Day 1,924, 14:46

Incorrect kody5; I will be specific for your edification:

I've stated some of the reasons I will not vote for J-Lo in a comment upon his cycle-jumping PotUS campaign article.

Regarding the comment to which you replied I will be even more specific:

I've nothing against Artela's RL British status; nor her eAmerican status.
I had no qualm with voicing her opinion regarding the RL topic I cite despite it being non-eRepublik related; nor her encouraging others to do the same; however...

As an RL Bostonian I simply cannot abide her egregious conduct of directly participating within the RL poll from across the pond as it is an intolerable affront to American Sovereignty. To remain silent regarding this level of political insult from the UK would be denegrating to the memory of Crispus Attucks.

Hopefully this reply has provided sufficient context regarding my reply to J-Lo's comment above to clarify my position regarding this subject for you kody5. If you or others have additional questions or qualms regarding my vehement position regarding this matter feel free to ask publicly or via in-game mail.

Exforge Secita
Exforge Secita Day 1,923, 14:30


Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 1,923, 14:34


SColbert Day 1,923, 14:37

J-LO 4 CP!

IDEIAS Day 1,923, 16:05


JLO 4 CP! o/

olivermellors Day 1,923, 17:07

I see you are handing out citizenships today, but to people who aren't on the approved list. What gives? Noticed Dr. Luis is doing the same and other "unity" party congressmen. What gives?? This is the kinda thing that AFA is told not to do isn't it???

olivermellors Day 1,923, 17:09

sorry artela, not YOU. Jefferson Locke is. Still, you know what gives?

bigcdizzle Day 1,924, 07:06

He was getting direct approval from Dr. Luis on IRC. Seeing as DLS is IES director, he was the one taking care of it.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,924, 01:18

good luck

bigcdizzle Day 1,924, 07:06


fingerguns Day 1,924, 08:46

It would be very interesting to see a younger player take the reigns. I think he's made some good selections so far w/r/t older players to advise.

I've worked with him multiple times and I know what he's capable of. Excited for this campaign!

saraht0ga Day 1,924, 12:09




Relorian Day 1,924, 22:50

So we are supposed to take the word of someone whos presidency was marked only by the fact it was only accomplished by "Unity" votes (aka the back room dealings of Pfieffer).

Let the candidate build his own platform... and hang himself from it. We're sick of hand selected idiots who do absolutely nothing but wet themselves.

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