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erepublik: 5 years ( part 2 )

Day 1,826, 22:13 Published in Canada Australia by Genyng Kislev

Welcome back to eRepublik: 5 years! In part one, we outlined some benefits and details for 4/8 of erep's anniversary features. Now, in part 2, we shall take a look at the remaining features:

- A purchasable training center
- Damage Boosters are 50% off
- Storage expansions are 50% off
- Energy buildings are 50% off

Birthday BootCamp – a pricy party
Hmm… a training center that lasts for 7 days… one easy payment of 5g… hot or not? Let’s compare. This bootcamp costs 5g to purchase for 7 days, and the daily training process for this facility is free (although it probably takes 10 energy). So the maximum output for this facility would be 36.75 strength. Math:

Daily Strength + 5% Strength bonus * Number of Uses before Expiration = Max. Output


Q1: 5 * 7 = 35

7-Day Upkeep: 5g

Since the Birthday BootCamp essentially means you pay 5 gold for 35strength , let’s just turn it into a weekly upkeep of 5 gold because it basically means the same thing (since we are only comparing one week) and it makes it easier to compare with other facilities. Now, let’s take a look at the output for the other facilities if you use them for 7 days. Also remember that these values have the anniversary strength bonus.

Training Grounds
Q1: (5 + 0.25) * 7 = 36.75
Q2: (10 + 0.5) * 7 = 73.5
Q3: (15 + 0.75) * 7 = 110.25
Q4: (20 + 1) * 7 = 147

7-Day Upkeep: free

Training grounds Q1 alone matches the power of Birthday BootCamp. This doesn’t look to be in favor of the BootCamp.

Climbing Center
Q1: (2.5 + 0.125) * 7 = 18.375
Q2: (5 + 0.25) * 7 = 36.75
Q3: (7.5 + 0.375) * 7 = 55.125
Q4: (10 + 0.5) * 7 = 73.5

7-Day Upkeep: 1.33g

Just a Q1 Climbing Center can beat the BootCamp. But keep in mind that the Climbing Center is permanent, while the Bootcamp is temporary. Also remember that the BootCamp is not capable of being upgraded, while it takes plenty of gold to get your facilities upgraded.

Shooting Range
Q1: (5 + 0.25) * 7 = 36.75
Q2: (10 + 0.5) * 7 = 73.5
Q3: (15 + 0.75) * 7 = 110.25
Q4: (20 + 1) * 7 = 147

7-Day Upkeep: 6.23g

This time, the Q1 Shooting Range trumps the BootCamp. As we can see, these stats do not bode well for the BootCamp.

Special Forces Center
Q1: (10 + 0.5) * 7 = 73.5
Q2: (20 + 1) * 7 = 147
Q3: (30 + 1.5) * 7 = 220.5
Q4: (40 + 2) * 7 = 294

7-Day Upkeep: 12.53g

It takes a Q2 Special Forces Center to offer a better strength program than the BootCamp, but as always, keep in mind that there are upgrade costs for normal facilities.

Conclusion: If you are lower level, have gold to spare, and don’t have some good training centers, it may be good to give yourself a strength production boost this week. But I personally suggest saving that gold for a proper training center upgrade, as it will pay off much better than the BootCamp. If you are medium to high leveled, chances are, you have no need for the strength offered by the BootCamp. One thing you shouldnt forget is that if you log in 5 days in a row, you will receive a 5 gold prize, compensating for the cost to buy the BootCamp should you choose to get the BootCamp. That would mean you get 35 strength for free, but you do miss out on your chance to save up that extra 5 gold.

Damage Booster Sales + Energy House Sales
Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a damage booster or an energy center before. Ah, just as I suspected. Not very many of us raised our e-hands. That’s because damage boosters and houses are quite expensive and is a luxury very few people get to experience. Even if I had the gold to afford one of them, I would opt out and save it for improving my companies/factories/training/storage, since I feel those are much more worthwhile investments than increased damage for a short period of time or increasing my food fight capacity.

Yes, these are humongous discounts because of their naturally high prices, but these consumables are overpriced and transferable. There is no way to really profit from them.

Storage Expansions at 50% off
Unlike the two features mentioned above, this is one deal that I will be sure to make use of. Storage expansions are not horribly expensive, but at a discounted price who can resist the offer?

1000slot warehouse
Regular Price: 1 slot / 1.75cc
After Discount: 1 slot / 0.875cc

9000slot warehouse
Regular Price: 1 slot / 0.003888g = 1 slot / 1.605744cc
After Discount: 1 slot / 0.001944g = 1 slot / 0.802872cc

This is it for Part2 of “eRepublik: 5 years”!
~ g.k

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K l i n a c
K l i n a c Day 1,827, 23:38

the part with the bootcamp is not correct because the 5% strenght bonus does not affect this training camp!

there is only 35 strenght for 5 g

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,827, 23:51

completely agree about the storage I'm sorely tempted to get it

Pants Magee
Pants Magee Day 1,827, 05:33

With regards to the Birthday Boot Camp. You spend 5 Gold on it, but after the fifth day eRep birthday reward of 5g it cancels out essentially getting you 35 str for nothing.

P. Magee

JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo
JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo Day 1,827, 10:22

Bootcamp calculation is missing something - the gold cost.

For Q1 shooting range, you get 36.75 STR for 6.23 gold vs. 35 STR for 5 g.

So you luck out with the boot camp.

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,827, 17:54

*Fixed* (I hope)

thanks to mary chan, klinac, pants, and joeyjojo for pointing out the mistakes and extra stuff

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