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How and where to obtain weapons from the Supply channels of different countries

Day 1,900, 05:18 Published in South Africa USA by Angel With Attitude

How and where to obtain weapons from the Supply channels of different countries.

Very often it happens that the new players don't know what those channels are.

These are made ​​in the IRC channels for a majority of people to fall into the right place and time in order to get weapons with which to fight on the side of the allies or mercenaries.

For starters you must go to and make a registration.After you have registered you log in and then type in which server you want to join, i have encountered only #rizon as a server for erepublik.
So choose the server you want to join and finally write in which channel you want to go, i will give an example with the channel of eChile #help.echile
and press the connect button.
If you have done everything correctly you should see this:

[Supplies are PAUSED [reopen if the wall falls below 51%][stay tuned!]:: DIV 3 and 4 only :: Fight For eChile here ]

Supplies paused - which means atm you can't get anything from here.
DIV 3 and 4 only - For which diviosions are there supplies in this channel atm.
In which battle you need to fight, check it in order to see if you need to move and if it will be worthy ...

Yes you can get the desired Q7 weapons, that are just too expensive for a young player to afford and use constantly!

This are the channels for which i am aware of, where you can sell your influence against weapons or money.

#erepindo-pkei link

The bad thing here is that these distribution channels are usually for 3-4 divisions but if it's a serious battle, they will supply 1-2 divisions as well

Vote and shout please, so more people can see it!

If you still have some questions about how, where, why , what, you should send me a PM and i will help you out.


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iHazard Day 1,920, 12:53

add #D1.SUD, #D2.SUD, #D3.SUD, #D4.SUD,

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