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EDEN war plans revealed!

Day 1,899, 10:51 Published in India Bulgaria by Stolch

There has been some speculation of why and how has it come that EDEN started loosing all of a sudden on all fronts.

One reason may have been the destruction of the bot farms that were financing Croatia, Albania, Argentina, Bosnia among others, which culminated with the removal of vast amounts of currency and gold and the temp banning of national banks and permanent banning of quite a few national orgs.

Another could be the end of the promotions from Plato or the fact that the reserves from months of farming have been exhausted.

It turns out we were all wrong, it's none of those things, it is the EDEN war plan strategy!

The Piscine Molitor has acquired top secret documents from which the elite and ingenious plan of EDEN's Headquarters intend to defeat ONE, TWO, CoT, Plato, the martians and the easter bunny!

The tactic is very simple:

Didei-cn 1) get as many eden countrys deleted (i know i know hard to accept)
Didei-cn 2) get as many NE's on China as posible
21:27 Didei-cn last countrys to be rw'd and depending on map at that time NE'd .. are poland and serbia

Tremble oh you infidels and enemies of EDEN!

And for log fans all around the world here is the rest of the ingenious tactical plans of the genious military comand of EDEN:

21:08 Didei-cn we(as in military team) have a plan for all eden countrys but it mainly requires us to fight as one when and where it matters
21:09 Didei-cn it will require some big sacrifices from everyone and every country
21:09 Didei-cn not sure if all of u will like it
21:09 Didei-cn but now it's the only viable option
21:10 Didei-cn as we all saw in the last 2 months we are getting our ass kicked (most of the times) in MPP battles
21:10 Didei-cn that's why we porpouse a new tactic
21:10 *** Jack4dam1 joined #edenmeeting
21:10 Didei-cn that to fight in rw's .. cause there organisation is not that best and with the proper drains poland, serbia can prove to be very selfish
21:11 Didei-cn the plan revolvs on 2 points
21:11 *** komodor joined #edenmeeting
21:11 Didei-cn Jack4dam1: and komodor country tags
21:11 Didei-cn
21:12 *** DaveBrinkman[NL] joined #edenmeeting
21:12 DaveBrinkman[NL] hi all
21:12 Jack4dam1 Didei-cn can i watch this meeting?, im etr governor
21:12 Didei-cn no
21:12 Didei-cn
21:12 *** rockandrollnene joined #edenmeeting
21:12 Jack4dam1 okay
21:12 *** pablozaiko joined #edenmeeting
21:12 *** Jack4dam1 left #edenmeeting
21:12 Didei-cn you'll be informed by your mod
21:12 rockandrollnene hello
21:13 Didei-cn country tags
21:13 *** komodor was kicked by Didei-cn (komodor)
21:13 *** pablozaiko is now known as pablozaiko[Arg]
21:13 pablozaiko[Arg] hello
21:14 van_Spijck welcome pablozaiko[Arg]
The meeting has started, dont interrupt ! Hello all! o7 .. Put country tags at the end of the nick!
Topic set by taulen on Tue Jan 08 2013 21:14:01 GMT+0200 (GTB Standart Saati)
21:14 pablozaiko[Arg] [ van_Spijck ]---`,'.- my friend
21:14 pablozaiko[Arg] how are you?
21:14 Didei-cn maybe if i start to kick ppl that don't have tag ..
21:14 *** silniy joined #edenmeeting
21:14 *** rockandrollnene is now known as rockandrollnene[ARG]
21:15 *** komodor joined #edenmeeting
21:15 komodor wait
21:15 *** komodor is now known as [TR]komodor
21:15 taulen komodor country in nick
21:15 Didei-cn silniy: sirchirall smash3r yech Perfect_Knight add country tags
21:15 van_Spijck I'm fine thanks, hope you are too? pablozaiko[Arg]
21:15 Didei-cn [TR]komodor: try to add it like everyone else at the end of the nick
21:16 [TR]komodor
21:16 pablozaiko[Arg] fine now heheh
21:16 *** [TR]komodor is now known as komodor[TR]
21:16 komodor[TR]
21:16 *** Perfect_Knight is now known as Perfect_Knight[isr]
21:17 Schmidt silniy sirchirall smash3r yech Country Tags guys!!!
21:17 silniy my resp r here
21:17 silniy i go
21:17 taulen we would liek that you stayed
21:17 Schmidt you could stay
21:17 Schmidt but put tag
21:18 *** silniy left #edenmeeting
21:18 Didei-cn as i was sayin
21:18 *** sirchirall was kicked by taulen (sirchirall)
21:18 *** smash3r was kicked by taulen (smash3r)
21:18 *** yech was kicked by taulen (yech)
21:18 Didei-cn the plan revolvs on 2 points
21:18 Didei-cn 1) get as many eden countrys deleted (i know i know hard to accept)

21:18 taulen Didei-cn maybe we should start over ? so many that came after the first info
21:19 Didei-cn 2) get as many NE's on China as posible

21:19 Didei-cn it was the intro taulen
21:19 taulen ok
21:19 Didei-cn now i'll give u the reasons for each point
21:19 Didei-cn 1) get as many eden countrys deleted
21:20 Didei-cn the reason here it's easy ..
21:20 Didei-cn and i'll go by example to be easyer to understand
21:20 Didei-cn spain has now regions from portugal and colombia
21:21 Didei-cn so basicly spain can be rw'd by 2 countrys at once
21:21 Didei-cn we need to use our citz as mobile fighters .. cuase that's what they become, having the country deleted
21:22 Didei-cn so no dmg is wasted on fighting on another battle
21:22 Didei-cn so it makes us more focus and makes them run from rw to rw to protect the bonus
21:22 Didei-cn 2) get as many NE's on China as posible
21:22 Didei-cn the reason for this is also easy
21:23 Didei-cn the more countrys have ne on china the more drains and rw's we can do tto them after
21:23 Didei-cn so when we'll have some rw's that we do want to win they will also have ne fight against china and rw from china

21:24 Didei-cn i have tested this theory against 2 countrys already
21:24 Didei-cn spain and brasil ..
21:24 Didei-cn i have tested this theory against 2 countrys already
21:24 Didei-cn spain and brasil ..

21:24 *** komodor joined #edenmeeting
21:24 *** komodor[TR] quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
21:24 Didei-cn brasil at that time won just 1 rw (and it's direct ne battles with peru and south afirca)
21:25 *** komodor is now known as komodor[TR]
21:25 Didei-cn while the rw's in colombia, philipine, south africa were lost
21:25 Didei-cn the same goes for spain
21:26 *** komodor[TR] is now known as komodor
21:26 Didei-cn we'll start with the rw's in countrys that are "a bit more easy" to rw ..
21:26 *** komodor is now known as komodor[TR]
21:26 Didei-cn cause they won't help as much anymore when they will fight to get the bonusus back
21:27 Didei-cn last countrys to be rw'd and depending on map at that time NE'd .. are poland and serbia
21:27 Didei-cn as i said at the begining it will require a lot of sacrifice from us all
21:29 Didei-cn it will requier from all of us to fight when and where is needed and maybe sacrifice that day our countrys region
21:29 Kimberly|NL Didei-cn: have countries with regions occupied that have no signaficient benefit for the occupation force priority
21:30 *** van_Spijck quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:30 Didei-cn Kimberly|NL: i didn't understood your question or remark
21:30 *** sirchirall joined #edenmeeting
21:31 Kimberly|NL well poland have enetherlands, like you know, but northern and eastern netherlands dont give them extra bonus anymore, so they are useless for them
21:31 *** sirchirall is now known as Sirchirall[TR]
21:31 taulen [20:29:42] <@Didei-cn> last countrys to be rw'd and depending on map at that time NE'd .. are poland and serbia
21:32 Didei-cn yes
21:33 Didei-cn because they are the hardest to hit against and who demand help from there little minions , but if the minions are without bonusus and defeted they will not come
21:33 Perfect_Knight[isr] if israel can free region in political talks
21:33 Perfect_Knight[isr] does hq allow it?
21:33 Perfect_Knight[isr] from serbia

21:33 Didei-cn + starting with a win brings back the spirit and will rise moral of troops
21:34 Didei-cn any objections? sugestions? questions? remarks?
21:34 Didei-cn stones to throw?!
21:35 taulen Perfect_Knight[isr] in theory yes, but it depends on what you have to "give" to get it freed
21:35 Perfect_Knight[isr] i am shrewd diplomat
21:36 Perfect_Knight[isr] but lets say
21:36 Perfect_Knight[isr] they will want NAP for a month
21:36 Perfect_Knight[isr] will it be critical for hq?
21:36 pablozaiko[Arg] [ Didei-cn ]---`,'.- Which countries do you think should be deleted? In addition to those already?
21:36 Perfect_Knight[isr] i presume it will be problematic
21:37 Didei-cn pablozaiko[Arg]: the more we have the better .. it meens mor fighting power for us in rw's
21:37 taulen Didei-cn what's your opinion on Perfect_Knight[isr] question ?
21:38 Didei-cn Perfect_Knight[isr]: make for 2 weeks
21:38 Didei-cn
21:38 Perfect_Knight[isr] what about that region?
21:39 Didei-cn nap
21:39 Perfect_Knight[isr] and ask for that region?
21:39 Didei-cn that's my sugestion
21:39 Perfect_Knight[isr] i was going to ask for jerusalem
21:39 Perfect_Knight[isr] but i see your logic
21:40 Perfect_Knight[isr] jerusalem might be hard to free because all of them christians
21:40 Perfect_Knight[isr] who are into religion
21:40 God_dark[IT] Didei-cn have a plan for every nation?
21:40 Perfect_Knight[isr] in serbia
21:40 Didei-cn God_dark[IT]: i am open to other sugestions
21:41 Didei-cn but keep in mind that we lose by mpp (for the time)
21:41 Didei-cn the main target for them is(or should me xD) china .. i say let them come and get stuck in here .. better for us to free our brothers from everywhere
21:42 pablozaiko[Arg] point one is easy then, is almost all cleared eden, would advance on point two
21:43 God_dark[IT] sure i agree with this, i want know if you have different orders for every nation
21:43 Didei-cn God_dark[IT]: no
21:43 Didei-cn we'll set orders by region
21:44 Didei-cn like brasilian rw's will be taken care of argy colombia and portugal
21:44 Didei-cn in that time we'll do tr rw's
21:44 taulen God_dark[IT] the same overall plan is for all nations, some local variations will of course be handled, but no need for a very detailed plan at this stage for every nation
21:44 Didei-cn where tr, greece, ukr, ro will fight there
21:44 *** van_Spijck joined #edenmeeting
21:44 Didei-cn thouse are just examples
21:45 God_dark[IT] taulen ok
21:45 --- Ayancukluuu[TR] is away (gelecem)
21:45 Didei-cn anymore questions?!
21:45 Didei-cn don't be shy
21:45 Didei-cn
21:46 +++ Didei-cn has given op to van_Spijck
21:46 K_Woldskji[NOR] for a nation like us (eNorway), who's leasing out regions to eRussia and the rest of the regions are currently free...
21:46 K_Woldskji[NOR] are we supposed to provoke Poland or something to help out?
21:46 God_dark[IT] I hope that will be given the opportunity to us to release our own region in this plane
21:46 Didei-cn no, they will leave u alone
21:47 K_Woldskji[NOR] kk, thanks
21:47 pablozaiko[Arg] strategy sucks, but we have no choice
21:47 Didei-cn it's the best option we have
21:48 Valahian[Ro] really sucks bro
21:48 Didei-cn i await your sugestion van_Spijck
21:48 Ayancukluuu[TR]
21:48 --- Ayancukluuu[TR] is back
21:49 Ayancukluuu[TR] Chine 61 mil. spain 10 mil.
21:49 van_Spijck sorry Didey, lost my connection
21:49 Doctor_faust[UA] Did you calculate approximate time for your plan? I mean for stages.
21:50 +++ ChanServ has given owner to van_Spijck
21:50 Didei-cn Doctor_faust[UA]: as i said .. plan comes into efect as soon as we have more ne's on china .. till then well pick 1 or 2 battles at most for mpp and 2 rw's where to focus our hits
21:51 Didei-cn Ayancukluuu[TR]: don't make this discution about china
21:52 Perfect_Knight[isr] israel will follow directive of eden.hq
21:52 Valahian[Ro] you accounted the fact that all Eden countries will stay without Congress?
21:52 Valahian[Ro] and no money?
21:53 Valahian[Ro] how we will tank to fight back?
21:53 Didei-cn they will not all be without congress .. just relax Valahian[Ro]
21:53 Didei-cn Perfect_Knight[isr]: pls confirm with van_Spijck
21:53 Perfect_Knight[isr] van is a bro so no problem
21:54 Didei-cn but pls dublecheck
21:56 *** ArielMAteu joined #edenmeeting
21:56 +++ Didei-cn has given op to ArielMAteu
21:56 *** Thanatos_the_Magnificent[afk] joined #edenmeeting
21:56 *** Thanatos_the_Magnificent[afk] is now known as Thanatos_the_Magnificent
21:57 God_dark[IT] I'm sorry now I have commitments in real life, I'll see you next time. Will follow the meeting my VMOD Fuxxx[IT] cya
21:57 *** God_dark[IT] left #edenmeeting
21:58 taulen So, been pretty quiet ? What you everyone thinks ? Will this work ? We think we have found our best way to get out from where we are at the moment 🙂
21:59 taulen So what this means is that we have to be VERY much more mobile
21:59 taulen We need to be able to send soldiers from RW to RW
22:01 taulen So, noone have anything to say ?
22:01 K_Woldskji[NOR] those mobile forces are mainly division 3 and 4 I presume? or will there be efforts to organize and supply the two(three) lower divisions as well?
22:01 zdlemmy i have few question
22:02 zdlemmy but i m here kust observer
22:02 zdlemmy so count on that
22:02 taulen K_Woldskji[NOR] mainly 3-4 of course, no direct plans for lowers.
22:02 taulen zdlemmy no problem, ask away
22:02 van_Spijck that's no problem zdlemmy, all advice is welcome
22:02 zdlemmy 1. take for example greece occupied by 2 countries....when they liberate 1 region i m sure they will propose nrw NE same sec
22:02 Didei-cn zdlemmy: didn't i answerd your questions when i had meet with all old fags?
22:02 zdlemmy how to deal with that
22:02 zdlemmy if we are all in rw s
22:03 zdlemmy we can t defend regions in cores
22:03 zdlemmy so when we take some
22:03 *** GROSO joined #edenmeeting
22:03 zdlemmy they return it other day
22:03 Didei-cn zdlemmy: greece has regions under fyrom serbia
22:03 zdlemmy pls answer
22:03 *** GROSO quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:03 Didei-cn greece can go rw first followd by NE with rw's
22:03 van_Spijck GROSO AR, please put country tag behind your nick
22:04 Didei-cn greece, tr, ro have that power
22:04 van_Spijck ok
22:04 Didei-cn cro arg as well
22:04 zdlemmy yep and for exemple u libarate epiru...fyrom put NE on epirus,who will defend it when we need to go drom country to country and liberate all
22:04 Didei-cn we've been in harder fights
22:04 zdlemmy u have power to rw region
22:04 zdlemmy but do u have to keep it
22:04 zdlemmy when u need to help others
22:04 zdlemmy to rw theire region
22:05 Didei-cn they will run with us as well
22:05 *** smash3r joined #edenmeeting
22:05 zdlemmy you re plan is how to rw regions
22:05 Didei-cn minions will come to help masters
22:05 *** smash3r is now known as smash3r[PT]
22:05 zdlemmy not how to keep it
22:05 Didei-cn we'll keep them .. have some faith
22:05 *** pablozaiko[Arg] quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06 zdlemmy first thing i m not here to argue or to make my plan i m here just to show week spots
22:06 zdlemmy i have faith in eden
22:06 Valahian[Ro] by the way, someone here from Greece?
22:06 zdlemmy always
22:06 Didei-cn no Valahian[Ro]
22:06 Didei-cn well that's my point zdlemmy
22:06 Didei-cn moral after won battles will be high(er)
22:06 Valahian[Ro] they say something about not coming at this meeting?
22:06 Didei-cn i remeber greece holding 3 ne's and rws
22:07 Didei-cn not to me Valahian[Ro]
22:07 van_Spijck Valahian[Ro], they where invited, as all, but no pm that they couldn't be here
22:07 *** pablozaiko joined #edenmeeting
22:07 zdlemmy do u know percentage about dmg eden and two??? and aatelites
22:08 taulen We can do this, but it need a lot better organizing during the battles, and with new faces and some new ideas I think this is our shot, we need to do something "drastic" to see what we are capable of
22:08 Valahian[Ro] 2/3 zdlemmy
22:08 zdlemmy can i move with week spots on question 2
22:08 Valahian[Ro] eden just 1/3
22:08 *** pablozaiko is now known as pablozaiko[Arg]
22:08 zdlemmy 40 60 when i calculate last time yep
22:09 zdlemmy can i move on point 2
22:09 van_Spijck 30% EDEN, 30% CoT, and 15 % 2
22:09 zdlemmy If china is occupied like u planned
22:09 van_Spijck the last figures those are
22:09 zdlemmy how we will produce enough weapon
22:09 zdlemmy for fighters
22:09 zdlemmy when all eden economy is there
22:09 zdlemmy production will be 50 percent less

22:09 Valahian[Ro] minimum
22:10 Didei-cn there are stocks .. and if 90% of ppl that have chin cs's are what the goverments that recomanded them to be i am sure they have weps for there mu's and countrys
22:11 zdlemmy How much weapon is needed for 1 rw? 15k q7?
22:11 Didei-cn romania has over 150 players with chin cs that have mu/country .. cro around 100 .. greece over 80
22:12 zdlemmy u need stock 200 k q7 wep
22:12 zdlemmy and that is if rw is succesfull
22:12 zdlemmy in first attack
22:12 Didei-cn zdlemmy: chin rw's will be the easyest from them all .. so bonusus will be back asap (as soon as posible)
22:13 Didei-cn as i said we'll start with "easyer" countrys to rw
22:13 Didei-cn to build up moral and confidence
22:13 Didei-cn how many times did we won cause of moral cause we saw 1 person tank milions and we all bought eb's with our 10g and start giving all with him?!
22:14 Valahian[Ro] Didei-cn: there are 4 divisoins
22:14 Valahian[Ro] we don't have resources for all
22:14 Valahian[Ro] we are not China
22:14 Didei-cn and the lower ones have the persons with the most desire to win and the bigger ones have the gold
22:15 Valahian[Ro] our babies will left the games faster
22:15 Perfect_Knight[isr] i will take my leave now guys.
22:15 Perfect_Knight[isr] i gtg
22:16 Didei-cn show me 1 romanian that will leave the game when he sees that's under hun ocupation?!
22:16 taulen bye
22:16 Perfect_Knight[isr] thanks didei-cn for this meeting and also other members of hq
22:16 Perfect_Knight[isr] good luck to us all.
22:16 *** Perfect_Knight[isr] left #edenmeeting
22:19 zdlemmy well if i can go back in past
22:19 zdlemmy we had one close situation to this
22:19 taulen Luckily noone can go back in past, that would ruin our future
22:19 zdlemmy about year and a half ago
22:19 zdlemmy about 6 mounth in a row
22:19 zdlemmy we couldn t win eben 1 mpp battle
22:20 zdlemmy but we won almoust all rw s
22:20 zdlemmy eden stop fighting in mpp battles and we fight just in rw s
22:20 zdlemmy we was talking about what to do,there was even idea to go all in 1 country
22:20 zdlemmy and make a fortress there
22:21 zdlemmy becouse 10 soldiers with 10 percent bonus in attack
22:21 zdlemmy is a big advantage
22:21 zdlemmy better than 20 mpps
22:21 zdlemmy becouse 10 soldiers with 10 percent bonus in attack
22:21 zdlemmy is a big advantage
22:21 zdlemmy better than 20 mpps
22:22 zdlemmy we was loosing some congress, we was loosing regions but we never loose good conversation and making fun
22:22 zdlemmy and help to each other
22:22 pablozaiko[Arg] I have a huge bb dying and I'm not complaining
22:22 zdlemmy 1 st u need to bring back brotherhood on chnls and between countries
22:23 zdlemmy then all is possible even if we re weeker in dmg
22:23 pablozaiko[Arg] the reality is that we can not do much more than this
22:23 zdlemmy pablo croatia have 2k new ppl last 4 days
22:23 zdlemmy so i know what you talking about
22:23 pablozaiko[Arg] yeah
22:24 pablozaiko[Arg] We had 5 k in less than a week and never received support, no need to explain
22:24 pablozaiko[Arg] we accept reality as it is
22:24 zdlemmy facts are here - they have more dmg - we need time for new players - we don t have time - what to answer is, better try anything then just looking and talking and complaining
22:25 taulen Read these lines again, brothers !
22:25 taulen [21:25:03] <@zdlemmy> 1 st u need to bring back brotherhood on chnls and between countries
22:25 taulen [21:25:24] <@zdlemmy> then all is possible even if we re weeker in dmg
22:25 zdlemmy and what we will do depend about all cp s and hq
22:25 van_Spijck yes, totally agree with you zdlemmy
22:26 van_Spijck we all together are EDEN, not just the HQ, the plans we make together,
22:26 zdlemmy my hart is broken when i can t see greece in cro battles and oposite,croatians in greece battles
22:26 van_Spijck we have to agree on this, or else we won't stand a chance
22:26 zdlemmy it s same with others
22:26 taulen So in the end, I hope if anyone have a real problem with this, speaks up now ! We will do this, and it will work, because we are EDEN ! The brotherhood ! Who are with us ? 🙂
22:27 zdlemmy van_Spijck: it s not important what we will do,it s important that we try to do something, it s not important if we will win or lose, it s important that we are all as one in this, in victory or defeat we can say, we try, we do our best, it was not enough
22:27 smash3r[PT] EDEN need's to mess with peoplo's head. all brotherhood thing doesnt work on countries wiked for months
22:28 van_Spijck aye zdlemmy, very true, and having fun while doing it
22:28 taulen smash3r[PT] thats one of the most important reason for why we are doing this
22:28 taulen we need to free countries, to show them that we actually care
22:29 zdlemmy offcourse main idea of game is having fun and not 20 percent bonus
22:29 zdlemmy i m too much time out of game so, which country is week spot
22:29 zdlemmy which country will not have full support
22:30 zdlemmy fyrom???
22:30 van_Spijck btw, here's the latest EDEN article;
22:30 van_Spijck gives you all some good intel of what really happened
22:30 Valahian[Ro] sorry for interrupt you
22:31 zdlemmy find countreis where they will fight to eachother like fyrom loland
22:31 Valahian[Ro] but I see no fun in staing wipped
22:31 zdlemmy start from there
22:32 zdlemmy Valahian[Ro]: i was here when ex romanian president secrefise romanian last region and lose congress to help croatia keep last region and have congress
22:32 zdlemmy when we all start to think like that we will win
22:32 zdlemmy not a region,we will win our harts and souls
22:32 zdlemmy and joy in the game
22:33 Kimberly|NL i find the idea solid. but like i told earlier we of the enetherlands wanted regions. i our country people are calling to leave, but i have still trust, but the longer we stay of the map the more the people that want to leave the brotherhood will increase
22:33 Valahian[Ro] zdlemmy: we fight for days until now, but fun for us is to win, not stai wipped
22:34 Didei-cn Valahian[Ro]: let me ask ro army what's it's fun
22:34 taulen Kimberly|NL you need to inform them on the plan, but at the same time being open about that poland and serbia occupied land will be one of the last to be freed. But to look at other countries beeing freed one by one, hopefully
22:34 Kimberly|NL i asked Didei-cn to fill me in when the enetherlands will get regions back. most likely poland are willing to lose northern and eastern netherlands because they have now worth for them,
22:35 Valahian[Ro] please Didei-cn
22:35 zdlemmy All players want to win,offcourse, but to win what that is the biggest win here is my friends in all countries and when i come on any chnl when they ask me how i m doing in rl, and when i meet them in rl.... and i had some wins here belive me
22:37 Fuxxx[IT] thanks for the meeting, I am the Italian vMoD, I will make to know everything to my boss ( Fanaxidiel is on vacation and come in 2-3 days )
22:37 Fuxxx[IT] bye to everybody
22:37 Fuxxx[IT] o7
22:37 taulen bye Fuxxx[IT] o7
22:38 *** Fuxxx[IT] left #edenmeeting
22:39 zdlemmy also one question... what any country will have if they left eden??? and go where? again they will have same enamy and same friends and mpp
22:39 zdlemmy easiest way is to quit
22:39 zdlemmy but we never have easy days here
22:40 Kimberly|NL well some folks in enetherlands community, who are no in ireland are just provoking on leaving eden on enetherlands forum, and they get more supports
22:40 *** Didei-cn is now known as Didey
22:40 zdlemmy not just in NL
22:40 taulen I think this concludes this meeting, hopefully everyone is no aware of what our plan is. And thank you all for attending. o7
22:40 zdlemmy i belive lot of cp s have simular situation nowdays
22:40 Kimberly|NL a real plan was there never, and today this plan is something we can work on, i think if i can publice this (if possible) i can get more support in enetherlands to stay eden member
22:40 taulen zdlemmy and Kimberly|NL you guys are not alone
22:41 Kimberly|NL i myself dont want to leave eden, because i have trust in vs and his team here in eden, and what if we leave, where must we go then ?
22:41 zdlemmy taulen: sorry...most of time i m quiet but when i start talk that s 2 much
22:41 Kimberly|NL people never think one step further, always the easiest way
22:41 taulen Kimberly|NL not publish much until we have the NE's on china
22:41 Didey zdlemmy: it's never to much
22:42 taulen zdlemmy hah no problem at all, you have said quite a bit of qise stuff 🙂
22:42 Didey Kimberly|NL: plan is supose to be secret
22:42 taulen wise*
22:42 Didey
22:42 Didey so don's publish
22:42 Kimberly|NL i know taulen thats why i ask what i can publice, whats allowed
22:42 Kimberly|NL i gives me something to work on and to keep the unity in enetherlands to stay in eden
22:42 zdlemmy if all eden cp s agree to give power to mc and hq then you should follow the plan,wwhatever will be, any plan is better than no plan
22:42 taulen That you for a first time in a long time know that EDEN have a plan, and that you see light in the end of the tunnel, or something along those lines 🙂
22:43 Kimberly|NL ok i will then publice that taulen
22:44 *** K_Woldskji[NOR] is now known as K_Woldskji
22:44 Kimberly|NL as cp i am fully agree on the plan and i will stick to it. giving the orders that eden hq sets for battles i will also set in the enetherlands
22:49 taulen super, thanks for the support 🙂
22:49 Kimberly|NL no, thanks eden hq, for bringing a plan forward where we can work on
22:52 *** smash3r[PT] is now known as smash3r
22:55 *** Rickolas-OUT is now known as Rickolas
22:56 *** smash3r left #edenmeeting
23:02 *** DaveBrinkman[NL] is now known as DaveBrinkman
23:04 DaveBrinkman guy's i need to leave cya all
23:04 *** DaveBrinkman left #edenmeeting
23:04 *** pablozaiko[Arg] quit (Quit: ? IRcap ? 8.6 ?)
23:08 *** Kimberly|NL left #edenmeeting
23:08 Thanatos_the_Magnificent .access list
23:08 Ayancukluuu[TR] FIGHT FOR THERE PLS
23:08 Ayancukluuu[TR] ITS IMPORTANT BATTLE
23:09 Ayancukluuu[TR]


EDEN war plan is:

1. Get as many EDEN countries deleted as posible
2. Get China deleted by as many countries as posible
3. Do not fight, I repeat, do not fight in RWs in Poland and Serbia
4. Mess with people's heads so they know there is nowhere to go!
5. ????
6. Profit

The more things change, the more they stay the same, welcome back to szdlemny and congratulations to all EDEN countries. The plan is working great, except that China thing. It seems all the Croatians, Greeks and Romanians in China have not gotten the memo. Then again maybe they did but are only 330 (not counting other EDEN countries).

Instead of accepting their ultimate failure, these people prefer to get everyone deleted in an absurd attempt to "convince/fool" everyone into fighting for "their" alliance, because it is plainly apparent that EDEN is no longer anyone else's alliance. Congrats to all ordinary players in EDEN, you've won the jackpot!

PS WE in India support this plan fully and await Croatian deletion! Hail EDEN, Hail HQ!



Simonymous Day 1,899, 10:54

hue hue hue

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,899, 11:00

AquariusSG Day 1,899, 10:58
1m ago

We want audio option!

AquariusSG Day 1,899, 11:00

We want audio version!

Simonymous Day 1,899, 11:03

Iliya The Prohpet
o| o| o|

anThhraX Day 1,899, 11:04

We want audio version!

Nedelcho Nedelchev
Nedelcho Nedelchev Day 1,899, 11:08

War with EDEN is like a mockery of the dead.

bakalin Day 1,899, 11:09

We want audio version!

Yoanka Day 1,899, 11:10

We want audio version!

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,899, 11:11

Simo имаш предвид The Prophet? :Д

Rona1d Day 1,899, 11:44

False, the only war plan from EDEN is: fight for Croatia or GTFO

Jol nezunk Miki
Jol nezunk Miki Day 1,899, 11:46

Yay, the true Brotherhood! Asdasdasdasd

Wildrunner Day 1,899, 11:49

wow this is hilarious

Makedonec 95
Makedonec 95 Day 1,899, 11:50

Macedonia is waiting for you...

Greece is alone, it means that they are wiped... : P

Simonymous Day 1,899, 12:02

тц, имам предвид The Proh pet
the H is silent madafaka : D

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,899, 12:05

Same as TWO / COT ? 🙂)

Valahian Day 1,899, 12:06

I think in fact Didei is TWO employee 😁))

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 1,899, 12:07

yum yum

TheYakuzini Day 1,899, 12:09

I think in fact Didei is TWO employee

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,899, 12:10

How old are these logs?

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,899, 12:13

1 month maximum i think

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Day 1,899, 12:19

Go into one state!
Do it!

Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal Day 1,899, 12:40

And I considered that this article deserve a vote for me. Fuck EDEN,fuck Didei. The Romanians who wants to stay in EDEN are slaves and fools and the are so weak that they wanna live in the past and ignore the present.

smash3r Day 1,899, 12:49


Didei Day 1,899, 12:51

Heheheh ... december news! xD

Stolch Day 1,899, 12:52

T thought the link to the battle at the bottom was giving away the date, but just in case it's the 8th of January....

Jol nezunk Miki
Jol nezunk Miki Day 1,899, 13:05

Smaller EDEN states should realize that their "Brotherhood" doesn't serve them, but the larger members, like China, Greece, Romania and Turkey.

a) Leave EDEN, and find real allies
Stay occupied for eternity

Kolorowy Day 1,899, 13:33

Comment deleted

Bogdan Armand Sibrand
Bogdan Armand Sibrand Day 1,899, 13:36

Lego-kun (graytabby) 2 ?

off whisky
off whisky Day 1,899, 13:54

Uhhh.......Hail Eden???!!?

Fanaxidiel Day 1,899, 14:24

Thx God I wasn't there. My reputation has been saved!

zmeuNY Day 1,899, 14:26

I LOLED my pants off !!

Didei duez not speaky engrish? hahaha

I think the reason for as many NE as possible on China is so that he and his little mercenary groups can wipe out the Chinese Treasury

LOL again at this hilarious conversation. Someone please confirm this is not the ultimate joke : )))

zmeuNY Day 1,899, 14:32

As a direct result of Eden groups that were farming their own citizens and discouraging them from playing, eRomania will leave EDEN.

The same people (with Eden ties) wiped out the Romanian Treasury a few times, and do not let anybody else in eRomania get a shot. Therefore they created a few powerful MU's that keep the country under farming and exploitation. When a new Government, one that wanted to do something for the eRomanian citizens took over, they sabotaged them by not fighting.

Didei and his little groupie friends still want EDEN and a shot at that Chinese Treasury : )))) It's like 25-30 Romanian players that want to control everything, while their country is going down....

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,899, 14:37

Richard, having a one-track agenda is not a good thing. You are obsessed with EDEN over a perceived injustice and even if there was one at the time, it's irrelevant now. Move on please. If EDEN dies so be it, be a better man and quit the agenda monkey platform.

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,899, 14:42


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,899, 14:48

Alot of Sh*t comes out, /me gonna work to continue this sh*t keep coming out 🙂

FreeGigi Day 1,899, 15:14

old logs / me not impressed

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,899, 15:18

no more new logs cause eden ceased to exist !!!

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Day 1,899, 17:39

uh... Great Strategy!!

frajco Day 1,899, 18:39

v370 + s93 + shout

klop123 Day 1,899, 21:32

Richard, having a one-track agenda is not a good thing. You are obsessed with EDEN over a perceived injustice and even if there was one at the time, it's irrelevant now. Move on please. If EDEN dies so be it, be a better man and quit the agenda monkey platform. x2

Shiina Sayane
Shiina Sayane Day 1,900, 23:47

Great article yet again.
Didei's plan is absolutely unreasonable and I can only find two explanation for this:
1,Didei is TWO employee
2,Didei and his friends want to empy eChina treasury too

Bulgurs are gay
Bulgurs are gay Day 1,900, 00:20

Richard, having a one-track agenda is not a good thing. You are obsessed with EDEN over a perceived injustice and even if there was one at the time, it's irrelevant now. Move on please. If EDEN dies so be it, be a better man and quit the agenda monkey platform.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,900, 00:39

If you have the time to read all those logs you seriously take this game to seriously xD

Stolch Day 1,900, 03:05


Takes a man with agenda to recognize one, even if only in his eyes.

I'll incessantly continue to expose frauds and hypocrites as long as I play this game as I have always.

IntoOblivion Day 1,900, 10:04

"I'll incessantly continue to expose frauds and hypocrites as long as I play this game as I have always"

Technically, this si your first reveal, it's your fourth article or so. Unless you have had another nick under which you used to incessantly expose etc: )

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,900, 10:05

For my side I quite enjoyed the logs... the article is firmly tongue-in-cheek and is quite a good troll actually.


Stolch Day 1,900, 10:19


Technically I left the game and have no comeback, and even more technically I never concealed the fact and it should have been clear to anyone who checked my 4 articles. Most technically of all the person I replied to knows well what I mean.

Afganul Day 1,900, 10:35

Ce plm de plan e asta? 🙂) Ca sa castigi lasa-te cucerit? 😁

IntoOblivion Day 1,900, 10:37

Technically, I'm slow : (

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