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FEC, ATO, PTO and all those other acronyms

Day 1,716, 05:44 Published in USA USA by Cromstar
What is the FEC?

For the people who don’t know, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is an American organization that, over the years and in various incarnations, has pursued a singular object: the safety and security of America by eliminating enemies and the grossly incompetent from government.

How does the FEC work?

The FEC works in cooperation with Party Presidents and the government to review Congressional candidates for enemy players attempting to participate in a Political Take-Over (PTO) of our great nation. We also help gather volunteer voters to help stop PTOers from getting elected. These voters are the greatest of American patriots, willingly giving up their votes for the greater good of us all by participating in an Anti-political Take-Over (ATO).

So what happened on the 25th of July?

This is a complicated answer, so I please ask you dear readers to bear with me.

The massive amount of PTOers sniffing around for Congress indicated a severe threat, so Firo Prochainezo and myself reformed the FEC to counter the PTO threat. We contacted the government and reliable parties who weren’t working with the PTOers.

Together, we formed a plan to coordinate on election night, the 25th, to keep PTOers out of Congress. As many of you are aware, the vast majority of these PTOers ran on the RLC ballot. Now some people (meaning chickensguy and Ajay Bruno) will tell you that they aren’t PTOers and they aren’t working against America with our enemy, but the facts don’t lie. Serbs are the enemy and these people let more Serbs into the eUSA: ipso facto, they themselves are enemies.

So what went wrong?

To summarize, each of the four other parties (USWP, AMP, inci, and Feds) were to submit their list of candidates to the FEC so we could ensure there were no other threats on those ballots and so we could organize ATO voting on election day based on a set of rules agreed upon by all the parties.

However, there seemed to be some issues with a particular party. AMP political officer Haliman originally submitted a list for the AMP. That list turned out to be incorrect and so the FEC Directors attempted to obtain a correct list.

Unfortunately, even though all 3 other parties had submitted lists, Haliman failed to provide a new list until the night of the 23rd, which is the last night available for changing candidates which essentially made it impossible for the FEC and other parties to effectively coordinate placements and review candidates for threats with the AMP.

To make matters worse, AMP PP John Killah himself has explained in his article, that the situation with the AMP extended beyond just this delay in that even the PP wasn’t sure what was the appropriate list of candidates for the election.

Frankly, at that point, Haliman’s stalling and the AMP’s internal confusion muddled up our chances of uniting around candidates. Other parties were suspicious of Haliman’s actions and the AMP was hobbled by their own uncertainty.

Then, on election day, after an argument between Haliman and John Killah, Haliman resigned his post in the AMP. (He has since denied this, but AMP leadership can confirm it did indeed happen because potato134 was appointed to replace him.) So, in addition to stalling the FEC and harming our ATO operations, he walked out at the last minute on the entire deal and further hurt our efforts.

Ultimately, Haliman returned and took over the AMP’s voting program as the only available leadership member, and the combined parties managed to drastically reduce the number of PTO-aligned Congressmen from more than 30 to 15 or less. That’s a significant difference, but sadly it wasn’t enough. Wasted votes and time cost us too many seats in the election.

Even 10 Congressmen can let in well over 100 more Serbs to America. That will make the next attempt to stop them even harder.

While the AMP and Haliman don’t deserve blame for everything that happened, the fact of the matter is, they were responsible for a significant portion of our troubles leading up to the 25th. The plan to pick unity candidates after elections had been continuing for several hours was not our first choice for FEC operations, but Haliman and the AMP stone-walled all other options until it was our only choice.

And then, despite following through on their preferred action, Haliman delayed fulfilling his duties and even when he did so, the list provided to the FEC was incorrect and the confusion caused by this made things that much worse.

And America has suffered for it.

What’s next?

Simply put, we strike out hard. We can’t let PTOers and their allies run unopposed and we need everyone in America to be on-board with ATO efforts to stop them, or within the next few months we’ll be a puppet-state of Serbia.

And none of us want that.



DIRTY ANGELS Day 1,716, 05:46


ZeneFallX Day 1,716, 05:58


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gfhdyr Day 1,716, 06:52

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Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,716, 07:56

The government choosing candidates from a list that is only available to a few people. We don't trust our government, how can we trust that you make the right decision?

Publicize the list of unqualified people, then we can talk. This government is in no shape to be making these decisions.

The-Comedian Day 1,716, 11:01


Rough Rider
Rough Rider Day 1,716, 11:04


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,716, 11:05

u cant ignore RLC. do that, and u r doomed

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,716, 11:06

5 hours and still no response. Expected.

Arrden Day 1,716, 11:24


ElvenCRO Day 1,716, 11:26

Always there for defending country from inner and outer enemies!

Ronald Reagan Reborn
Ronald Reagan Reborn Day 1,716, 11:27

When you take a position of responsibility you must put your all into doing it better than anyone before you. But then again, that may be why I dont go anywhere.....

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,716, 15:08

John Jay
'The government choosing candidates from a list that is only available to a few people. We don't trust our government, how can we trust that you make the right decision?'

I concur, right now the government is run by a bunch of clowns; how do we know you are not just getting your own candidates into office? How do we know that your candidates aren't the real PTo? How do we know that they candidates you clear aren't really threats?

bigcdizzle Day 1,716, 18:22

well Dru and Jay, I think the simple solution is to look at last month. The players that the FEC named as threats, and the people that they advocated votes for.
Ronald Gipper Reagan (obvious)
Chickensguys (obvious)
Odin Allfather (Serbian Tank)
3kurusa5kofte (non-iNCi Turk, former Turkish Congressman)
signergy (non-iNCi, former Turkish CP, sells CS)

bigcdizzle Day 1,716, 18:22

The people we were supposed to vote for included all of the top 5 parties (excluding RLC), and most of them were widely respective, and dedicated Americans….so If we judge simply by last month’s efforts, I believe that the FEC ATO will be relatively trustworthy. If it turns out not to be….I will be just as upset as you guys.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,716, 19:21

Oh Haliman

kseb 2.0
kseb 2.0 Day 1,716, 20:42


Venoms III
Venoms III Day 1,717, 00:15

here for the 10CC

nikol000 Day 1,717, 04:09


PigInZen Day 1,717, 05:06

Love how players with no clue about what the FEC is, who it is (hint: it's not run by the PotUS) and how it works chime in with cynicism and broad-based stereotypes.

Bottom line: too many chiefs, not enough indians. Everyone thinks they are a chief.

Dishmcds Day 1,717, 05:15


Animis Day 1,717, 06:19

Thanks for posting this, this is really good and important for eUSA to learn about.

Fitisin Day 1,717, 06:32

Good article. I do think a more public outing of PTO candidates on election day would be a good idea. Shine a light on a rat yes? Maybe a heavier, voter recruiting effort and an article posted listing ID'd PTO threats edited throughout the day. Just thinking out loud. Hate politics, but I think the FEC mission is maybe one of the most important centers of cooperation in the game.

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,717, 06:37

Adding to the story, after Haliman sabotaged FEC efforts to defeat some of the PTO candidates: He abandoned his position as SoH when he was asked to censure RLC Senators who were circumventing IES to approve ONE citizens. Now he appears as the RLC nominee for POTUS.

Norbengo Day 1,717, 07:21

INICs are selling CS's to anyone who has the money and yet you cooperate with them in the ATO operations?

Are you idiots? They are the main reason of why we have so many ONE congressman this month. Not your lousy organization.

Simulare Day 1,717, 07:37

One person's threat is another's champion. Really though, you guys gotta stop using the word "Threat" You really do sound ignorant. A threat implies that there is a negative result possible if the threat is not confronted. What has happened?? CG's made a couple of $69 proposals in protest of an unpopular war with Canada. Yesterday afternoon, I saw the very people who were previously supporting the war instructing their peers to stand down. I guess it worked. So, really, who's the threat?

Thedillpickl Day 1,717, 08:14

Hardee harr harr!

Burn baby burn! The slow ones are starting to get it and are TAKING ACTION. The feeble minded still think this is cool and will bring excitement. You people are too dense to realize it is almost over.

"Even 10 Congressmen can let in well over 100 more Serbs to America."

How many people actually vote in the eUS? 3023, that's how many voted last time.

Thedillpickl Day 1,717, 08:15

There are already hundreds of PTO voters here. At the conservative rate of 10 rogue Senators per month letting in 100 more PTO'ers how long have we got?

Yep, let's close the barn door now that the horse is gone. 😃:D

Christopher Edwards II
Christopher Edwards II Day 1,717, 09:00

It is amazing that NO RLC candidates qualified for your Unity list, regardless of RL Citizenship and past history, while Potato134 (briber of Code-Y) did. Stop the guilt by association fallacies, list specfic individuals you feel are a threat, why they are a threat, let there be counterarguments and let the voters decide for themselves.

SABO16 Day 1,717, 09:25


Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Day 1,717, 10:15

Jay: The FEC sheet is/was available. If you PM me I can send you the link. But you can extrapolate from that sheet who the marked PTO candidates were.

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Day 1,717, 10:15

Also I can back Crom up. This is pretty much exactly what happened.

DW.Frost Day 1,717, 10:26

In Cromstar we trust : )

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,717, 10:31

Cromstar is a bitter individual who has an over three year history of hating my guts.

Not exactly the type of person to be trusted with objectivity.

No one wants to PTO anything, and our party, its Congressmen, and new citizens are from a PANOPLY of countries. You just hate me and are butthurt that we are doing well.


Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,717, 10:56

The FEC has a tough job and keeping out all 'opposing' citizens is impossible, that has been admitted on the eUS Forum; I am not against the FEC I simply want the information on who the FEC considers a PTo threat and why to be made public the day before election. Like a citizen said above, 'Shine a light on a rat.' I would also agree with Potato134 or any other Congress members being on a 'Rogue Congress Members' list.

I would also like an explanation on just how each citizen is cleared.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,717, 11:02

Firo: I would appreciate that link, yes, but it still doesn't list perpetrators nor does it specify as to why.they are there. That's my only real beef, people keep screaming about transparency, and I think this is as good a place as any to start.

Cromstar Day 1,717, 12:23

John Jay: my net is crap, so I haven't been able to get online. Took me two days to actually post this article. Basically, anyone CG/Pizza wants elected is probably a threat and definitely anyone who's TP medals or highest damage is for ONE. Specifically, the Serbs and Huns (mostly, they are Serbs) and the occasional Turk who insists on letting in more Turks/Serbs. People like Hanibal LA who has approved more than a dozen Serbs for US citizenship in two months of Congress.

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 1,717, 12:32

Don't worry guys, Haliman's got this


Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,717, 12:57

Same bunch of people is in charge and in power since I am in USA, that means since January 27. 2010.

I believe that they rule before that...

What they did ?

Split community, because they wanna own absolute power in USA. ( USMilitary become largest self supplying military group in ER) They think that people will fallow TAX $ and on that way USMilitary should die in time. But they are wrong.

They are responsible for hostile foreigners which get US CS.

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,717, 13:00

Later that group growing and now even have own congressman which bring new hostile citizens into USA.

It is time that those people which did those horrible things only because earning absolute power in USA step down from politics.


We need new blood, people which can unite all of us !

bigcdizzle Day 1,717, 13:47

^ I'm sorry HisAirness, but I believe you're mixing up issues here. this is one issue that the so called "ruling elite" really had nothing to do in creating.

the MAIN perpetrator (because there is a large group of them) would most likely be Ajay, but other than that it is primarily foreigners and ONE agents......not the "elites"

DeyoZero Day 1,717, 15:33

Cromstar: "Now some people (meaning chickensguy and Ajay Bruno) will tell you that they aren’t PTOers and they aren’t working against America with our enemy"

Ajay: "Cromstar is a *foam* *blather* *rant* *mumble* *screech*..."

It's science at work, ladies and gentlemen. Cromstar had a hypothesis, he made a prediction, and he tested that prediction. Lo and behold, the prediction was correct, supporting his hypothesis!

FirstLaw Day 1,717, 16:30

"Love how players with no clue about what the FEC is, who it is (hint: it's not run by the PotUS) and how it works chime in with cynicism and broad-based stereotypes."

The problem is there's no transparency and independent oversite. Just from what Cromstar described in the article suggests that the FEC is ripe for abuse.

It's just another mechanism for appointing people for political positions behind closed doors instead of letting voters decide.

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Day 1,717, 17:25

The way party politics work, there's not really time for a democratic vote for who to staff FEC. Though there was agreement among the PPs on who would run the FEC sheets. That ended up being Crom and me, who were picked basically because we're generally even-handed and people kind of trust us. After the election was over, FEC ceased to exist for the month.

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Day 1,717, 17:26

I do nothing this month after FEC finished, for example. But it's basically a case of people in power (who, btw, generally disagree with each other) coming together to work under a single banner for a short period of time.

No, it's not something that will work all the time. But it's built on trust, and the PPs this month at least felt they had enough trust amongst each other to agree to run a national ATO during congress elections.

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Day 1,717, 17:28

Despite any issues I may have with how it went down, it's at least comforting that the parties on the whole didn't ultimately try to shaft each other.

Kind of went off tangent. And this was in reply to FirstLaw.

Maximillian Payne
Maximillian Payne Day 1,717, 19:04

This is outrageous tyranny, the f-ing government telling us who to vote for!? I don't think so, not believing this load of crap. Dearest people of the eUSA, vote for who you want, not who you're told.

As for those of you in the upper ranks of American society, the cancer has reached a tipping point, you can't simply just ignore 600 people. This problem shall persist whether we have 1 or 50 members of congress. You can't stop us now. Your ATO efforts will be in vain, mark my words.

bigcdizzle Day 1,718, 01:08

^ wow......not even trying to hide the whole PTO thing, are you?

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,718, 01:43

I don't understand how the FEC can work within the game mechanics. Oh wait....

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