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INFO: Latest updates and Guerrilla fight testing

Day 1,926, 01:46 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Only one Macedonia

There are some latest updates on the eReupublik about the rocket factories, and you might find the news being positive improvement. As it states there less resource will be used per rocket and more damage will be made, so for the Rocket factory Q2 with the damage of 250000 × 2 rockets per DAY can be produced. However, only one rocket can be stored and no other will be allowed producing unless the first one is used.

Previously 25 of each weapon were required to build 1 rocket and now they are reduced to 20 each and paying 250 cc per rocket no longer apply for the Q2 Rocket factory. So the storage and the message shown there are like this:

As some players already explained in their newspapers about testing the upcoming novelty called Guerrilla Fight gadget, with some making even a video for it, I will not repeat the same, rather will add the untold.

Many players had been invited to join through the official FB page by announcing the testing, others were invited by the PMs in our eRepublic mail box, as mine was, and they looked like this:

Fist mail:

Second mail:

We had only 2 hours for the test and after that the gadget disappeared, the message followed asking for the feedback of our experience.

The Guerrilla button was positioned under the mission’s space…

…and the battles determined for the testing were marked as bellow screen-shot, where players choose in which battle want to participate.

Once the battle had been chosen, upon the entry into the battle the guerrilla icon appeared as shown below:

After 5 opponent killed in the battle the join-in button appeared, which after clicking on it starts scanning for the opponent.

Being low on energy I had no chance to experience the duel-battle, but I guess you had a good preview on it from the previously written articles.

Have your say on the new Guerrilla fights gadget - what you think is good and what needs to be improved. Do you think that you will use it frequently once become a part of the game?

Only one Macedonia



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