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eAsia/Oceania Maps+News Day 1845 [Special]

Day 1,845, 05:42 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by Koragi

Hello eJapan and to the eWorld. Today we have tons of battles going on in the eAsia and eOceania area, plus we will be taking a look at what happened late in the afternoon yesterday between the eUSA and eROC.

But first we will taking a look at the ePhilippines as they have started a RW against eBrazil and are currently in the lead 15-7 in the territory of Visayas.

Next we jump back to eJapan to look at another RW against eROC, currently eROC has a nice lead of 11-0 in the territory of Chubu.

Now to just to the eChilean held Australia where the eAustralians have started a RW and are currently in the lead 8-3 in the territory of New South Wales.

And just a bit further south we go onto New Zealand where another RW against eChilean held territory is underway. As of now the eNZ resistance fighters are ahead with a 48-25 score in the territory of Canterbury.

Now to take a quick look at what happened yesterday in a quick battle between eUSA and eROC with the eUSA taking over the territory of Eastern Taiwan in a quick battle with little to no resistance.

Time for some random fan service.

Also, I will be running a contest for the comments section this time, i need ideas of ways i can throw in some Japanese culture into my articles, so comment below and give me some ideas the best idea will receive a 2 gold reward.

And as always vote, comment and subscribe for more!



Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,845, 05:44

First! Cool pic is cool.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,845, 05:51

You can add some anime tittle wich you recomend to people and explain what's it about.

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,845, 05:52


Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,845, 05:55

voted for fanservice

Lonqu Day 1,845, 05:56


Aoinoame Day 1,845, 06:36

voted ^^b

Lucifel Day 1,845, 07:49

Idea for your articles: Throw in the final part of the articles a section where you tell interesting and unique things of japan's society, culture, etc.

Like this: Did you know...

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 1,845, 12:28

Like I said, add fanservice and you will get more votes xD

Oraizan Day 1,845, 15:36

Don't stop the map stuff though, I kind of like to be updated on what's going on... 😨

Koragi Day 1,845, 15:44

I will be doing both. I want to have a variety.

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,845, 19:25

Clear maps , random fanservice , I approve of this message

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