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Help people in Serbia via Paypal

Day 2,371, 13:46 Published in Serbia Serbia by Kljusa

All of you probably heard about terrible situation that is happening on the Balcans.

If you didn't: Also, there are few Twitter hashtags about the floods in Serbia and Bosnia: #poplave #poplave2014 #SerbiaFloods

Few hours ago, Government of the Republic of Serbia made a Paypal account in Brussels (registered to Serbian embassy in Brussels).
That basicly means you can donate money via Paypal that will help Serbian people with this terrible situation 😕

Email where you send donation is:

This is official and it's on all news in Serbia:

And in the end, please share this article so everyone can see and help. Thanks in advance 🙂

Help people in Serbia via Paypal



Deadly Little Miho
Deadly Little Miho Day 2,371, 14:01

Added to WRMdoc

Kljusa Day 2,371, 14:03

Odlicno 🙂 Sirite clanak da svi vide, pogotovo stranci 🙂

Phantom MKD
Phantom MKD Day 2,372, 00:51

Makedonija ke pomogni i so struja


Shayan Rmz
Shayan Rmz Day 2,372, 02:28

A nice job o7

Loyal2dGame Day 2,372, 06:30

Свака част Македонској браћи на максималној пожртвованости и помоћи протеклих дана у Србији. Могао сам и сам да будем сведок тога, у Арени и на одбрани од Саве. Свака част браћо!

eApokalipsa Day 2,372, 07:35

255 v

HK416 Day 2,372, 12:17

Mikrobi Day 2,373, 11:26

Is there any proof that this is official? The page contains only a flash animation. What's the official homepage of the Serbian govt.?

Kattiaa Day 2,373, 11:43

That account is the only official paypall for Serbia, made by serbian diplomatic mission in Brussel.
In Serbia we cant receive money through paypall, we can only pay coz strict financial laws, but that acc is made by our gov in EU, nt here, and funds from that paypall acc will automaticly transfer to gov acc in Serbia.
Hope u understand now 🙂
If u have more q feel free to ask 🙂

Kattiaa Day 2,373, 11:47
that is official internet site of Serbian government 🙂 there is instruction how to send help 🙂 and paypall is writen too.


Marcomannius Day 2,373, 11:57

A sad mogu da se posalju pare preko paypal-a u Srbiju a?

Kattiaa Day 2,373, 12:00

Mogu da se posalju pare preko naseg diplomatskog tela u Briselu posto je "namenjeno za saniranje posledica poplava"! 🙂
Za druge svrhe ne moze!!!!!

Marcomannius Day 2,373, 12:30

Koji su to mozgovi... a za sve ostale vazi pravilo "pare mogu iz zemlje, ali ne U zemlju". Budalastina.

Kljusa Day 2,373, 13:09

Ovo ne ide u Srbiju jer je nalog registrovan u inostranstu, a u ime nase ambasade 🙂

Kattiaa Day 2,373, 11:59

if anyone have problem finding banner for english on serbian official gov site 🙂

rudi77 Day 2,373, 12:17

VOTE i SHOUT da sto vise ljudi vidi !!!!

Pomoc za SR, BiH, CRO =>

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