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Episode VII: Return to Hoth

Dita 1,700, 19:26 E Publikuar në USA SHBA nga Cromstar

America, today, I speak about Canada: America’s Hat. Despite being the best hat America’s had since Lincoln rocked a stove pipe, this happened:

This is so disgusting, I can’t even express it in words. But I can express our response.

As an officer of Rogue Squadron, we have only one response!

All pilots, lock S-foils in attack position!

Rogue Squadron will liberate the icy planet of Hoth (aka Canada, the Great White North) from imperial tyranny. It is our duty to do nothing less.

We call upon all American patriots to join us in our attack upon these miscreants and tyrants. We must free the poor souls forced to labor in the syrup mines.
We must free the seals.

We. Must. Destroy. Canada.



Inwegen Dita 1,700, 19:28


Flashgun Dita 1,700, 19:28


Flashgun Dita 1,700, 19:28


CII venom
CII venom Dita 1,700, 19:29

Love this! Code-y today became an american hero for stepping up to declare war! Everyone give him your thanks!

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dita 1,700, 19:29

As hats go Canada lacks in style

Kishvier Dita 1,700, 19:30

Beware the Canadian Bear Cavalry!

Sideswipe Dita 1,700, 19:31

I want to bathe in their cold, syrupy blood.

Jasper Ferguson
Jasper Ferguson Dita 1,700, 19:32

all your Canadian bacon belong to us

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dita 1,700, 19:33

Stop banning me from eUSA forums Mr. 4th place.

Synesi Dita 1,700, 19:34

I like you.

stewy Dita 1,700, 19:39

They can keep their ham that wants to be bacon so bad.. I just want some syrup

Code-Y Dita 1,700, 19:42

Meow :3.

Cleveland Fleman
Cleveland Fleman Dita 1,700, 19:43

I want to bathe in their cold, syrupy blood.



PappasXXV Dita 1,700, 19:47

Time to ✯ GO ROGUE! ✯ all over the frostbacks.

Niko Snow
Niko Snow Dita 1,700, 19:57

Lol Rogue Squadron symbol seems vaguely familiar to the AFK Party / Rebel Alliance

CII venom
CII venom Dita 1,700, 20:07

Crap he figured out the hidden meaning behind Rogue Squadron. Abort! Abort!

Jr128 Dita 1,700, 20:09

America needs to settle a Hoth colony.

Emerick Dita 1,700, 20:39


hgg derr Dita 1,700, 22:24

Komenti u fshi

Nakigitsune Dita 1,700, 23:53


bigcdizzle Dita 1,701, 00:30

I want to bathe in their cold, syrupy blood.


xenophob Dita 1,701, 04:23

Komenti u fshi

Technician Dita 1,701, 04:34

And at Hoth you find a Tank called Technician.

With gold and not afraid to spend it to defend eCanada,

TobiasP1986 Dita 1,701, 04:56

exactly Technician, THAT'S what going rogue really means!

Emerick Dita 1,701, 06:02

No, that's called being a turncoat

Acacia Mason
Acacia Mason Dita 1,701, 06:06

Liberate the Syrup Miners!

Technician Dita 1,701, 06:12

No, that's called being a turncoat,

You know it really must piss some people off that you can not eHang us or revoke our eCitizenship.

Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Dita 1,701, 06:24

Tech, I realize you aren't American IRL so this particular issue may seem odd to you, but you're a Eurozone player, so surely you understand the rivalry between geographic neighbors. I'm pretty the entirety of Europe in eRep has attacked its neighbor by this point...

Fitisin Dita 1,701, 07:16

LOL, change your name to Emerick's Zombie Squadron. You goad and taunt the country we've been friends with for almost forever in this game. Any idiot could see you were laying the case to invade them, so they mobilized. Anyone would. This isn't a USA-Canada War. This is an eAmerican Civil War. The real Rogues of this game will be swatting x-wings out of the sky from the Canadian battle line.

Technician Dita 1,701, 07:23

Let us start the eUSA civil war.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Dita 1,701, 07:38

you know Canada declared US as an NE too tech? this isn't an act of aggression

BeachBunny Dita 1,701, 07:54

Lets take these maple syrup drinking bacon eating punks out back and show them whose boss

Fitisin Dita 1,701, 08:11

@Captain Kushkins - you know that we've been insulting and taunting them for weeks now, and anyone would see that Emerick's zombies running the eUSA guv'ment intended to they mobilized.

This is Civil War, your overlords started it, and I predict ONE capitalizes on America's lulz war to invade us or wipe our European Allies.

Nice job.

Creeper Steeve
Creeper Steeve Dita 1,701, 08:12

Death to Canada!

Fitisin Dita 1,701, 08:12

oh, and @BeachBunny.... at 64.50 strength I'm certain the "punks" are terrified of you.

Super Kaioken Goku
Super Kaioken Goku Dita 1,701, 08:45

Lets take these maple syrup drinking bacon eating punks out back and show them whose boss


Lets show those mounties who are superior!!

xy2set Dita 1,701, 08:46

"Let us start the eUSA civil war."

And I'm totally ashamed that some V1 players even support the war completely.

Super Kaioken Goku
Super Kaioken Goku Dita 1,701, 08:49

So... are all you Marines and etc branch-offs traitors to the USA or are they just poor examples?

Economizer Dita 1,701, 08:56

Isn't the USA traitors to the USA? Thought that was pretty clear with the whole becoming ONE's *itch thing

Arrlo Dita 1,701, 09:20

"you know Canada declared US as an NE too tech? this isn't an act of aggression"

Canada declared NE on the US? Where? Looks like their law is not passing.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Dita 1,701, 09:29

A troll was asked by american to NE them. And their President told them to vote down the proposal.

We answered back with a NE with raw raw raw and an executie order telling us to vote for the NE. Which will effectively end almost all of our current alliance.

The American executive branch created this war from the very start.

Norbengo Dita 1,701, 09:37

I want to bathe in their cold, syrupy blood.


kavinaugh Dita 1,701, 09:41

I want to eat their cold, syrupy blood with a belgian waffle and AMERICAN bacon!


Simulare Dita 1,701, 09:46

I guess I'll be fighting for Canada. Sounds fun.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Dita 1,701, 10:53

This is such a gay theme, acting like a bunch of nerds at comicon.

Jasper Ferguson
Jasper Ferguson Dita 1,701, 11:16

"This is such a gay theme, acting like a bunch of nerds at comicon."

Pot meet kettle.

How many planes have you jumped out of while clicking the attack button?

xDavidx Dita 1,701, 13:36

We've been allies with canada for so long...hard to imagine we won't try to work through this issue of miscommunication. What happened to our Brolliance? I never expected Poland and Serbia to become friends with benefits but I certainly didn't think we'd NE Canada. Sure, they did a NE first but we provoked them. We should aim to undue it before we start needless drama that might last way to long and drain us of inflicting damage in better places.

Technician Dita 1,701, 13:43

.... Here is how it may go down too.

The NE may fail eCanada, looks like a pass for eUSA.
The eUSA will be forced to attack, goodbye common MPPs eUSA.

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Dita 1,701, 13:54

Sorry Cromy, I'm with Tech on this one.

~Pickle's Patriots have left the room~
~enter Pickle's exPatriates into Canada~
Ta dah! Rebel fighters FOR REAL.

Gentlemen, the South shall rise again!

Relorian Dita 1,701, 14:37

like the part where the congressman who proposed the NE was bribed into doing so and how its going to fail in Canada because they still have a government not controlled by one man with failed dreams of power and surrounded by washed up has beens and people too gutless to tell him No. Its not like this hasnt been coming down the pipe for the last few hand picked presidencies and wasnt apparent to all but the weakest of minds.

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