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ePakistani and eIndian citizens, Get Ready!

Day 1,826, 09:09 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Muz1

Being the Minister of Community of ePakistan, I have decided to hold some mutual Competition or (whatever you want to call it, that word is outta my mind) between ePakistani's and eIndian's. I would cordially invite my eIndian Counter-part, WildQuark to IRC tommorow at 09:00 erep time, eDay 1827 to discuss the ideas so that we can increase the co-operation between ePakistan's and eIndian's. Other players who would like to give suggestions and help us in this thing are totally welcome. Please join #india-pakistan on IRC at the above mentioned time. Thank you!

Muz1/Muz97/Muhammad Usaama Zia
Minister of Community ePakistan
Member of DPP


vrsoldiers Day 1,826, 09:44


Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,826, 09:50


Strywgr Day 1,827, 04:49

mai to dar hi gaya tha!

Asad Ali bozdar
Asad Ali bozdar Day 1,828, 00:08


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