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erepublik: 5 years ( part 3 )

Day 1,827, 22:05 Published in Canada Australia by Genyng Kislev

This is the third and final article in eRepublik: 5 years . In the first and second articles we’ve analyzed 8 of erep’s anniversary features. Now to keep this short and easy to read, we will quickly go over the promotional gold offer, anniversary bonus, and the official summit.

Official details and information about the eRepublik Military Summit 2012 can be found here. Basically, it’s an official gathering for erep-ers from all over the world so we can all get drunk and get tricked into buying erep products to have fun, party, debate, and socialize. Our intel reports show that there are ‘’massive’’ gold stashes to be given away! Not only that, erep is offering to pay for 20 players to go attend.

In all seriousness, I think the majority of the attendees will either be Romanian or hard-core erep players. Just the thought of airfare and accommodations make my brain hurt. It’s a bit easier for our European friends, but even so, it is still expensive.

Info ::: Sign Up ::: Event Agenda

Gold purchases now include 50% more gold!? Sounds like a great deal, since gold is expensive and a 50% more deal is incredibly rare. If you’re a regular gold buyer, this is the deal for you! If you’re interested in buying gold, this is probably the best deal you’re gonna see in a while. On the other hand, is buying this gold really worth it? Some reasons NOT to make use of this promo are:

- Gold value is dropping
- Think of the better ways you could use that money
- Still quite expensive

Think twice before purchasing.

Yup, you heard right! Completely FREE anniversary bonuses! For every consecutive day you log in, you get to claim a prize. The more days you log-in in a row, the better the prize you receive. Now this is probably my favourite feature that erep has added this week, because who doesn’t love bazookas and gold? Make sure you log in every day so you dont miss out on these nice free items, alrighty?

Day 1: 50 XP
Day 2: Bazooka x5
Day 3: Bazooka Booster x5
Day 4: Energy Bar x5
Day 5: Gold x5

This is it for Part3 of “eRepublik: 5 years”!
~ g.k

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Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,828, 04:56


killer2001 Day 1,829, 08:56

i was temp ban for 2 days when this happened

Georgelakeland Day 1,837, 03:25

voted. the above person commented in one of my article. he is now permenatly banned.

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